Friday, November 19, 2010

New Pictures!

Mom took some pictures of us last week:

Tthe lovely Fiona:

Sleeping Bandit:

Jazzpurr with her tortitude!

Handsome Puff!

Sleeping Fred:

And a sleepy, yet grumpy, Lily. She wasn't happy that Fred was snuggled against her.

Monday, November 8, 2010

R.I.P. Sweet Pyewacket

Our Aunt Torchy (one of mom's bestest friends) had to help her sweet kitty, Pyewacket, across the Bridge this morning. Mom has known Pye since she was a wee bobblehead kitten. She lived almost 16 years with Aunt Torchy. Pyewacket started failing over the weekend and when her mom took her in to the vet this morning, the vet said Pye was in the final stages of renal failure. It was decided that the kindest thing Aunt Torchy could do would be to let her go to her final forever home. She was Aunt Torchy's baby girl and we know she has a heavy heart tonight.

Mom got to see Pyewacket when she went to North Carolina in September. She is happy that she got to visit with her one last time.

Godspeed pretty Pye. We know you will be missed.

Pyewacket Pettin'Paws


Thursday, November 4, 2010

Final Update on Lily

Lily had an appointment with her surgeon on Monday. He said she is doing great and he removed the stitches from her ear. She still needs the ointment in her left eye, but I can go longer periods between applications (every 8 hours now). We all enjoyed having her in the office with me for three days last week. She received a lot of attention from my co-workers and she ate it up! However, I think she is perfectly content to be in the comfort of her home and not making that daily trip back and forth from home to office to home.

We are all purring and praying and send love to Inigo and the Rumble-bum family. Please visit their blog and let Inigo know you are thinking about him.