Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Dear Litte Cat - A Letter From The Heart

We are going to let our mom take over today. Her eyes keep leaking and she said she really needs to write this. She asked us to warn everyone that is is very, very sad and she doesn't want you to be upset. Also, we want to assure you that we are all fine and well.


If you want to share this letter mom said it would be okay.


Dear Little Cat,

I was on my way to work this morning when I saw your lifeless body in the road. You lived on a street somewhere in my neighborhood. I drove around you and went on my way. But I couldn't get you out of my mind. I knew your spirit was gone, but I couldn't leave your body in the road. I got off the expressway at the next exit and went back to where I saw you. You were still there, and I was grateful that you hadn't been hit again.

Dear Little Cat, I parked at the side of the road and looked for something in my car to put you in. All I had were some reusable bags from the grocery. That would have to do. I hope you didn't mind that I used one of the bags to pick you up. Your little body was stiff. There was only a little blood near your head. I carefully put your body in the other bag and put the bag I had used to pick you up over you.

Dear Little Cat, not knowing what else to do, I took you to my vet's office. Maybe you had been there before when you were alive. It's there in the neighborhood. One of the technician's scanned you for a microchip. You didn't have one. The technicians assured me that your body would be cremated.

Dear Little Cat. I am so very sorry this happened to you. I will never know if you had a home and people who loved you. Maybe you were always a free spirit and never belonged to anyone. Maybe you were a door dasher and escaped and now your people will never know what happened to you. Maybe you cried and cried and cried to go outside and your people finally gave in and let you out. Maybe they cared more about their furniture being scratched up. Only you know they answer.

Dear Little Cat. You were such a pretty little silver tabby. I will never forget you. I hope your death was swift and painless. And I hope you are running through the fields and enjoying your new life across the Rainbow Bridge. And I hope you know that I care.

Clarissa's Mom

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Tuesday, Tuesday

Good morning everyone. It is a cloudy, misty morning in Louisville, KY. We hope there are sun puddles where you are. It's been awhile since we checked in. There isn't a lot of news to report, and that isn't such a bad thing.

Johnny had another follow-up visit with his vet on March 21. He had gained another 3/4 lb. That put him back to almost 11 lbs. He finished his antibiotics, but he will be on a daily liver supplement for the rest of his life. Mom said he is fairly easy to pill. That is good for both her and Johnny!

Brother Spunky was at the vet's last Friday. Mom said it looked like he had conjunctivitis in both eyes. The vet said he had a lower fever (103). Spunky was suppose to get his annual rabies vaccine while he was there, but the doctor didn't want to give it to him due to his fever. And since he is impossible to pill, the vet put him on a liquid antibiotic. It is suppose to be tuna flavored, but Spunky still knows it is medicine!

There rest of us are all doing well, and that makes mom happy.

We are sorry this is so short. We'll try to write more the next time.

Clarissa & Co.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Another Follow-Up Post Regarding Johnny

Everyone's purrs and prayers and positive thoughts seem to be working! Johnny saw the vet again yesterday. He has gained another half pound! This makes us all so happy. The vet said he looks good and that even his fur looked better.

Mom managed to steal some of his poop on Saturday morning. She took it to the vet that same morning so she could look for anything nasty or something that just shouldn't be there. Nothing to report in the poop department. It was normal.

The plan of action is for Johnny to continue taking the antibiotics for three more weeks, along with the supplement. He will go back on or around March 21 for another weight check. Of course, if he starts slipping or something is amiss with him, he will go back sooner. The vet said the supplement is something Johnny will be taking for the rest of his life.

Keep your paws crossed that Johnny continues to gain weight and improve. Also keep your paws crossed that the rest of us stay healthy. Mom said that been Daisy's dental surgery and Johnny's illness she has spent about $4000. She is seriously considering a "Go Fund Me" page to help cover the vet bills. She said she hates to do that though because we are her responsibility, not someone elses.

Clarissa & Co.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Update: Johnny's Ultrasound Results

Thank you all for your words of encouragement. Mom dropped Johnny off at the vet's this morning for his ultrasound. She would have liked to have been there with him, but it was scheduled for the same time as her appointment with the eye doctor.

