Monday, December 8, 2008

Manic Monday

Mom's co-worker told her about a girl kitty that lives outside around her apartment building. The girl kitty was shivering and crying over the weekend so the co-worker brought her in and fed her. The problem is her own kitty went ballistic and the co-worker can't keep this stray. Mom said she would foster her IF the girl kitty has a clean bill of health (nothing contagious to us). But we know mom - once that girl gets in the house she will be here for good. What are we gonna do with mom! We really don't have room for another kitty. BTW - she is suppose to be blond & white. We don't know what the co-worker means by "blond". Maybe she is more yellow & white.

*wringing our nervous paws*
Clarissa & Co.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Danger Danger!

We are going to have to start watching out for our not-so-sure-footed humans. So many of us have been stepped on this week. So far Batman, Puff, and me (Rissa) have had paws or tails stepped on. It usually happens when our food bowls are being refilled. Can we help it if we have to snoopervise? I think not! We know our humans don't step on us on purpose (or do they?) but we just wish they would be more careful!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Vet Reports on Spunky & Puff

My two brofurs, Spunky and Puff, had their annual vet visit on Saturday. They both got good reports. The vet cleaned their ears, trimmed their claws, and gave them their rabies vaccine.

Spunky is the largest kitty in our brood of 15. He weighed in at a whopping 16 lbs. 10 oz. Puff is #3 in weight at just over 14 lbs. Mom said if all of Puff's long furs were shaved he'd be at least two pounds lighter!

I was hoping I would get a reprieve this year, but I have to go in this Saturday. Batman is going back on Saturday for a follow-up on his nose. Two other brofurs, Bandit and Sable, are going for their annuals on Friday.


Friday, November 21, 2008

Fierce Fighter Friday

We were just visiting the Whiskers & Purrs blog and found out that today is Fierce Fighter remembrance day. It is to remember all of the furs who fought illness or struggles and have gone on before us to the Rainbow Bridge. We would like to honor and remember our angel brofur, Colin Feral.

Colin came into our home in mid-June, 2006. He was skinny, not neutered, and had a small wound on his front leg. Other than the wound he had he got a clean bill of health from the vet. Mom got him fixed, got his shots, and she thought he would be with us for a long, long time. Little did she know that he had a form of lymphoma. Colin became ill about two weeks after receiving his vaccines. He was lethargic and didn't want to eat. His blood work showed that his white blood cell count was over the top. Further inspection showed the cancer cells. Mom and the vet decided it would be best for Colin to help him cross the Bridge. He was a brave boy and mom held him through the crossing. Colin was about three years old.

Colin loved to lay in the bathroom sink. One of mom's friends photoshopped this picture of him so he appeared to be taking a bubble bath:

It still makes us smile when we see this picture of Colin.

All Is Well

Mom has been busy(l-a-z-y)and hasn't helped us post for a long time. But we are here now and wanted to let our friends know what's been going on.

Mom went on a cleaning spree in our living room last weekend. We don't want to say that our living room was a mess, but well, it was A MESS!!! She put things away that had been dropped on the sofa, she picked up stuff that had been left on the floor. She moved the new cat tree that had been sitting in the middle of the room. It's now by a window on the side of the living room. She says the room needs painting but that's going to have to wait until after the holidays.

Boxes arrived at the house this week too. That's always exciting. We love to snoopervise when stuff like that arrives. And my sisfur, Ginger, loves to shred boxes with her claws. She'd rather scratch cardboard than a scratching post. Some of the boxes contained two lamps and two lamp shades. Have any of you furs watched the movie A Christmas Story with your purrants? Do you remember the lamp that the daddy won? It looked like a lady's leg? Well, our silly mom bought TWO lamps like that for the end tables in OUR living room.

The other big box that came has a new/old Christmas tree. Mom told us that when she was a little girl her grandma had an aluminum tree and a light wheel at her apartment. Mom's mom always thought it was tacky but our mom loved it. So, she started looking for one. She found a vintage aluminum tree on flea-bay! It included the color wheel and a rotating Christmas tree stand! She is so excited. She said the tree is in excellent shape as is the original box. And the tree is from 1959 - that's one year older that her (our mom is OLD isn't she?) We are going to help her put the tree up over Thanksgiving.

And last but not least, my brofur, Batman, as a boo-boo on his nose. It wasn't healing so the v-e-t kept him at the office for a day and did a biopsy. It turned out that he has some type of dermatitis! The v-e-t said it's not usual for a kitty to develop this, but it is in an odd spot. So now he is being treated for that so mom can get it cleared up.

