Monday, July 29, 2013

The hots are gone and mom is home with us tonight

The hots left us on Saturday for a few days. We know it will get hot again before long, but we are enjoying it for now.  The night time temps have been in the high 50s for the past two nights, and it has been in the high 70s to low 80s. And the humidity is low! We aren't ready for cold weather yet, but this has been a pleasant break.

Memphis is doing very well now. He has been spoiled by getting canned food and will sit by his bowl whenever he thinks he should be fed. Mom has been feeding him in the morning, when she gets home from work, and a little before bedtime. She has seen him eat a little kibble in between his regular meals. She would really like to get him back on the kibble full time, but she doesn't want him to stop eating again.

There was a big convention in town over the weekend called FandomFest. It's hard to believe it started out as a small horror convention in 2005 or 2006. This year it was held at the Galt House hotel in downtown Louisville and at the Convention Center that is a couple of blocks away. Now it covers comic books, science fiction, fantasy, anime, and toys. Mom went all three days, so we didn't see much of her until late Friday night and late Saturday night. If she goes next year, she is going to try to get a hotel room so she doesn't have to keep driving back and forth.

Mom got signed photos from Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon), Scott Wilson (Hershel), Lew Temple (Axel), Iron E. Singleton (T-Dog), and Vincent Ward (Oscar) all from The Walking Dead.  Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon) and Chandler Riggs (Carl) were also there, but she never got to meet them. She had just made it to the front of the line for Norman Reedus when he had to leave for the professional photo ops session.

She did get some of the pro photos taken with the celebs, but she didn't get to talk to them. Mom said people are hustled in and out in a matter of seconds. On Saturday, she had her picture taken with "The Dixon Brothers" and the actors from The Walking Dead in a group shot. On Sunday she had her picture taken with William Shatner (Capt. Kirk) and Gene Simmons (from KISS).

The celebs that she got autographs from were all very nice from what mom told us. She can't really comment about William Shatner or Gene Simmons because she didn't get to talk to them. From what she saw of Norman Reedus at his booth, he was very personable too. She is sorry she didn't get to really meet him.

Stan Lee, Gillian Anderson, and John Barrowman are some of the other big name guests who were there. She would have liked to have met Stan Lee even though she isn't into comic books.

We are glad to have mom home with us tonight! We've been hanging around with her while she watched a little t.v. Our uncle has been in Florida on vacation since last Tuesday. He will get home tomorrow afternoon. We will be glad to see him.

Oh, we almost forgot this! We had company this weekend. Mom's friend, Mimi, was here for the convention and she stayed at our house. She loves kitties and has a couple herself. She also has a dog, a little boy, and a husband. They all stayed at their house! MOL

Have a great night friends!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Memphis Monday Report

Memphis is doing much better since our last report on Friday. He has been eating...a lot! Mom has been feeding him canned stinky goodness and he loves it. And last night he started eating his dry kibble again. It makes our hearts happy to see him eating.

Memphis is also being more social. He has been sleeping on our uncle's bed and sleeping with our uncle at night. He hangs around with mom if our uncle isn't around. Our uncle is leaving for Florida tomorrow and will be gone for a week. We are hoping that Memphis will be okay with that. He will be alone with us during the day while mom is at work.

Since Memphis is doing so well now, mom didn't take him to the internist this morning. The weather was horrible and she didn't want to drag him out in the rain.

Thank you all for your purrs, prayers, and positive thoughts. We appreciated it more than you'll ever know!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Memphis is back at the vet's

Mom talked to my vet a few minutes ago. I've lost more weight. He gave me an appetite stimulant and has two different types of food in front of me. I am ignoring them. My temperature is normal. He said there is still some redness in the back of my mouth. They are going to give me some sub-q fluids and if he thinks it won't interfere with any tests I'll have to have on Monday, I'll get a steroid shot. I have a 9am appointment to see an internist/specialist vet on Monday.


Mom here. Memphis would not eat last night. He laid on my bed, curled up in a tight ball. He is not showing any interest in food. I was able to isolate him in a separate room last night with his litterbox, kibble, and water. None of it had been touched overnight.

I am trying to remain positive, but his behavior has me frightened. Having just lost Panda to kidney failure in April, I am very concerned that Memphis will have those same problems.

My regular vet suggest that I take Memphis to see a specialist. Hopefully this new doctor can get to the root of the matter. Not knowing what I'm dealing with is the hardest part.

Please keep my boy, Memphis, in your purrs and prayers. 

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The Hots/Memphis Report

Oh kitties! It is so HOT here. The temperature is around 95F but the "heat index" makes it feel like 104F!  We are so glad we are inside where the air conditioner is keeping us cool. When mom got up at 6:30 this morning the outdoor temperature was already 80F!

Brother Memphis was laying on top of mom's bed when she got home last night. He let her pet him, but she didn't want to bother him too much. She was happy to see him on the bed instead of under it. A bit later she took a handful of kibble in to him and laid it on the bed right in front of him. Memphis did eat a little of it before he jump off the bed to retreat beneath it.

Our uncle said the Memphis slept with him last night, something he hasn't done for awhile. And when mom got up this morning some fur was scratching on her bedroom door. She thought it was Ginger. But it was none other than Memphis! She picked him up and kissed his nose, then she put him on her bed.  He stayed there for awhile, but soon jumped down and took off. She did not see him again before she had to leave for work.

We have our paws crossed that Memphis is coming out of his funk and will be back to his old self soon!

