Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Tortie Tuesday - Jazzpurr

That's my sisfur, Jazzpurr. She joined the fur family (along with her foster sister Serendipity) in October 2004. Jazzy is a bit on the shy side, although she does love to be loved on. She will sleep with mom at night and sometimes snuggle with her. If she's laying on the bed she will roll over and show mom her pretty belly, although she really doesn't like to be petted on her tummy. If mom is sitting on the side of the bed and Jazzy wants attention she will stand up and put her front paws on mom's shoulder. Jazzy has a fairly quiet meow, but she purrs like a motorboat. She'll do a "face plant" and the roll over onto her side.

Jazzpurr is much thinner in this picture too. She is round and cute and her nickname is "Little Brown Jug." Jazzpurr was three years old when she got her forever home. That means she will be seven years old this year. She is the same age as Sable and Lily Rose.

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  1. Jazzpurr is really pretty. I like her tortie furs!