I think that's it for now. I will try to be better about getting mom to help me post! Have a great weekend everyfur!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

R.I.P. Wild Wilson

Our online furiend, Wilson, was helped to his new forever home over the Rainbow Bridge yesterday. This is what his brofur, Joey, told us:

Wild Wilson was taken to the Bridge today. He has been sick since May with an allergic reaction to "something" they tried everything, he was on 8 pills a day, topical ointments, had on a E collar since May and most of last year. Mommy could not take anymore, she loves him so much and couldn't do this anymore. You who know Wilson know he can't take anything on his little body, and he would self mutilate until he would bleed. This was very hard on Mommy because he had so many hopes, so many times. We do love you all. May 1, 2001 - October 6, 2008

You will be missed, Wilson.

Monday, September 29, 2008

I went to the V*T on Caturday (from Panda)

Yes I did. Batman and Ginger were suppose to go with me but the wusses hid and mom couldn't find them. So I had to go by myself. I protested loudly too! I wailed and hollered on the short car ride there.

But I was good with Dr. Riney. He weighed me. I weigh 15 lbs 1 oz. I'm a big girl. I have a little gingivitis but otherwise I got a clean bill of health. Mom asked the v*t to trim my claws so he took me in the back so a tech could hold me. I yowled and fussed the whole time. And when Dr. Riney brought me back to mom and my carrier, the tech was following behind him with paper towels. "Wait Dr. Riney, she's still poopin'" the tech said.

Yeah...I left a travel of cat turds. Mom said I embarrassed her! I don't care. I was mad and I was letting them know how I felt about it!

Panda the Large

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mom let's us drink out of her glass....

Our grandpurr thought that it disgusting when mom would let me and Sable drink out of her glass or lick her ice cream. Sable even left a cricket leg in mom's glass of milk one morning. These two comic strips made mom laugh:

Monday, August 11, 2008

Guess what mom stepped in at 2am?!

She stepped in cat poops! Yes she did! On the floor right in front of the litter box! Bare footed too! You should have heard her scream! It was great!

Clarissa & Co.

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Dilemma Has Been Solved

Our friend from Delaware, Prince Scooter, says the we live with our mom and our uncle. And since he is The Prince, his meow is rule.

I'm glad we've gotten that cleared up.

We are going to have a big nip party at our house tomorrow. Mom is going away overnight to a birthday party and our uncle is also away for the weekend. Mom says she'd better not come home on Sunday and see the house trashed! So we will have to be very good about cleaning up before she gets home!

We hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We are confused.

We are a little confused. You see, we know mom is mom. And we know mom and her brother share a house. So does that make her brother our Uncle or our Dad? Memphis Meezer and Serendipity both adopted the brother right from the start. So technically, we think that would make the brother their Dad, and he would be Uncle to the rest of us. The sister would be their Aunt, and she would be Mom to the rest of us.

See what we mean by being confused?

We think it would be easier to just call them Mom and Dad since they both take care of us. What do you think?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Today's Word: Glomp

Glomp (verb) = To stand on your hind legs and fall forward onto you front feet. Similar to a pounce.

We don't know if "glomp" is a real word or not, but it best describes a particular animal move. For instance, we watched Memphis glomp Bandit this morning. Bandit was laying on the floor when Memphis ran up to him, stood up on his back legs, raised his front legs and fell forward so that Bandit was laying underneath Memphis's belly. Bandit quickly got up and moved as Memphis tried to glomp him one more time.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Emergency Information Idea

Mom read this on one the message boards and thought it was a great idea for people with pets. It was suggested that you carry a copy of this in your wallet and in the glove box of your car.


FRIEND 1 LASTNAME, 555-555-5555, WITH KEY TO HOUSE/Phone @WORK 555-555-5555 ext 0
FRIEND 3 LASTNAME, 555-555-5555 CELL: 555-555-5555, KEY TO HOUSE
MEOWMIE LASTNAME, 9 Street, Town, State, Zip Code…. HOME; 555-555-5555 ..CELL 555-555-5555

Of course you will need to alter the form to suit your needs. With 15 of us, mom is thinking about putting our pictures with our names on them in the glove box along with this information.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Vanity Plates

Mom would like to have a vanity plate on her car, but the name she wants has too many letters. It is "COOPKITTEN". She wants that name because she is a huge fan of Alice Cooper and she has all of us kitties. Also, most of her online friends know her as Coopkitten. She has tried all sorts of ways to abbreviate the name but she just can't get it to work. We think it can't be more than six letter/numbers.