An older picture of Memphis from his shelter days.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Still Laying Low

Memphis ventured out for a little bit last night. But as soon as mom gave him his antibiotic he took off and hid under her bed.  He came out again, but wanted in the closet (mom had shut the door). She let him go in there and rousted him out later so she could give him his second pill. Once again, he took off and ran under the bed.  Mom saw him briefly this morning. He was in the closet and as soon as she stuck her head in he ran out guessed it...ran under the bed.

Mom spoke with one of the vet techs over the phone this morning. The next step is going to be isolating him in a separate room with food, water, and a litter box. That is the only way to find out if he is eating and drinking and using the bathroom. Mom knows that Memphis will not react well to that. She has tried it before and he tries to tear the door down.

With mom being at work all day she can't tell if Memphis is eating. However, she has not witnessed him eating when she is home in the evening. This is driving her crazy! All she knows is something is either physically wrong with Memphis or mentally wrong with him. If any of your purrents have some advice or suggestions they can leaving them in our comments or email us at rissakitty2000 at gmail dot com.  We spelled that out so nasty robots can't read it.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Happy Tuesday

Well, no sooner than mom was home from North Carolina, she packed up and took off again! This time she went to Merrillville, IN to see the one and only Alice Cooper in concert. She met a bunch of her friends there and they all went to the concert on Thursday night. This was her first (and maybe only) Cooper concert for this year, so she splurged and bought herself the VIP meet and greet package. There were 24 others in her meet and greet group, but mom said Alice took his time with each and everyone of them. Mom talked with him about movies and and asked him if he has had a chance to visit the Waverly Hills Sanatorium that is in Louisville, KY. It's in the list of the 10 Most Haunted places in America.

And here is a picture of mom with Alice taken at the meet and greet session:

He signed the back of the bobblehead that is on the table, the album cover that mom has in her lap, and a few other things. Mom has lost count of the number of times she has met him now, but she still says he is absolutely one of the nicest people she has ever met.

And now for news about us cats!  Both Daisy and Memphis went to the vet on Caturday.  Daisy was due for her annual exam and rabies vaccine. She also got a claw trim and her ears cleaned. It's a good thing too! Her little ears were filthy!!!!  Daisy got a clean bill of health and is good to go for another year.

Mom took Memphis in because of his hiding issue and not seeing him eat. Dr. R. couldn't find anything wrong with him except some gingivitis. He was weighed and he has lost 3 oz. since last November. Since Memphis's annual was due next month, Dr. R. thought it would be okay for him to have his rabies vaccine. He also got a nail trim and ear cleaning.

When mom got home she began filling up our food bowls. Memphis was eating some kibble and he totally freaked out. No one was bothering him and he just cried out and took off running.  Later on mom fixed him a bowl of canned food and let him eat in the bathroom with her. He ate like he was ravenous and then the same thing happened. He took a bite of food and then started screaming and yowling and growling while he high-tailed it into the corner! He had his ears laid back and he hissed at mom!

Memphis went back to the vet yesterday for a re-check of his mouth. Mom thought he might have a bad tooth. Dr. G. saw him this time. She called mom and said Memphis's gums were badly inflamed. He ended up having his teeth cleaned while he was there. The vet said his teeth were fine. Now he is home and on Clavamox for the next 10 days. Hopefully that will take care of any infection he has in his gums.

Memphis stayed out of the closets last night, but he shunned mom! And he hid from her this morning!!!!

It's always something at our house!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

We are back!!!

Clarissa here!  I am so sorry we have been absent from our blog. Mom has been busy and she has not let us have much computer time. First off, we hope everyone is enjoying their summer and staying cool where it is hot and staying dry where it is raining. It has rained a lot here lately. Mom said she is tired of it. Of course, she is already tired of the hot weather too!

Second, we are sorry to tell our friends that our cousin, King Alfred Hitchcock the Great (aka Squishy) crossed the Bridge on June 28.  Squishy was rapidly losing weight and went to the vet on June 25. An x-ray showed two masses in his body. The largest one was growing around his intestines and spleen. The smaller one was near his heart. He was scheduled for an ultrasound on June 27, but after talking with the vet, his mom decided not to have the procedure done. Anty Torchy brought Squishy home.

Our mom had arrived in North Carolina on Wednesday. She had planned her trip to visit Anty Torchy and Squishy, Wick, and Gracie a couple of months ago. Mom and Anty Torchy talked a lot about Squishy and his quality of life. He did not appear to be in pain, but he had no interest in food. He was still trying to be social, but mom said just looking at his face she could tell he was not a happy boy. Anty Torchy made the decision late that afternoon that it was time to help Squishy cross the Bridge.

Mom went to the vet's office with Anty Torchy and Squishy the next afternoon. She said it was just as hard for her to say goodbye to Squishy as it was when she said goodbye to Panda. There were lots of tears, but it was the right thing to do. Squishy peacefully crossed the Bridge in his mom's arms while our mom held one of his paws.

Right after he crossed, the sky opened up and it stormed like crazy. But after the storm passed, mom and Anty Torchy saw the most beautiful rainbow ever. They both said that Squishy was letting them know that he was okay.

Rest in Peace sweet Squishy. We never met you, but mom said you were one of the sweetest kitties she's ever met and your were made of LOVE.

Squishy lived with Anty Torchy for two years. She thought he was around four years old. The vet said he was more likely between eight to ten years old.