Monday, July 16, 2018

Checking In

I thought I'd better check in and let you all know how the crew and mom are doing. It's a mix of good and bad, so sit back and enjoy the reading.

Bad news:  Mom left her job at Walmart after 2.5 weeks. She trained as a cashier, but all of the twisting and turning and standing in one place for an 8 hour shift was too hard on her. She got along with her co-workers and didn't have a problem with the customers.

Good news:  Mom has a job as a bartender at a local American Legion Hall. She really likes it. So far the mixed drinks have been simple: whiskey/water, screw driver, gin/tonic, beer. It's only part time and it's not enough to pay the bills, but it's better than nothing. Mom is hoping that she will get more hours once school starts. The bartender who trained her is a school teacher.

Bad news: The air compressor went out in Mom's car which meant no air conditioning.

Good news:  The air compressor was still under warranty (it was put in last November). There was no charge to replace it.

Bad news: The air conditioner in the house died on July 3rd. It was too old to be repaired. The unit was 31 years old. It served them well. Yes, we went 14 days without air conditioning with temps in the 90s and the heat index being 100+ for several days. Cost to replace: $6000.

Good news: The new central air unit was installed today.

Cat news:  All of the kitties made it through the 14 days without air conditioning. They slept on the floor in front of the fans, or stretched out in the hallway. For some reason the hallway never got as hot as the rest of the house. Ceiling fans ran 24/7. Windows stayed open 24/7. It was rather miserable to be honest.

Sable has a vet appointment for tomorrow morning. He has a winky eye. Mom thought she has some ophthalmic ointment that had been prescribed for us, but she was wrong. However, she did find some cat meds that we no longer need. They aren't expired, so mom is going to donate them to our vet's office. One of the vets treats shelter cats and she will use donated meds for them.

Last but not least, we want to thank Ann from Zoolatary for making this wonderful graphic for Batman:

Angel Clarissa