Friday, July 25, 2008

Feral Friday News

We may have mentioned that mom saw a little black kitten where her brother works. This was about 3 or 4 weeks ago. She tried to coax it to her but it popped down into a hole where a downspout drains into the sewer system. They reported to the kitten to her brother's supervisor and he said they'd call animal control to try and catch it.

Mom and her brother saw it again last night. It popped up out of the hole! It's small - appears to be around 12 weeks old to mom. It ran behind a cabinet where propane tanks are stored and watched her intently. It wouldn't come out for her and finely ran through the back (sticking close to the wall) and hid behind a long line of potted plants. It finally got bold enough to bolt out again and ran quickly back to the hidey-hole in the sidewalk.

The good news is someone at the store is taking care of it. There was a lot of kibble scattered about on the sidewalk and some fresh water.

Of course it's killing mom to know it's alone and living wild. However, she also knows she can't keep the little thing. It is definitely feral, but may be young enough to be tamed IF someone can catch it.

Should she contact one of the rescue groups and ask if they can set up a humane trap or leave well enough alone? If Metro Animal Control catches it more than likely they would put it down.

*scratching our furry heads*

Clarissa & Co.

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  1. In my area, what they usually do for feral cats is trap, neuter or spay, then release the cat back to the same area.