Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Totally Tuesday

Mom is sneaky! Memphis has been taking a single dose of an antibiotic each evening since having his teeth cleaned and having one tooth pulled. It is a liquid and mom was wrapping Memphis up in a blanket to give it to him. Now she is putting it in his stinky goodness and he will actually eat the food! We've mentioned that Memphis has some issues anyway (with some of our furblings) so mom doesn't want to upset him. She was afraid he would start running from her. Memphis has about 6 more days of the antibiotic.

Back when mom was bemoaning her money issues (which she still appreciates everyone's words of support) she filled out some job applications looking for part time work. Target called today and would like for her to come in for an interview. Mom had totally forgotten about submitting an application. Anyway, she is going in for an interview on Saturday morning. The job would be for 10-15 hours per week. Since mom is already working a 40-hour week, she didn't think she could handle more than that. We will let you know how the interview goes.

Mom is getting her hair cut and possibly colored tonight. She is going to a different stylist (who is a friend of hers). She wants something really different so we are a little afraid. What if we don't recognize her when she comes home!

This is how mom looked last June. The lip piercing is gone now.

This is her in December. She had lost about 50 lbs.

And this was taken on Sunday night. She went blonde in March.

We will let you know how she looks tomorrow. (She's also working on losing the next 50 lbs.)

Clarissa & Co.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday, Monday

It's a lazy Monday for us. Well, almost everyday is a lazy on for us. Mom is at work during the day, and our uncle's work schedule varies. Yes, he is finally working again! After being unemployed for 18 months our uncle was finally hired at Wal-Mart. He has been there for about a month now and is working as a people greeter.

Memphis had a surprised teeth cleaning last Tuesday. He looked like he had lost weight and he had started to cry and run away from his food after eating a few bites. Mom dropped him off on her way to work to have him checked out. The vet called and said Memphis had a lot of tarter on his back teeth and his gums were inflamed. A teeth cleaning was recommended. The vet had time to do it that day and Memphis had eaten breakfast so mom approved the procedure. Memphis came through just fine but he did lose one tooth. Since he was so out of it mom let him spend the night at the vet's office. She picked him up early the next morning before she went to work. His appetite is great and now he is eating regularly. We are hoping he will put a little of the lost weight back on.

It's been quiet around the house other than that.

We hope all of our friends are ready for another week!

Clarissa & Co.