Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rest in Peace: LOis

It is with heavy hearts that we must say goodbye to our furriend LOis. LOis would visit meowmail and share her thoughts and wisdom with us. She had diabetes and was having other health issues. With the help of her loving purrents & vet they helped her journey across the Bridge yesterday. This is the note that LOis sent after she crossed:

I have not felt furry gud fer a coupla monfs, n diz mornin, I reeel felt awful. I dint wanna eet, n if I did, I pukied it up n den I had died reery. I just hurt all over. SO mama took me to my vetty.

Diz evening, mama n daddee came to see me. I sat in mama's lap, which I have never reeel dun befoor. Mama n daddee combed n brushed me n told me all kindsa stories bowt Younie n me Timmy. Den de vetty came in. He wuz a new guy, but I liked him. He put a little needle in my arm n I got so sleepy n nuttin hurt enymoor n I wuz so relaxed..... I could hear mama n daddee cryin n mama wuz axin ifn I cood smell de donut holes...

N de next thing I knew, dere wuz Ocho wif a big plate of dem, holdin dem out n yellin "Miss LOis, ober heer!!!"

N I wuz runnin n jumpin - - RUNNIN N JUMPIN !!!! over to him, n dere wuz Younie n Unka wif a bottle of nipwine n TIMMY wuz dere n we wuz all huggin n laffin n rollin in de nice soft grass!!

Den I kood see all my old MMT furrends comin to see me!!! El Puma, PIB, and Gizmo n OH SO MANY of my deer furrends.

Den I knew - n I kood see diz beeeeeyoutiful Brij n I wuz so happy!!!

But den I koodd heer cryin n it wuz my daddee. I kood see him on his knees on de floor of de vet office n he wuz jes wailin. I axed Younie, n she sed dat I wood heer mama n daddee cry fer a while, n also see dem laff n smile thinkin of me.

So I axed Younie wood daddee be OK n ifn he wood eber git his shoes tied wifout me, n she sed, Well, we jes has to help dem find sum new kitties to help dem. I wuznt so sher ifn I liked dat I ideyer, but den I think of how happy I wuz to have lived wif dem, n I know dere will be a day wen sum uffur kitties will feel dat way, too.

I also saw BT n I cried kuz I reely did luff him. He dint all day wifout me dere n dint wanna eet tonite. I hope he will be allbettersoon - he is gonna need his strength wen we send dose kittins!!! (Hehehehehehehe)

It is so nise to meet my ol furrends. Ennything we argued bowt seems so silly now. I hope our hoomins kin remember dat furrends are werth not bein mad at.

I will miss you all, but I am expectin Chita n Nalala to come by ennytime (altho Tommy sez dey are drivin him crazee at de Brij, too.)

I fank you all frum de bottom of my hart fer bein my furrends n luffin me n Younie n my mama.
You will alwayz be in mt hart, n someday, I will be glad to see you heer.

Oh, n I saw dat sum of you wanted to haf a pawty n sum dint. Well, YOU GUYS HAVE YEROWNSELFS a GRATE BIG WUN!!! Lotsa nip n shrimpies fer efurrywun!!! It kin be my goin home pawty. I had a great long wonderful life of luff.

Luff alwayz,
LOis Elizabef LaFeete-Jones

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  1. My sincerest condolences on the loss of LOis. Her note brought tears to my eyes. I am glad she is at peace at the Bridge and running and having fun.