Thursday, January 7, 2016

What are the odds?

Hi friends.  I have something unusual to share. One of my sisters is named Serendipity. She is a "blue" calico. That means she is a pretty grey, peach, and white.  Well I just found out that mom's friends in Indiana also have a kitty named Serendipity! Now that is in itself is unusual. But it gets better. Their Seredipity is also a "blue" calico! I wonder what the odds of that happening would be?

Here is a picture of my sister, Serendipity:
She goes by "Seren" and she is about 12 years old. Although her eyes look more gold in this picture, they are really a lovely green.

And here is a picture of the other Serendipity:
She goes by "Dippy" and is either 9 or 10 years old. Her mom said Dippy adopted them and she isn't sure of her age. Dippy looks like she may have gold eyes, but it's hard to tell for sure. She is just as pretty as our Seren.

In other news, I am taking predesone every other day now.  I had to see my vet on December 11 because mom found a couple of furless patches on my back. One was at the base of my tail and the other was right above it. I was definitely having an allergic reaction to something. I was initially prescribed the steroid for my skin problem. When I was weighed the vet noticed that I had lost about 1.5 pounds over a 6 or 7 month period. She was concerned about that and suggested that I have a senior blood panel workup and a urinalysis ran. They stole some blood and some pee from me. The results were back the next day. Overall everything looked normal for a 15 year old kitty like me. One of the numbers was either too high or too low (the albumin?) so I was put on an antibiotic for 2 weeks. I had a follow up appointment on December 28.  The spots on my back had healed up and my fur was growing back, and I had gained 7 oz.!  Unfortunately the little ulcer on my lip hadn't healed. The vet said I should stay on the steroid for now. Since I'm doing well he and mom decided NOT to do another blood panel. My appetite is very good. I do drink a lot of water, but I've always done that. I love my water!!!

I hope all of our friends had a happy holiday season! Mom was home with us for about 10 days. She works for the university and they were shut down from Dec. 24 thru Jan. 3.  She's back at work now and we miss having her home with us.