Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Two New Family Members!

For any and all who missed our news last night, mom and her brother adopted two kitties from the local Humane Society. Their names are/were Lillian and Crazy Cat.

These kitties came from two separate homes, both turned in by their owners. We don't know why, because they both are very sweet.

Lillian is now known as Lillian Rose DeWinter. She is solid white with one blue eye and one gold eye. She is 7 years old. Lilly Rose is still hiding under the bed. She is a DSH.

Crazy Cat is now known as Frederick Jerome DeWinter or Freddie J. He is also solid white with yellow eyes. He is 2 years old. Fred is already out and exploring the house and getting to know the other cats. He is a DSH.

Mom saw a HUGE cat tree at Feeders Supply (where the Humane Society had the kitties) that she wants to get us when she has the toonas. It's $300 - but it is really really big and has lots of perches on it fur us!

Wish us luck with our new siblings.

Clarissa and Co.

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  1. Congratulations on the new additions to your family! That is very wonderful news. My Mommie volunteers at a local no-kill cat rescue shelter and she is amazed at the sweet and beautiful cats that people surrender. I am so glad that you rescued Lilly Rose and Freddie!