Monday, February 15, 2016

My Saturday Vet Visit Report

Happy Monday and Happy Presidents Day. We know a lot of your humans got to stay home today to mark the holiday.  Our local schools were closed today, but we aren't sure if it was because of the snow we got yesterday or if it was a scheduled holiday. The university where mom works went on a two hour delayed schedule so she didn't have to be at work until 10:00 a.m.  Mom said that was a good thing since she stayed up to watch The Walking Dead and The Talking Dead.

Anyway, I had a follow up visit with my vet on Saturday morning regarding that ulcer on my upper lip. After a good look at it, my vet said as long as it wasn't getting any worse mom should just keep an eye on it. Not to be gross, but it isn't sore or oozing anything nasty. He could give me a mega-dose of steroids, but he said that isn't good for kitties and could cause more problems than it would solve. So for now I will keep taking the predisone every other day like I've been doing. If the ulcer appears to be getting worse I'm suppose to start taking it everyday. I've also gained back those 2 ounces that I had lost, putting my weight at 8.3 pounds.

I also had to get my shots while I was there. Mom knew I was due for the one that covers a whole bunch of stuff, but she didn't know my rabies vaccine was due. I also had my front and back claws trimmed. I wasn't happy about that one bit and I let my vet know about it. I growled and hissed with every clip!

We had a lot of lap snuggle time with mom over the weekend. It was cold and sunny on Saturday. Yesterday it was cold and snowing. That was definitely a good day for snuggles.

Welcome to another week! Let's hope it is a good one.


Wednesday, February 10, 2016

It's Back....Grrrrrr

Gosh darn it (because I don't want to use strong language in case any kittens are reading) that ulcer is back on my upper lip! Mom noticed I was doing my "Elvis snarl" last night. I was headbonking her leg so she scooped me up and took a look at my mouth. It is not effecting my eating habits, but it is concerning to me and mom. I have an appointment to see my vet on Saturday morning. I'm purring that it isn't something more serious.

On a funny note, Spunky almost knocked the breath out of mom on Sunday night. She was laying in bed, flat on her back, and was almost asleep when Spunky leaped onto the bed, onto mom's stomach, then off the other side of the bed. Spunky weighs about 18 pounds, so that's a lot of cat. And to add insult to injury, Daisy repeated the stunt a few minutes later! I hope mom didn't hear us laughing at her!

It's gotten really cold here (again). We've had snow flurries here and there, and the other night the clouds couldn't decide if they wanted to be sleet clouds or snow clouds! They kept switching back and forth. The sun shone for awhile this afternoon though. That was nice to see.

Mom was bored on Sunday so she changed her hair color. She had to bleach out her natural hair color, then she dyed her hair purple! We've decided that mom is just weird. She washed her hair for the first time this morning since putting the color on it. She knew some of the color would wash out, but she didn't think about it staining the palms of her hands. Her palms are very pink now!

And lastly, I wanted to share another new picture of Poe. He is looking more grown up every time we see his picture. It is hard to believe he was that little 12 week old kitten mom found in the parking lot last August.

Me and the crew love you all! Stay warm and safe!

Clarissa (& Co.)

Friday, February 5, 2016


Thank Cod It's Friday!  That means mom will have two whole days home with us. We are going to pin her down so we can have a lot of snuggle time with her.

Miss Katie Isabella wanted to know how I was doing so I will tell her, and everyone else too!  I had a follow up visit with my vet regarding the two "hot spots" that I had on my back. That was on December 28. The spots had cleared up and my fur was growing back. I had been taking predisone for two weeks prior to the follow up visit. In that two week time period I gained 7 ounces, which put me up to 8.3 pounds. My vet wanted to me to stay on the steroid for another month, staying on the every other day schedule. I still had an ulcer on my lip.

I finished the second round of steroids on Sunday. The lip ulcer was gone. Mom took me to the vet for a weight check and much to her consternation (and mine) I had lost 2 ounces. We were really hoping I would gain just a little more weight. My vet decided to leave me on the predisone for one more month (taking it every other day as I have been doing).

The good news is my appetite is good and I love eating my kibbles. I still patrol the house in regular intervals and I'm interested in things that are going on around me. I still like to snoopervise!

We hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Be safe, stay warm!

Clarissa (& Co.)