Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Not so Wordless Wednesday

Sorry we've been away so long. We've been trying to read our friends blogs and leave comments when we can. Our typist (aka Mom) hasn't had a lot of motivation lately. And we've been right there with her. First, we had the HOTS here and no one felt like doing anything. The mom fell on the sidewalk leaving work. That was on June 8th. She didn't break anything like the The Admiral's mom did, but she hurt herself all the same.

First and foremost, let us make this clear: OUR MOM IS A KLUTZ!!! She is just a walking accident looking for a place to happen. So here is what happened. Mom was walking on the sidewalk on campus and she just fell. One second she was walking and the next she was going down like a great tree fallen by a lumberjack. She landed on her right knee and right arm. Even though she was wearing jeans, she skinned up her knee. It was nasty. If you want to see a picture of it the day after she did it you can click here. Two days later, mom was had to go to the doctor because her knee had gotten infected. She was put on an antibiotic and had to use the same salve that is used on burn patients so the nasty stuff would soften up. It was GROSS kitties!!! Anymew, she ended up with a 101 fever and was back at the doctor's for that. Mom ran a low-grade fever all last week. She is finally feeling better and her knee is looking better and is healing. But to top it all off, she started having an allergic reaction to the adhesive on the surgical tape, and then the regular bandages. Thank cod it is well enough now that she doesn't have to cover it.

Hopefully mom won't do that again for a long time. Like never!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

Climbing Kittens Video!

We may have told you how those kittens climbed mom like they were climbing Mt. Everest when she was dishing out the stinky goodness. Their current foster mom, Lisa, posted this video for our amusement. Make sure you have your speakers turned up so you can hear the kittens demanding their dinner!

The latest update we've heard is two of the kittens will be going to their forever home this coming weekend. However, we don't know which two it will be.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Kittens Video!

Lisa, who currently has the four grey furbabies at her house, has posted some video of them. We thought we would share it with our friends.

And one more:

Have a great weekend!
Clarissa & Co.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bye Bye, Baby Kittens

The foster kittens left our home late yesterday afternoon. They were picked up and taken on the next leg of their long journey to forever homes. Mom is sort of missing them, especially the little short furred boy. He climbed her leg and got in her lap yesterday before he had to leave.

Since the kittens have been gone, we adult cats have been exploring the room in which they stayed for three days. There are so many kitten smells in there! Also, we are glad to have OUR room back!!!

Would mom take in foster kittens again? Maybe. She has counted close to 20 kitten claw scratches on her left hand & arm. She said her arm hasn't looked that bad in 11 years! She's more concerned about the three deeper scratches that Fiona left on the same arm when she used mom's arm as a springboard. The scabbing is very very dark, and the skin is very red around them. However, they aren't hot to the touch and the swelling around them has gone down. Poor mom...she is so abused by us!

We hope everyone has a great Thursday!

Clarissa & Co.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Foster Kitten Report

The four foster kittens arrived on Sunday night and the first thing the did was make a dash for their litter box! They hadn't had a potty break since leaving Michigan that morning. Then they got to split a can of stinky goodness. Mom put them all in the large crate and some of us got to come into the room to check them out. Memphis and Bandit did all of the hissing! Once we were done and chased out of the room, the door was closed and the kittens were left to have the run of the room.

Mom says she did realize how much work four little bundles of fur and energy could be! They have two speeds: fast and sleep. There has been hours of kitten wrestling going on in the room. Lots of pouncing and playing. Their climbing skills are coming along. Three of them climbed up the back of mom's leg last night and her shirt as she was fixing their stinky goodness! They split one can between the four of them each day. The rest of the time they have kitten kibble to eat all day.

One of the boys has very goopey eyes and the sneezes. His appetite is good and he is still very playful. However, mom was concerned so she took them all into the vet yesterday afternoon. Our vet said it is a viral thing and will have to run its course. But in the meantime they now have to have Tetramycin ointment put in their little eyes 2x daily. The vet also gave each one a dose a of de-worming medicine.

Mom's left arm is full of tiny kitten claw scratches (and two nasty scratches from Fiona). She sort of looks like she has been in the brambles. MOL

Here is a link to a few pictures mom took on Monday. They are cute little stinkers:

Grey Foster Kittens

Mom took some more last night that she'll post later. They move so fast! She said it is hard to get pictures of their little faces!

It's time for a nap now. We adults take turns sleeping outside of the kitten room!