Monday, November 26, 2012

Mancat Monday: A Memphis Update

Our brofur is almost back to normal! He is a Siamese after all, and he has also been a little different. *wink* He is out and about a lot more and has started eating in the kitchen again. That means he is starting to feel better and more secure in his surroundings. He still spends a lot of time sleeping under the blankets, but he is cold-natured anyway.

Mom was home with us for the past 4.5 days, so we all got a lot of snuggles and time with her. Memphis napped in her lap several times (when he wasn't following the sun puddles around the back room). Yesterday Ginger napped in the recliner with mom and Batman rested his head on her. It was really very sweet.

We all thank you for your words of advice, prayers, and concern for Memphis. It means a lot to us. It warms our hearts knowing how many people care!!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

We are just confused...

So Memphis was out this morning. He wasn't eating from the food bowls, but he was eating dry kibble from the floor. He also used the litter box, and he gave the scratching post a vigorous workout. Could it be that we have a Siamese that is just a bit crazy? No offense meant to any Siamese who are reading this.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Memphis is going back to the vet tomorrow

Memphis is still a little more social. He spent this morning out and about and lounging in some sun puddles. However, he has been back on mom's bed under the blankets since the afternoon. Mom wants to have his weight checked again (we don't have a scale). Memphis still isn't eating much. He acts like he is interested in food, but after a bite or two he runs from the food dish. It doesn't matter if other kitties are around or not. A friend suggested getting some pureed chicken baby food for him. Since he wouldn't have to chew that, it might work. Mom will have the vet check his teeth again.

Memphis was more active this morning than he has been in a long time. However, we are all still very worried about him. We truly appreciate your prayers, purrs, and caring thoughts.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Memphis is Doing Better!

Memphis has started venturing out more. Mom found him in her bed last night, buried under the blankets. He spent the night with her and he was out and about this morning. He drank some left over milk that was in her cereal bowl this morning, and when mom left for work Memphis was sitting on the breakfast bar!  Memphis still isn't quite his old self, but this is a vast improvement. We wanted to thank everyone for their advice and concern. Hopefully Memphis will continue to improve.

We wish a great weekend to everyone!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Meowmie and Memphis Monday

Sorry we have been absent from the blogoshpere. We've had a sickie at home and have been taking care of her. Yep, mom has been down again. She woke up during the wee hours of Friday morning with chills and nausea.  Her nausea passed by 10am, but the fever remained until sometime early Sunday morning. We kitties were taking bets on how high mom's fever would reach. It topped on Friday night at 103!!!  Mom's temp stayed between 100/101 on Saturday.  She didn't have much of an appetite, but she made herself drink a lot of water. When she woke up on Sunday morning, she said she was all wet and stinky - her fever had broken and her temp was 98.6! Mom is feeling much better and was able to go back to work today.

Memphis is still acting odd. He has been venturing out of his closet and he has been sleeping in mom's bed at night. Our uncle was holding Memphis last night and out of the blue he started screaming - Memphis, not our uncle - and wanted down. Memphis may have seen Panda, we don't know for sure. He doesn't seem to run or get upset by anyone else. Memphis was in bed with mom again this morning, and he was cautiously wandering about while she was getting ready for work.

Mom here:  Memphis truly has me puzzled. Physically there is nothing wrong with him. He comes to me for attention if I am on the computer. He will rub around my legs, let me rub his head and shoulders, and I know not to touch his tail-less behind. Some kitties like scritches at the base of their tails, but that is a very sensitive spot for Memphis, and not in a good way! Memphis was in bed with me the other morning and I was rubbing his head. I touched one of his front paws and he smacked me and cried. This is a cat who will lay in my lap and let me trim his claws and not complain. It makes me very sad to see this change in him.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Memphis Update

Mom took Memphis to the vet late yesterday afternoon. The vet said everything about Memphis was normal except his weight. He has lost two pounds since August. He went down from 12 lbs. to 10 lbs. The vet stole some of Memphis's blood and will call us when the lab report comes in. That could be later today or sometime tomorrow.  Memphis did eat a little vanilla pudding last night (our Uncle shared his with Memphis) and he was out of the closet when mom was getting ready for work this morning.

And here is a pic of Memphis sleeping on the cat tree. This was taken a month or so ago:

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Bye Bye Trees

The trees in our yard and all of the brush have been going bye-bye today. It's been way too noisy for us cats! Mom said the yard (both front and back) look so much better. We don't really care how the yard looks since we stay inside, but we know with the one maple tree gone and the mulberry tree that was up near the house, we will get lots more sun! That means more sun puddles to sleep in!!! That will be really nice this winter, especially since there is less sun light now!

Also, we wanted to thank everyone who suggest more vertical space in the house for us. Mom will see what she can do to work on that. We have three cat trees already. One is in the living room and the other two are in front of opposite windows in the family room. Mom roused Memphis out of the closet for a bit last night and held him. As soon as she relaxed her hold on him, he headed back for the closet. He came out on his own for a few minutes today, but as soon as the noise started back up he bolted back into the closet.

Mom did make an a vettie appointment for Memphis for later today. She is going to have him checked out just to ease her mind that there is not a physical problem going on with him. One thing she has learned over the past 12 years of having us is we usually hide when we aren't feeling well.

We promise to keep our friends posted on what we find out.  

Monday, November 5, 2012

We have a bullying problem...

Memphis, our Siamese-Manx brother, has taken to hiding in the closet and even sleeping there. Last night, while mom was on the computer, Memphis came into the room meowing and acting racing around and then ran into the closet. Mom found him hiding in the corner between the wall and a storage box. Our uncle said Panda had walked into the room and Memphis lost his mind and ran.

One day last week mom and our uncle heard a lot of growling and meowing. Our uncle said the ruckus was caused by Panda and Memphis. Memphis took off and hid. Memphis has been doing this since then. Memphis will come out as long as Panda isn't around. He will also come out and stay with mom when she is on the computer or hang with our uncle if Panda isn't around.

Fiona used to bully him but they finally came to an understanding. Mom knows our house really isn't large enough for the number of cats who live here, but here they are and here they will stay. And Panda really isn't a bad cat. She is just not fond of other cats who get too close to her.

Mom is at a loss as to what to do. Will this run it's course and everything be fine? She feels bad for Memphis and doesn't want him to hide in the closet. He does come out to use the litter box, eat, and drink. If anyone has suggestions mom would appreciate them!