Any ideas?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Feng Shui

When there was only me (Clarissa) I wasn't allowed to get onto the kitchen counter or breakfast bar. I would get fussed at by my grandpurr if he caught me up there. It got a little harder to control two of us when Sable joined the family, but we still weren't allowed on those things. But after grandpurr crossed the bridge mom stopped fighting our urge to get on the counter and bar. She was at work all day and knew we were doing it anyway. And with 15 of us at home now it's impossible to keep everyone down. However, we aren't allowed to climb onto the stove! Mom caught one of the boys on top of the refrigerator one day because that's were the containers of kibble are kept. He got up there by jumping onto the stove first!

Monday, July 28, 2008

A Big Breakthrough for Ginger!!!!

As most of the readers know, mom brought home five adult cats from Northern Ohio in June 2007. All of the cats are friendly, but Ginger was the only one who would not get in mom's lap. That changed this morning! Ginger jumped up on the arm of the chair to steal a few laps of milk from mom's glass. Mom gently stroked Ginger's back, being careful not to startle her. When Ginger finished drinking she stood there for a bit, wondering what do to. Finally, she laid down in mom's lap! Mom continued to stroke her back and scratch behind her ears. Ginger purred softly and flexed her front toes on mom's leg. Mom was so excited. Mom let Ginger lay there until she decided she'd had enough attention. It probably wasn't more that 10 minutes but what a breakthrough!!!!

Yay Ginger!!!!!

Friday, July 25, 2008

Feral Friday News

We may have mentioned that mom saw a little black kitten where her brother works. This was about 3 or 4 weeks ago. She tried to coax it to her but it popped down into a hole where a downspout drains into the sewer system. They reported to the kitten to her brother's supervisor and he said they'd call animal control to try and catch it.

Mom and her brother saw it again last night. It popped up out of the hole! It's small - appears to be around 12 weeks old to mom. It ran behind a cabinet where propane tanks are stored and watched her intently. It wouldn't come out for her and finely ran through the back (sticking close to the wall) and hid behind a long line of potted plants. It finally got bold enough to bolt out again and ran quickly back to the hidey-hole in the sidewalk.

The good news is someone at the store is taking care of it. There was a lot of kibble scattered about on the sidewalk and some fresh water.

Of course it's killing mom to know it's alone and living wild. However, she also knows she can't keep the little thing. It is definitely feral, but may be young enough to be tamed IF someone can catch it.

Should she contact one of the rescue groups and ask if they can set up a humane trap or leave well enough alone? If Metro Animal Control catches it more than likely they would put it down.

*scratching our furry heads*

Clarissa & Co.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Cat Massage (video)

Mom said we could give her a deep massage like this tonight:

Monday, July 14, 2008

Sneezing Kitteh (YouTube video)

We love this little kitteh with the big ears!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Real Life comic

Mom said she remembers the days when me (Clarissa) and Sable were kittens!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Spilled Milk

No one was crying over spilled milk at my house this morning! No-sir-ee! Mom was pouring herself a glass of milk this morning and she wasn't paying attention to what she was doing. She left a large puddle of milk on the kitchen cabinet. Lily Rose was watching her and she was the first one to start lapping it up. Once she was finished Sable jumped up there and got some of it. No one else seemed interested in it after Sable was done, so mom cleaned up the remainder of the milk.

While Lily and Sable were cleaning the spilled milk, Batman, Daisy, and Jazzpurr took turns drinking from mom's glass.

Oh, and Spunky, Lily, and me (Clarissa) all got some brushies this morning.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ah GotsThe Biscut Makin' Blues

Mom saw this on CuteOverload

Oh you know I'm sad and lonely, got that water in mah eyes,
I keep poking and-a prodding, but I never get a rise.
I'll wear out these shoes,
Ah gots the biscuit-makin' blues...

Now won't someone adopt me, now don't you make me plead,
Just my blankie and some pillows, and that's everything I knead,
Ah've done paid mah dues,
Tired of these biscuit-makin' blues.

My sister, Serendipity, used to knead the blankets and suckling on the. She will still lay on mom or mom's brofur and do the same thing on occasion. My brofur, Bandit, and sisfur, Jazzpurr, are bigger kneaders too. And my sisfurs, Daisy and Fiona, love to knead on mom with their "kneadle claws"! hahahahha

Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Monday

Sometimes we post "Meezer Monday" or "Man-Cat Monday." Today it's just Happy Monday. Why are we all so happy today? Because mom stayed home with us all three days of her long weekend. The only times she left the house was to take her brother to work and then to pick him up each day (he doesn't drive).

