Friday, October 28, 2011

Rissa is at the vet's office.....

Mom here. Miss Rissa Roo has pulled out a couple of stitches in her incision and the incision is swollen and infected. She was in my lap last night and I noticed a bead of pus (sorry to be so icky) at the top of the incision.

Since the infection was draining, I figured she could wait until this morning to go in. Rissa was fine during the night, and she was a very cooperative girl and went right into the carrier this morning. I dropped her off at the vet's office on the way to work this morning.

I know she will be fine and she is in good hands. I'm sure I'll be able to pick her up this afternoon. But, unfortunately for her, she will be wearing the "cone of shame" until the incision has healed and the stitches can be removed without her assistance.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lab Report Is Back!!!

Good news!!!! The lump was nothing more than a benign cyst!!! Isn't that great news?!!!! Dr. R. suspects it was caused by my last Depomederol (spelling?) injection. We are all so happy at my house!!!

Thank you, my friends, for the purrs and prayers!

I'm singing for joy at my good news!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Rissa Report:: Post-Surgery Update

First off, I'm doing quite well, thankyoufurrymuch! The v-e-t removed the cyst on my side on Friday. I ended up staying the night at the v-e-t's office since I was so groggy from the anesthesia. I did get to come home early Caturday morning. The first thing I did when I was home was drink a lot of water! I was so thirsty!

I spent most of the weekend resting up. I was very tired on Saturday and I slept most of the day and night. I was a little more active on Sunday, but I still couldn't jump up and down from the bed or the cat tree because my side was sore. I napped in sun puddles on the floor and I did get up in mom's lap for a bit. I just had a hard time getting comfortable.

Yesterday I slept in the little cat bed that is beneath mom's desk. It's small and cozy and I was able to hide from my siblings. I just don't want to be bothered. Mom was afraid I might be getting a cold because I was sneezing. However, I was out and about this morning and I ate breakfast with mom.

I have a large bare patch on my side where the v-e-t shaved off my furs! And I have an incision with stitches that is about as long as mom's pinky finger. The stitches are starting to itch, but I'm trying to ignore them. I don't want to wear the "cone of shame". I'll go back to the v-e-t early next week to have my stitches removed. I'll sure be glad when that is done.

Mom is still waiting on the lab report to find out just what that cyst is. We're all hoping it's just a lump of fat!

Purrs and Headbonks,


Serendipity's eye is looking much better too. The eye oinkment is doing the trick!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Off to the V-E-T Today...

Clarissa here with our vet updates. I'll start with myself. Other than the lump, I am doing just fine. Weight is good. Heart/lungs sound great! Eyes/ears/mouth are A-OK. I got my rabies vaccine and I was good to go. As for the lump, my surgery has been scheduled for Friday, October 21. It everything goes as it should (and it will!), I should be able to come home Friday night.

Brother Sable also went in for his annual exam this morning. He's another big boy at 14 lbs. And he was so good! I growled and hissed at Dr. Green and Sable didn't make a sound. He had to get his rabies and distemper vaccines. And he got a clear bill of health too. Mom told Dr. Green about Sable's sneezing and she said it sounds like allergies. Since he isn't acting like he feels bad, his appetite is normal, and he is active, we are just going to watch him for now.

Serendipity has conjunctivitis in her right eye. Mom got home from work last night and noticed that Seren's eye was red and a little puffy. So it was off to the vet with her instead of Fiona. Seren will have to get that gooey ointment put in her eye twice daily for a week to ten days. Dr. Green did check Seren's eye for any abrasion or scratch and it was clear.

Mom called early this morning and asked if she could bring Fred in for a weight check. He is holding his own at 7 lbs. 2 oz. Dr. Green looked at Fred's teeth and gums. She pressed around on his teeth and gums and Fred didn't flinch or cry or growl or bite. She said at this time, she didn't think an extraction of teeth would be a good thing for him. She thinks it would be too stressful on his kidneys. She gave me some samples of different kidney diet foods to try with him. He hated the K/D (canned) and wouldn't eat it. Dr. Green also found FLEA DIRT on Fred! *sigh* She put a dose of Revolution on him in the office, and mom had to dose the remaining 14 of us when she got home.

Fiona got a reprieve this morning and her appointment has been rescheduled to October 29, along with Bandit.

We spent the rest of the day sleeping in sun puddles and doing a little window whiffing! It is suppose to reach 80 tomorrow, but then take a turn to much cooler weather.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Mom thanks everyone who posted their advice and words of encouragement for me and Fred. Fred is such a gentle soul and always has been. He doesn't fight with anyone and he only wants to be loved.

And since mom doesn't have any new pics of us to share, we thought we are going to share a picture of a sign that is on I-65 between Elizabethtown, KY and Bowling Green, KY. It always makes mom laugh:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Rissa Report: Mom's talk with my v-e-t

Mom spoke with my regular v-e-t yesterday. He read the report that the substitute v-e-t left regarding the lump on my side. There really isn't any more news about it. He told mom she had three choices.

1. She can monitor the lump and watch for any changes in size.
2. V-e-t can remove the lump and not have it biopsied.
3. V-e-t can remove the lump and have it biopsied.