Overall Johnny's results are good. His liver looks good. The vet said this something small on what would be considered his appendix. It could be something or it could be nothing. The only way to know for sure would require a biopsy. She said she did not recommend doing that at this time. We will continue monitoring him for the time being.

Dr. Green said that Johnny has gained 8 oz.! That is a half-pound!!! Considering that he lost 1.5 lbs. in 4 weeks, that was great news. Johnny will continue taking the medicines that were prescribed on February 4th. He will finish out the antibiotics and the supplement. Dr. Green wants to see Johnny in a week to check his weight again. She also told mom that she would really like to have a stool sample from Johnny. That would allow her to check for anything nasty in his gut. Mom will have to isolate Johnny in a room by himself in order to do that. With 14 of us it would be impossible to determine whose poop she is stealing from the litter box!

That's all we have for now. Thanks again for everyone's support. Keep Johnny in your purrs for continued improvement!

Clarissa & Co.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Monday Mews

Wow! It's already mid-February! It hasn't felt much like winter in Louisville, Kentucky. The temps seem to be warmer than usual for winter. There hasn't been any measurable snow here either. We think most of it has gone north of us. According to the news it looks like the northeast has gotten more snow than they want!

What we have had is rain. Although it is sunny today, we've had a lot of rain this winter. Mom said she'd rather have rain or snow, but not that stuff that falls in between: sleet and/or freezing rain. According to mom, when there is snow she can still get traction on the road when she drives. Not so much when there is ice on the roads. Since we don't drive we have to take her word for it.

Mom had a follow-up appointment with her surgeon at the end of January. Her wrist and arm are healing nicely now and she has been released from his care. The incision on her palm and wrist are barely noticeable now. However the incisions on her arm, especially the one on the outside of her arm, have left ugly scars. She is hoping they will fade with time.

Daisy has recovered from her dental extraction. In case you've forgotten, she had most of her teeth taken out at the beginning of January. She still has her bottom fangs. Since she finished her post-surgery antibiotics her breath no longer smells like something crawled into her mouth and died. And that, friends, is a good thing!

Brother Johnny has been under the weather. He and Cash had their annual exam at the end of December. Johnny had lost almost 3 lbs. and weighed just under 11 lbs. The vet suggested that Johnny have a blood panel ran. The vet called the following day and said everything looked good and to monitor Johnny.

Mom kept an eye on him. His appetite was good but he continued to lose weight. Mom took Johnny back to the vet on February 4th. He had lost another 1.5 lbs in a month's time. That put him down to 9.5 lbs. He was getting too thin through his hindquarters.

The vet felt around on Johnny, and listened to his heart and lungs. She said she didn't feel anything unusual and his heart and lungs sounded great. Mom mentioned a possible thyroid issue so the vet pulled out Johnny's lab results. She said that two different thyroid tests had be ran and they were fine. HOWEVER, his cholesterol and BUN were both low. She said that could indicate a problem with Johnny's liver.

The vet who saw Johnny and Cash in December was a substitute vet. Our regular vets (they are a husband/wife team) were on vacation. The substitute vet never said anything about Johnny's low cholesterol and low BUN! Mom was not happy and let our regular vet know this.

Our regular vet said she thought it best to redo Johnny's lab work. She would have the lab add another type of test for any thyroid issues. She also wanted to run a urinalysis. More blood was taken for the lab. Mom dropped Johnny off at the vet's office when she was on her way to work on the following Monday. She was going to leave him for the day so they could get a urine sample from him. Johnny's bladder said it wasn't giving up anything for them! He ended up spending the night and they got the needed sample the next morning.

(1) The urinalysis showed a bad UTI. Lots of bacteria and some blood in his urine. That in itself is enough to make Johnny feel bad.

(2) The blood work results were the same as the December results. Everything was fine, including his thyroid. However, the his cholesterol and BUN were still low.

