Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Wordy Wednesday: Chillaxin'

Mom must have been getting ready for a trip when she took this picture. There's a packing list and her camera bag next to me. And mom, seriously, you toenail polish is about to blind me!!! Geez....


Thursday, May 23, 2013

I am a free cat!!!

I was released from confinement at 7:10am!  The lady from the Dept. of Public Health saw me and told me that my quarantine was lifted. Mom did not tell her that I put a couple of scratches on her tummy when she was carrying me to the jail cell craft room last night. I am just not a cat who wants to be held very long.

When mom opened the door to my cell room I showed my displeasure by promptly hissing at mom. She said that probably wasn't the way to make a good impression on the official. Oops!!!

Also, why do so many people think I am a girl cat?!!! I think it is because my first human mom gave me the name, Puff.  I told mom this morning that my name is really "Walter," but she said I will always be Capt. Puff "Puffypants" MacPufferson to her!

I think it is time for a nap. Being confined in a single room for 9 hours is hard work!


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Puff: I get shock probation tomorrow

Oh kitties, oh woe is me. I have had such a hard time being confined for the past week...NOT.  Between you, me, and the woodwork, I have not spent the past week in kitty jail.  Mom thought that was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard of. I would have been miserable locked up in a separate room for a week.

Anyway, mom just got off the phone with a nice lady from the Department of Public Health regarding my quarantine. She will be at the house at 7:00am tomorrow to take a look at me. Mom is going to set up my bedding, a litter box, food, and water in her craft room tonight and put me in there before she goes to bed. I'll be there in the morning for the warden's inspection.

I'm such a bad kitty...ferocious and all....MOL....

Thursday, May 16, 2013

I am in cat jail

It's me again, Puff. Because I bit mom and she went to the immediate care center, the icc had to report the bite. Mom got a letter from the dept. of public health with instructions to keep me quarantined for 10 days. After May 21, someone for the office will call mom to set up a time to come to the house to observe me and make sure I'm not sick. Mom said she thinks they are making a mountain out of a mole hill! She didn't go through all of this when Jazzpurr bit her a long time ago.

I'm an indoor cat (we all are) so keeping me inside isn't a big deal. It's just more stress and more time away from work for mom.

Puff the Criminal

Monday, May 13, 2013

Mancat Monday: Puff

Happy Monday! I'm taking over the blog today. Mom is in the process of getting us up-to-date on our vaccines. I went on Saturday for my exam and rabies vaccine. I weighed in at 17.5 lbs. I had my claws trimmed and my blood stolen for a senior panel. Everything was good and I don't have to go back until next year. I was the perfect angel at the vet's office.

Unfortunately, I was not the perfect angel at home! I'm usually quite docile and a very lovey boy. But try to put me into the PTU (pet transport unit) and I become the Tasmanian Devil!!! I fought mom tooth and nail but she finally succeeded. I did draw blood from mom in the process. When she tried to scruff me I managed to turn my head back and I bit her index finger. I caught her finger with one of my upper fangs and tore the flesh.

Mom cleaned her finger really well and even poured hydrogen peroxide on the wound. However, by 3pm her finger was quite swollen and her hand was starting to swell. She ended up going to the immediate care center. The doctor cleaned the area again and prescribed an antibiotic for mom. And since it is an animal bite it has to be reported! I'm going to have a record now!!!! Oh woe is me!

The swelling in mom's hand has gone down, but her finger is still swollen and painful. She still has a lot of redness around the bite and on the back of her hand, too. And mom said it is all tender to touch.

I have apologized to mom and feel really bad about biting her. I know she has forgiven me. She didn't even yell at me when I put the bitey on her!!!

Does this look the face of a criminal?

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Thankful Thursday: Naps

Memphis here! We are all thankful for naps. It doesn't matter where we nap as long as we have a comfortable place to lay our furry heads. That's me napping in mom's bed. I covered myself up like that!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just a short postie....

Things have gotten back to normal at home. Panda's memorial altar is still in place. Mom said she isn't ready to move it yet. But now she can talk about Panda without tears, so she is getting better. And now she is trying to get us caught up on on vaccines and licenses.

The first to go last Saturday was big brother Spunky. Notice I said big brother, not older brother! Spunky weighed in at 18 lbs. He checked out just fine, too. Mom had a senior panel run on him since he is Angel Panda's brother and will be 10 this year. The results came back today and all was good! Spunky received his rabies vaccine on Saturday and also got a claw trim. He is good to go until next May.

And now I am going to embarrass him a little. Spunky would not come out of the carrier at the vet's office. Since it was a front loading carrier, mom had to turn it up on end to get him out. Spunky came out all right, along with a large puddle of cat pee. He's never peed in his carrier before, so I think he just had a really full bladder and couldn't wait!

I also had to make the trip to the vet. I was a bit overdue for my Depo injection. I over-groomed my belly again until the skin was inflamed. I may have to go back a week from this Saturday for a second shot. It depends on how well this one works.

Brother Puff is scheduled to go in this coming Saturday. Mom wants a senior panel run on him too. Another sibling of Angel Panda's, he will also turn 10 this year.

That's it for now!