The lump hasn't changed in size since mom found it on September 29. I have an appointment scheduled for this coming Saturday for my annuals. Mom said the v-e-t will take a look at my lump then and mom will make the decision on what to do. She is still leaning toward choice #3.

Mom is also still concerned over brother Fred. Fred isn't gaining weight like she hoped he would. He doesn't appear to have lost any weight either. He should weigh around 10 or 11 lbs. When she picks him up he feels like he weighs next to nothing.

Mom asked our v-e-t yesterday if Fred's chronic gingivitis issue could be effecting his kidneys. He said yes, it is possible. However, removing Fred's teeth, which would take care of the chronic gingivitis, might not correct the kidney issue. So now mom doesn't know what she should do. It is agreed that the dental extraction is extreme and it is also expensive. And if Fred would go through that process, our vet would not do it. He said he would have Fred go to a specialist.

Mom adopted Fred when he was 2 years old and he is 5 now. He has had this chronic gingivitis problem since he has been with us. He has always had terrible stinky breath. Mom has also noticed that he tends to turn his head to the right and chews on that side, leading her to believe that the left side of his mouth is tender.

Any words of advice you can give us would be greatly appreciated.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

We almost got a new brofur yesterday...

Mom came so close to bringing home a new brofur for us. He was a beautiful black medium furred kitty named Boo Boo. The Ky Humane Society had him at Feeder Supply, along with a little kitten who had her crazy-pants on. She was zoom all over her cage/crate. Anymew, Boo Boo is 9 years old and his adoption fee had been waived. But in the end, mom knew it would be in Boo Boo's best interest, and ours, for him to go to another loving family. We are crowded with kitties here, but it made mom cry to leave him behind.

Clarissa & Co.

Mom here. It really did break my hear to leave Boo Boo. With him being a "free cat", being solid black, and Halloween approaching, I am concerned about his well-being. Also, at 9 years old a lot of people won't consider him. I know I can't save them all. My heart would, but my finances and space won't allow it. *sigh*

Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Lump News....

Rissa here again. Mom heard from the v-e-t again yesterday. She took a closer look at the slide with the lump sample on it. Upon further inspection she said she noticed some "round cells". She said it could be something or it could be nothing. And she apologized for not being able to give mom a definitive answer. But she also gave mom some good advice to save a few toonas.

The v-e-t said she could send the sample to an outside lab for another look. She said if she did that, more than likely the outside lab would send back a report telling us the same thing that she told me. And they would then request a biopsy. Instead of spending another $80-$100 on this, she said mom should save the toonas and use it toward the biopsy, assuming that is what my regular v-e-t wants to do. This v-e-t said she would make sure that Drs. Riney and Green see my chart and her notes.

Although mom hates to put me through a minor surgery, she thinks the lump should be removed and biopsied.

Mom and I will know more next week after my regular v-e-t-s are back in their office.

(aka Rissa Roo)

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Rissa Report: My Vet Visit

Hi kitties and woofies! I told you last week that mom found a small, pea-sized lump on my side last Thursday. Mom took me to see the v-e-t yesterday afternoon to have it checked out.

First of all, I saw a different doctor. Both of my regular doctors were out of the office. Mom and I both liked this doctor and she took good care of me. She shaved my fur off the small area so she could get a better look at the lump and a better feel. Then she decided to take a sample from it and look at what she got under the microscope. The good news: nothing out of the ordinary showed up in the sample. It appears to be nothing more than a fatty cyst. The vet said she was going to take the slide to the emergency office where she works to look at it under a better microscope just to be sure. She said she would let mom know today.

We got a little more window whiffin' time in once I was home from the v-e-t. My side was a little sore and I have a bruise from the needle stick, so I found a comfy spot and slept. Sable took a nap in the recliner with mom.

It's another beautiful day here and the temp is going into the mid-70s. We just know mom will open the windows again when she gets home from work!


Monday, October 3, 2011

Mancat Monday: Sable Reports In

Good morning! Sable the Punk here to tell you about our weekend. Mom was home with us all weekend and we loved it!!! We had lots of lap time with mom. And I especially had a lot of lap time. I will sleep on mom's left side when she sits in the recliner.

Panda got a good brushing from mom on Saturday morning and she made biscuits on mom's leg so hard that she left tiny pinprick sized marks from her claws! And the she got massive belly rubs! Mom said rubbing that big Panda belly is so much fun. And Panda made air biscuits the whole time!

Mom opened the windows in the family room yesterday and left the back door opened (with the storm door closed!) so we had lots of sun puddles to sleep in and lots of window whiffin' time. We even watched while she and our uncle worked in the backyard for awhile. Mom cut what branches she could off of the mulberry tree so more sunlight could come into the family room and our uncle cut the grass. Unfortunately, mom has allergies so anytime she works in the yard she usually ends up with a sore throat the next morning. This time was no exception.

The windows were shut around 5:30pm and around 8:00pm the heat was turned on. It's that time of year when it's nice during the day but it's cold at night. Soon it will be too cold for window whiffin' duing the day.

We hope everyone had a great weekend and will have a fantastic week!

Sable the Punk