We let mom be lazy on Friday, so she napped with us on/off all day. Some of us took turns snuggling with her in the big recliner. She stayed busy around the house Caturday and Sunday, so we didn't get a lot of snuggle time. But we'd get ear scritches and belly rubs and snorgles whenever she passed one of us. The only thing most of us didn't like was when she got out the vacuum monster! However, it's not half as loud as the old one was. That's definitely better.

We hope everyfur had a great holiday weekend and got to spend time with their humans.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Purrs for our friend, Ash

Me and the crew have been MIA for a while because mom is either too busy to help us post or too lazy. We aren't sure which is the case. But we are here now and we are asking any fur who reads this to keep our friend, Ash, in their thoughts and purrs.

Ash and his brother, Freckles, post over on the Meowmail chat board. Ash is and indoor/outdoor kitty and he got himself in a bit of trouble last week. He came home limping. X-rays showed two broken bones in one paw. The orthopedic surgeon gave the injury only a 10% chance of healing properly so it was decided the best thing to do would be to amputate his limb. His surgery was on Friday and he is home now.

We would like everyone to purr for Ash's speedy recovery. He will be an indoor only kitty from now on.

Get well soon, Ash!!! We love you very much!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Need a Massage? (video)

Mom found this on MySpace and we thought it was cute:

Butt Scratcher!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Wednesday Poem

We found this poem on line and thought it was wonderful. It is called The Clowder.

The Clowder

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bad Cat Monday!

Normally this would be "Mancat Monday" but today we need to report on a bad cat. You see, Batman bit mom this morning! She was trying to fix her breakfast and he was on the kitchen counter. Mom reached for him to move him and he swung his head around and snapped at her. He managed to catch her ring finger with a fang and he put a small gash in it near the fingernail. Of course mom yelled and said, "You bit me you little sh*t!!!" and Batman ran and hid.

The gash bled freely and mom let it do so while she ran warm tap water over it. Then she washed it with antibiotic soap and rinsed it well and it still bled. She finally put some pressure on it to stop the bleeding, then put some neosporin ointment on it and a band-aid. There's not much else to do except keep it clean and make sure it doesn't get infected.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tortie Tuesday - Daisy Thistlechaser

Princess Daisy Thistlechaser of Yew Dell is all snug in her bed on a cold December day.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tortie Tuesday - Jazzpurr

That's my sisfur, Jazzpurr. She joined the fur family (along with her foster sister Serendipity) in October 2004. Jazzy is a bit on the shy side, although she does love to be loved on. She will sleep with mom at night and sometimes snuggle with her. If she's laying on the bed she will roll over and show mom her pretty belly, although she really doesn't like to be petted on her tummy. If mom is sitting on the side of the bed and Jazzy wants attention she will stand up and put her front paws on mom's shoulder. Jazzy has a fairly quiet meow, but she purrs like a motorboat. She'll do a "face plant" and the roll over onto her side.

Jazzpurr is much thinner in this picture too. She is round and cute and her nickname is "Little Brown Jug." Jazzpurr was three years old when she got her forever home. That means she will be seven years old this year. She is the same age as Sable and Lily Rose.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Super Dog (comic)

That comment from Superman reminded mom of the time she tried to be a purple wizard's robe on Sable when he was just a kitten. He waved his paws and growled and would not have any part of being dressed up. That was her only attempt to put clothes on any of us!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Manic Monday - Our Doodle

This is a doodle of me sleeping. It's sort of abstract...

Mom found this online and thought it was pretty funny...and very cute!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Toesday - Batman

Batman's toesies didn't show up well but here they are:

Monday, May 5, 2008

Mancat Monday - Batman

This handsome mancat is my brofur, Batman. He loves his vanilla ice cream and he had just finished having some when mom took this picture. He also likes to help mom knit and lay on whatever she is working on. Batman will be 6 years old this year, although he will have been in our house a year in June.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Ten Cat Commandments

The Ten Cat Commandments

1. I am the Lord of thy house.

2. Thou shall have no other pets before me.

3. Thou shalt not ever ignore me.

4. I shall ignore thou when I feel like it.

5. Thou shalt be grateful that I even give thou the time of day.

6. Remember my food dish and keep it full.

7. Thou shalt spend most of thy money on toys and gifts for me.

8. Thou shalt always have thy lap ready for me to curl up in.

9. Thou shalt shower me with love and attention upon demand.

10. Above all, thou shalt do anything and everything it takes to keep me happy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

