Wednesday, January 28, 2009


We had snow in Louisville yesterday! It's so pretty. And I'm glad we are all inside!

A big limb fell in our driveway last night while mom was sleeping. She didn't hear it but we did! She was surprised to see it this morning.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Batman: An Update on my Nose Boo-Boo

Good morning! I have more news about myne nose. Mom took me to see Dr. Reader on Saturday morning. He is an animal dermatologist. That means he specializes in skin conditions of animals, not that he is a fur himself, although mom says technically humans are animals too. Anymew, he took lots of pictures of my nose, took some samples for cultures, looked at some samples under a microscope...and he said it looks like I have a "cold sore" on my nose. He said he won't know for sure until he gets the lab results, but it appears to be caused by the feline herpes virus. Dr. Reader said there was a lot of bacteria beneath the scab, so he gave me a shot. He said it was an antibiotic. He also prescribed 200mg of Lysine daily. He wants another biopsy so that will be performed through my regular vet's office/lab.

I liked Dr. Reader and the technician that helped him. They told me they loved myne name, and they gave me lots of skritches on myne head and ears. Dr. Reader even said I was one of the most mellow kitties he's met.

That's it for now. At least mom and I know more about what's going on. I promise to keep you posted.


Monday, January 12, 2009

Happy Monday

Another week has started and mom is at work. It's a lot quieter around here this Monday. Last Monday (Jan 5) we had two intruders in our house. They took out all of the old carpet and laid down new laminate floors in our bedrooms, hallway, and living room. Now we all run and slide! Weeeeeeeee...*crash* There is that problem of not being able to stop sometimes.

Mom had to make an appointment with an animal dermatologist to see my brofur, Batman. Our regular vettie has done everything he can for the dermatitis on Batman's nose. He told mom that if the spot was still there by the middle of January then it would be best for Batman to see a specialist. Well, not only is it still there, it looks like he is getting more of it on the tip of his nose. We don't want his nose to fall off like that pop singer's nose did! Batman's appointment is on January 24th.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


We left everyone hanging in our last post about that kitty that needed a home. Another lady in the apartment complex took her in. The kitty did get a clean bill of health from the vet. Now she has a warm home, good fuds, AND she shares a bed with the woman's little girl.

We also want to thank you furs who sent us Christmas cards. Mom got really sick with bronchitis and she didn't get any cards sent out. So we hope everyfur will understand.

And some sad news. Our furiend, Scooter, who lived in Delaware, lost his fight with kidney failure on December 16. His meowmie said he really started failing over that weekend. Although it hurt her heart to let him go, she knew it was the best thing to do for her loving companion. Scooter was 15 years old. (His meowmie said she will probably adopt two kittens in the spring IF she feels ready).

Lastly, we hope everyfur had a great holiday season. May your homes be warm, your bellies full, and your beds soft in 2009!

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