For the past week Johnny has been on three medications. He has two different antibiotics that he gets twice each day. They will take care of his UTI and any infection that he might have in is liver. He also is getting a supplement once a day that is for liver support. Mom tried giving him the pills in those pill pocket treats. He took them the first two times. Then he figured it out! Now mom has to actually pill him. He does pretty well and he gets a couple of treats when she is done.

Johnny has a follow-up appointment tomorrow. He will have a weight check (mom said it appears that he has gained a little weight) and he is going to have an ultrasound done. The ultrasound is the best way to actually see if there is anything wrong with his liver (too large, too small, any growths or tumors around it). We will let you know what mom finds out.

Clarissa & Co.

Friday, February 3, 2017

Happy Adoption News

Not long ago I mentioned mom's friend who had two kitties cross the Bridge within a week or two of each other. That left her other "old man" cat, Fritz, alone. He was missing his buddies. Well, I have some happy news for you. She has adopted two kitties from the Goat House Refuge in Pittsboro, NC.

Regan is white with black markings. He is settling in nicely and likes to play with the red dot!

The other kitty is Molly. She is an orange beauty who is blind in one eye. Aunty Krista has already shared pics of Miss Molly stretched out snoozing on her bed. I don't have a picture of that scene, but I do have one of her pretty face.
I'm not sure how old either of these new babies are, but I think they may be young adults.

If any of our friends are in the Raleigh-Durham area and are looking for a kitty or three, send them to the Goat House Refuge in Pittsboro, NC.  It is a no-kill facility and they always have lots of kitties ready for adoption.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Update: Lily Rose DeWinter

Our blind sisfur, Lily Rose, had her quarterly checkup with her specialist this morning. Overall the report on her eyes was good. Her eye pressure was good, but she does have some blood vessels appearing on the surface of one eye.

Her doctor told mom to continue giving Lily the Azopt solution. She gets one drop in each eye once per day. Mom is to add the Idoxurine solution drops. Lily was getting them for awhile. Lily will get those drops (one in each eye) twice per day. Her next eye check up will be on May 18.

Lily has been having a little discharge from her eyes, but the doctor couldn't find anything wrong. It could be allergy related or it could be part of the feline herpes virus. Lily had a sneezing fit on the way to the vet and another one on the way home.

Mom has also noticed some thin patches of fur on Lily. This happened once before. It is not fleas. Recently she had a bald patch show up on her cheek. That fur is growing back, but she now has an almost bald patch on her back. It also looks like she is getting a bald patch on her chest. Mom is going to keep an eye on her. If the spots get worse, or if she develops more of the, mom will take her to our regular vet.

We have to keep mom on her toes!!!


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In Memorium: Mac, Dusty, Jazpurr, Chuck, and George, and Tuna

Over the past few months several of our furiends have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We wanted to take a moment to honor them.

Dusty, Jazpurr, and Mac lived in Tennessee. They were brothers from different mothers. Dusty was a handsome gray mancat. He crossed the Bridge last fall. Jazpurr was a good looking white & gray mancat. He predeceased Dusty. Unfortunately we don't know when Jazpurr crossed over. Mac, their ginger tabby brother, crossed the Bridge yesterday. His mom said his health was failing when Dusty crossed. Dusty, Jazpurr and Mac had long, lives. All lived well into their late teens. Mom got to meet their purrents when they visited Louisville.
 Mac, Jazpurr, & Dust LaBresh

Two of our friends who live in North Carolina crossed the Bridge within a couple of weeks of each other. They were also brothers from different mothers. Their mom used to live in Louisville. George was the color of smoke. Not exactly black but not exactly gray. He was found as a kitten in the parking lot of the apartment building where Aunty Krista was living. Mom remembers George as a little kitten. Chuck was an orange and white tabby. He was also a found kitten. Aunty Krista had moved into a house by then (still in Louisville) and Chuck's mom would come through the yard with her kittens in tow. It's been so long ago that mom doesn't remember if the other kittens were caught and re-homed. George was 21 years old. Chuck was 19. They leave behind their brother Fritz.-

Chuck and George Biggs

Lastly, you may have heard of The Amazing Acro-Cats (with The Rock Cats) and maybe your purrents had an opportunity to see them perform. Mom was fortunate enough to have seen them twice. After a battle with an aggressive form of cancer, Tuna crossed the Bridge last week. She was their star performer and leader of The Rock Cats. She would ring a desk bell and perform other tricks (along with other cats, rats, a chicken and a groundhog). Tuna was also leader of The Rock Cats band and played cowbell.
Tuna Martin

Fly free sweethearts. We know you all were loved and will be remember by those who knew you.