White Wednesday: Frederick Jerome DeWinter

My name is Frederick Jerome DeWinter and I live with 14 other kitties! I am two years old. Even though I have a fancy name my mom calls me "Fred" or "Freddie J". I've been in my new forever home since 04/07/2008. Mom took me to the vet on Saturday because I had been shaking my head a lot. And sometimes I made unhappy noises when I would scratch at them. The vet saw lots of icky dark stuff in both ears. She cleaned them out and told mom to put this icky medicine in each ear for 14 days - two times a day!!!! I always shake my head after she does that but I'm not scritchin' at them as much. I guess they must be gettin' better.

Have a great Wednesday

Frederick Jerome DeWinter

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rest in Peace: LOis

It is with heavy hearts that we must say goodbye to our furriend LOis. LOis would visit meowmail and share her thoughts and wisdom with us. She had diabetes and was having other health issues. With the help of her loving purrents & vet they helped her journey across the Bridge yesterday. This is the note that LOis sent after she crossed:

I have not felt furry gud fer a coupla monfs, n diz mornin, I reeel felt awful. I dint wanna eet, n if I did, I pukied it up n den I had died reery. I just hurt all over. SO mama took me to my vetty.

Diz evening, mama n daddee came to see me. I sat in mama's lap, which I have never reeel dun befoor. Mama n daddee combed n brushed me n told me all kindsa stories bowt Younie n me Timmy. Den de vetty came in. He wuz a new guy, but I liked him. He put a little needle in my arm n I got so sleepy n nuttin hurt enymoor n I wuz so relaxed..... I could hear mama n daddee cryin n mama wuz axin ifn I cood smell de donut holes...

N de next thing I knew, dere wuz Ocho wif a big plate of dem, holdin dem out n yellin "Miss LOis, ober heer!!!"

N I wuz runnin n jumpin - - RUNNIN N JUMPIN !!!! over to him, n dere wuz Younie n Unka wif a bottle of nipwine n TIMMY wuz dere n we wuz all huggin n laffin n rollin in de nice soft grass!!

Den I kood see all my old MMT furrends comin to see me!!! El Puma, PIB, and Gizmo n OH SO MANY of my deer furrends.

Den I knew - n I kood see diz beeeeeyoutiful Brij n I wuz so happy!!!

But den I koodd heer cryin n it wuz my daddee. I kood see him on his knees on de floor of de vet office n he wuz jes wailin. I axed Younie, n she sed dat I wood heer mama n daddee cry fer a while, n also see dem laff n smile thinkin of me.

So I axed Younie wood daddee be OK n ifn he wood eber git his shoes tied wifout me, n she sed, Well, we jes has to help dem find sum new kitties to help dem. I wuznt so sher ifn I liked dat I ideyer, but den I think of how happy I wuz to have lived wif dem, n I know dere will be a day wen sum uffur kitties will feel dat way, too.

I also saw BT n I cried kuz I reely did luff him. He dint all day wifout me dere n dint wanna eet tonite. I hope he will be allbettersoon - he is gonna need his strength wen we send dose kittins!!! (Hehehehehehehe)

It is so nise to meet my ol furrends. Ennything we argued bowt seems so silly now. I hope our hoomins kin remember dat furrends are werth not bein mad at.

I will miss you all, but I am expectin Chita n Nalala to come by ennytime (altho Tommy sez dey are drivin him crazee at de Brij, too.)

I fank you all frum de bottom of my hart fer bein my furrends n luffin me n Younie n my mama.
You will alwayz be in mt hart, n someday, I will be glad to see you heer.

Oh, n I saw dat sum of you wanted to haf a pawty n sum dint. Well, YOU GUYS HAVE YEROWNSELFS a GRATE BIG WUN!!! Lotsa nip n shrimpies fer efurrywun!!! It kin be my goin home pawty. I had a great long wonderful life of luff.

Luff alwayz,
LOis Elizabef LaFeete-Jones

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two New Family Members!

For any and all who missed our news last night, mom and her brother adopted two kitties from the local Humane Society. Their names are/were Lillian and Crazy Cat.

These kitties came from two separate homes, both turned in by their owners. We don't know why, because they both are very sweet.

