Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Twins

King Alfred, who lives in North Carolina with our Aunty Torchy:

Random kitty picture found on Facebook:

Monday, August 22, 2011

Mancat Monday: Vet Reports on Fred and Memphis

Sorry we have been M.I.A. again. Between mom's job and her gallavanting around Ohio to see Alice Cooper, we haven't gotten any computer time.

Fred had his vet appointment on August 6th. Mom noticed that he had lost weight. In the past year he has dropped 4 pounds! He went from 11 lbs. to 7 lbs. and is too skinny. One look at his gums and the vet said his gingivitis was back and his mouth was probably sore. Fred has some type of gingivitis that is chronic. Eventually he will probably lose his teeth. The vet put him on an antibiotic and told mom to feed him canned food to fatten him up. As a precautionary thing, Fred also had blood drawn for lab work. The results came back showing that Fred's creatin levels were elevated. The vet recommend canned K/D food. Fred ate it up at first, but now he totally snubs it. Mom has tried mixing the Fancy Feast with it but he refuses it. For the time being, Fred is getting regular canned food so he'll gain some weight. He was weighed on Saturday and had gained 5 ozs. Fred also got his rabies vaccine that day.

Memphis had his vet visit on August 20th. He weighed in at a healthy 11 lbs. 14 ozs. He has a touch of gingivitis around his back teeth, on one side only. Memphis was due for his rabies and distemper vaccines. Once Memphis was home, he hid until early this morning! Our uncle said he woke up around 3am and Memphis was in bed with him. Mom thinks Memphis probably felt a little puny after his vaccines. Or maybe he was just sulking. He is a MEEZER, you know!!!

That's about it for now! Happy Monday everyone!