Monday, January 9, 2017

Woe is me: A post from Princess Daisy Thistlechaser

Oh woe is me, kitties!!! Over the past two weeks I have been poked, prodded, had my teeth stolen, and poked and prodded some more. Settle in and I will tell you my tale of woe. You see, it started with me losing weight. At my prime I weighed about 9 lbs. Mom also noticed that my breath was horrible. She took me to my regular vet. That was about two weeks before Christmas. I was weighed and was down to about 6.5 lbs.  The vet said I was dehydrated too, and that my gums were inflamed. I was given fluids and a B-12 shot. This was one a Monday evening.

I had a more extensive appointment with a different vet at a different clinic on the Thursday of that same week. I had a more thorough exam. The vet agreed that I was underweight. She tried to look in my mouth and I screamed at her. I didn't mean too. It's just that my mouth was really hurting. The technician took me into a different room where they stole some blood and took pictures of my mouth. The vet who examined me wanted the pictures to show to another vet who does the dental surgeries. I was given more fluids and an extended-release shot for pain control.

My lab work came back on that Saturday (December 17). There was nothing unusual there. The dental vet had looked at the pictures of my mouth and said that some of my teeth needed to be removed. She said there was a possibility that all of my teeth would have to go, but she couldn't determine that until she actually got into my mouth. My dental surgery was scheduled for January 3. Mom would drop me off at the office on the evening of January 2.

I had two more visits at my regular vet's office for fluids and B-12 shots. One was on the Friday before Christmas and the other was on the Friday before New Year's.

My dental surgery didn't start until the afternoon of Jan. 3. I did fine, but because it was so late in the day it was decided that I would stay overnight. When the vet spoke with my mom, she told her that I had all of my teeth removed except for my two bottom fangs. Some of the teeth broke off and the vet had to cut the roots out. So I also had stitches in my mouth!!!! Let me tell you kitties, stitches in your mouth sucks!!! I had more fluids and was given a warm blanket and I slept.

Mom picked me up after she got of work the next day. I meowed all the way home! She made a place for me in the spare room, but I hated it. She thought it would be good for me to have a place to stay where the other cats wouldn't bother me. I was so miserable being by myself that I convinced mom to let me out the next day.

I had a follow-up visit at the clinic on Saturday. I had lost weight and now weigh just under 6 lbs. The vet looked in my mouth and said everything was healing nicely. She even found a little food stuck under my upper lip. She rinsed that out for me. I was given more fluids, another B-12 shot, another shot of the long lasting pain meds, and 1/4 of an appetite stimulant tablet. The vet told mom to make sure I stayed on the antibiotic. I perked up quite a bit and yesterday I was more social. I've been grooming, drinking water on my own, and I'm more interested in food.

I'm not out of the woods yet though. The struggle is to get some weight back on. I don't like canned food, so that makes it harder for me to eat. My mouth hurt so much for so long that I'm a little put off by food. But I'm trying to eat so I will feel better.

And now a brief update on mom. Katie Isabella wanted to know how mom was doing since her surgery. Mom is healing up nicely. She had a brief setback by going back to work too soon. She ended up with an infection in one of the incisions. She ended up on another round of Clyndimicin and a round of Bactrim. She had to take both for two weeks. She also rolled over in bed and caught her bad arm beneath herself. She pulled out some of her stitches!!! She left a trail of blood drops from her bed to the bathroom sink! That happened the night that she felt so bad (before she went back to the doctor).

Mom's incisions look so much better now. She is doing a little more with her right hand, and she even did a little knitting over the weekend. She still can't lift much. The doctor said it will be 3-6 months before she has full strength back.