Lillian is now known as Lillian Rose DeWinter. She is solid white with one blue eye and one gold eye. She is 7 years old. Lilly Rose is still hiding under the bed. She is a DSH.

Crazy Cat is now known as Frederick Jerome DeWinter or Freddie J. He is also solid white with yellow eyes. He is 2 years old. Fred is already out and exploring the house and getting to know the other cats. He is a DSH.

Mom saw a HUGE cat tree at Feeders Supply (where the Humane Society had the kitties) that she wants to get us when she has the toonas. It's $300 - but it is really really big and has lots of perches on it fur us!

Wish us luck with our new siblings.

Clarissa and Co.

Monday, April 7, 2008

A Survior's Story: Jellybean

My name is Jellybean, I am just a kitten, and I am a survivor. On Tuesday, April 1, 2008 I was dropped off at the vet's office with burns on my head, tail, and feet. The person who dropped me off said that their 3 year old child had put me in the microwave and set it for three minutes. I since I can't speak "humanese" I can't confirm that story or deny it. I was in severe pain and there was a discussion as to whether I should be "put to sleep" or given a chance to live. The vet decided to give me that chance.

I had to have one leg amputated along with my tail. I also lost my ears. I have burns on the tops and bottoms of my remaining paws but they are healing. I am doing well and will be going to a new forever home with people who will take care of me as soon as I am well enough to leave the vet's office.

Please teach your children that all animals are living creatures and that we need to be cared for. We are not toys. We feel pain when we are hurt. I am one of the lucky ones.

My name is Jellybean. I'm only 8 weeks old. I am a survivor.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Meezer Monday - Sky Kitty

Memphis the Meezer is in the house! Everycat raises your paws in the air!!!

I wanted to introduce you to my girlfriend, Sky. She is a foster kitty at Mufassa and Tootsie's house. We've had a couple of casual dates - dinner one night and a basketball game the next - and I've enjoyed hanging out with her. I keep hoping her foster mom will post a picture of Sky with her eyes open!!!! Sky says we are just friends and she wants to date other mancats for now. That's cool with me. I'm not ready to settle down yet either.

So without further ado, here is the lovely Sky Meezer:

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tabby Tuesday - Serendipity

I'm actually a dilute calico, but I have some definite tabby stripes going on so I told mom to put my picfur under "Tabby Tuesday." She is also going to put me in the "Thursday Thirteen" this week, so I'm not going to say anything about myself until then!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Finally Friday

We are glad that Friday is upon us! Mom will be home with us watching basketball for most of the weekend so that means we will get some prime snuggle time with her!

Some of your humans will probably think it's gross, but mom lets us drink out of her glass. Sometimes it's only water, but in the mornings it's usually skim milk. We all take turns, well all of us who want some take turns. This morning the ritual began with Jazzpurr, Sable, and Batman. Much to mom's surprise, Ginger the Shy jumped up on the foot of the recliner and seemed to be interested in what was going on. Mom held the glass down to Ginger who drank a little of the milk, and then a little more. Then she jumped down. Mom was so happy to have Ginger come up on the chair though. She's done that one other time but she didn't stay. Ginger's littermate brofur and sisfur, Spunky & Panda, get in her lap all of the time.

Wednesday morning One Eyed Fiona surprised mom by grabbing a frosted mini-wheat from her cereal bowl. Mom took it back from her and Fiona tried to get a second piece. Since she was so determined to have a mini-wheat, mom broke off a smaller kitty sized piece for her. Much to mom's surprise, Fiona ate every morsel! That was the first time mom has ever seen Fiona eat "people food."

We hope everyone has a great weekend and a Happy Easter!


Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tummy Tuesday

I'm sure I've posted this before, but it is one of mom's favorite pictures of my brofur, Bandit. He was sound asleep and didn't even flick a whisker when she took this picture of him.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Mancat Monday - Sable the Punk

This is Sable the Punk, aka Boo Kitty. Mom calls him Boo Kitty most of the time. She brought him home from the Target store about 10 days before Halloween in 2001. She almost named him Kohl, but for some reason she really liked the name, Sable.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Introducing Behrouz-Abbas

This is Behrouz-Abbas. He doesn't live with us but we think he is very cute! He is a 7-month old Persian and his name means "Lucky Lion." His mom chose it from a list of middle eastern names that our mom sent her. We are very happy that he as a good forever home now. Some of the others on the message board call him "Abby," but Kato calls him "Smooshy Face."

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


This is one of Bandit's back feet. Wish it were a better picture.