Tuesday, August 18, 2015

In Memorium: Romeo

It is with a heavy heart that we say farewell to our friend, Romeo. I met Romeo through the Meow Mail Message Board when I was a wee kitten. There were 3 brofurs: Rev. KitKat (he always had a number at the end of his name. It increased by one on his birthday. He crossed the Bridge the day after his 21st birthday), Romeo, and Omar. Omar is the only one left, and he is a senior kitty, too. Omar and I are the same age (15).

I remember Romeo with two eyes, although one was cloudy and he couldn't see through it. Eventually he had to have that eye removed. He was still a handsome and dashing mancat. I know his purrents hearts are heavy, as is Omar's.

Fly free Romeo. May your Spirit soar through the heavens and may you enjoy your new life at the Bridge.



Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kitten Update: He Has A Forever Home!!!!

It is with great happiness that we share this news: Kitten Boy is now at his forever home in South Carolina!!! He is living with his humans, Nancy and Tom, and two cats, and two dogs.

Mom and kitten left Kentucky late Wednesday morning and made a 9 hour drive to Durham, NC. Our Aunty Torchy lives there, so mom and kitten stayed at her place. Nancy and Tom drove in from Greenville, SC on Friday and picked the baby up late that afternoon. They were totally smitten with him!

Mom said she shed some tears when she put kitten, who is now named Poe, in the soft sided carrier for his travels to his new forever home. She was sad to see him go, but happy to see him go too. Poe is going to have the best life a kitten could wish for. Mom later heard from Nancy and she said Poe is adjusting nicely to his new home. The girl cat, Amber, didn't want anything to do with Poe. The boy cat, T.J., was very curious about Poe but Poe didn't want anything to do with him. Ree Ree, the chihuahua, was confused by a kitten that was the same size as her. And the big dog (I've forgotten her name), loves everyone but Poe was afraid of her. Hopefully they will all be used to each other soon.

Mom also sent along some kitty toys for Poe, but it seems that his favorite toy is a packing peanut that he found under the sofa! Silly kitten.

Nancy has promised to send pictures and keep mom up-to-date on Poe. We hope she will do that. We want to see him as he grows up. Everyone who has seen him thinks he has some Oriental or Siamese in his makeup. His head is more wedge shaped than round. He also has that longer body and longer legs. And his voice sounds more like a Siamese.

We have a few pictures of him to share:

Mom took this picture. Poe was yawning!

These two pictures are Poe at his forever home.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Intruder Alert!!!!

We have an intruder at our house!!!! Okay, so he is an adorable intruder. This little guy is staying at our house, at least temporarily.

Isn't he a silly boy? Mom hasn't named him, although her Facebook friends have had some wonderful (and not so wonderful) suggestions. Here is his story.

When mom got to her parking lot last night she noticed a guy by a pile of tires, wood pallets, and concrete parking blocks. This stuff is at the back of the parking lot, near the fence that  divides the lot from the railroad tracks. The guy had a large water bottle. She watched him from afar (because mom is a little suspicious). As he was walking away this little black kitten popped up. Of course mom had to drive over there. She saw a food dish (full) and a water dish (full) and heard the kitten (hiding). The guy came back over and he and mom started talking about the kitten.

This fellow had been taking care of the kitten. He said he had contacted several of the local no kill shelters but they were all full. He wasn't in a position to take the kitten home, but felt so bad for it and decided to care for it. While they were talking another guy walked up and said the kitten was friendly. When it heard his voice it came right out and he scooped him up.

Of course mom could not leave this little guy behind. She told them that she would gladly take him home with her and try to find him a good home. "I know people," she said. So she shows up at the house with this little intruder!

Our uncle brought out a carrier and off boy kitten went to the 24 hour vet. He had a new kitten exam, blood work, flea check, and thanks to him taking a poop in the carrier, a fecal exam! Other than having roundworms, he is perfectly healthy. His estimated age is 4 months. He is old enough and weighs enough to be neutered. He got his first kitten vaccines.

Mom posted his picture on Facebook last night and said she would like to find him a permanent home. A lady she has known online for almost 20 years said if she lived closer she would like to have him. Mom told her that arrangements can be made. This lady lives in South Carolina. We are in Kentucky. Mom and the lady are going to try to work something out.

This little guy is one of the lucky ones. He is going to have a home whether it is with us or with the lady who is interested in taking him. It's one more kitten that won't reproduce. One more life saved. That makes us very happy.


Monday, August 3, 2015

More Updates on Lily and Memphis

*Sigh* It is the start of another week and that means mom will be gone all day. Of course, she misses us when she is at work, but we will nap and wait for her return. In the meantime, I want to update you on both Memphis and Lily. I will begin with Memphis.

Mom was concerned about Memphis because he started that growling and yowling at his food dish then running from it. It isn't a daily thing, but sometimes it means that his mouth is bothering him again. Mom took him to the vet on Saturday morning just to make sure his mouth was okay. Everything checked out just fine. And even more good news is Memphis has gained a pound, putting him up to 8 lb. 10 oz. He is eating more than mom thought he was. No offense to any of our Siamese friends, but we are beginning to think that Memphis is just a crazy Siamese.

Ms. Lily had a visit with Dr. Tolar, the ophthalmologist, regarding her eyes this morning. The pressure in her eyes has decreased which is wonderful news. The official diagnosis is Aqueous Misdirection. That means the aqueous fluid that forms in front of the eye is seeping into the back of the eye (instead of draining). That causes the pressure to build behind the eye which then pushes everything forward. The eye drops that Lily has been getting reduces the production of the aqueous fluid. Lily will be on the drops for the rest of her life.  Lily does have cataracts. Surgery to remove them is an option, but mom has decided not to do that. Lily is 14 years old, and we are sure she will have many more years with us. However, mom doesn't want to put Lily through that. She is and always will be an indoor cat, she has adapted to her condition, and it is not a life threatening condition.  Lily will having a follow up with Dr. Tolar in early October for another check of her eye pressure.

We hope our friends are all well and happy and enjoying the "dog days" of summer!