Thursday, September 30, 2010

Barks/Purrs/Prayer Request for Injured Dog

Clarissa's mom here.  The furbabies and I are asking for purrs and prayers for a severely injured border collie. Her name is Hope (named by the people taking care of her.) She was thrown from a car on I-65 in Louisville, KY on Tuesday afternoon.  She was then struck by a car but survived. Hope has many injuries and will have a long road ahead of her for recovery.  It will be quite some time before this sweet dog will be ready for a loving forever home.  You can read the story and see a picture of Hope (she's been cleaned up) here.

The Humane Society of the United States is also offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for the dog's abuse.  We sincerely hope that the person or persons who did this unspeakable act will be caught and duly punished.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Introducing One-Eyed Fiona

My name is "One-Eyed Fiona" because I have only one eye. My shelter name was "Patches," but it didn't suit me one bit. My mom is a big fan of Lyle Lovett and he sings a song called Fiona. The chorus mentions One-Eyed Fiona and that's how I got my name. Also, the Fiona in the song sounds like a pretty feisty gal, and that describes be to a T.

Mom found me at the Warren County (KY) Shelter in Bowling Green, KY. She was bored one day and was looking at Petfinders on the computer, just browsing and not really looking to adopt another kitty. There were already four cats in her household at that time. She saw my face and said she totally fell for me. That was in February 2005.

I'm a small calico cat, and the smallest cat at my house. I weigh in at 7 pounds. But just because I'm small doesn't mean you can boss me around! My meezer brother will totally run away from me!

My calico patches are tabby striped. I kind of snort when I purr, and I snore a little when I'm sleeping. I used to be a biter when I first moved to my forever home. I even bit my mom on the cheek once. Now I play bite and mom knows when I don't want to be bothered. I love to be close to mom and now I sleep in her lap when she is in the recliner. If she is on the computer I will sleep on the back of her chair. And I like to snuggle right up next to her in bed.

My head is sort of flat on top so my nickname is "Badgerhead". It also goes along with that feisty attitude I have. I hate having my feet touched and I get ornery with anyone who tries to trim my claws. I'm good about using the scratching post and cardboard boxes though.

The shelter said I was between two or three years old when mom adopted me. That makes me either seven or eight years old now. My vet said it's possible that I'm actually a little younger. I look younger because I'm small.

Mom's best friend is afraid of me and I don't know why. I've never tried to put the bitey on her. I think mom gave me a bad reputation when I first moved it. She stills warns people that I MIGHT try to put the bitey on them!

This is the only picture mom can find of me on the computer right now:

Sunday, September 19, 2010

One More Update on Me (Clarissa)

Hi all. Sorry I haven't posted for awhile. Mom is hoping to help us get back to the introductions this coming week. But for now, I have a health report on me.

I finished my antibiotic for the UTI about 10 days ago. Mom took me back to the vet for a re-check on this past Friday. It's all good mews!!! My weight is back up to 10 lbs. even! Mom was very excited about that. The most I've ever weighed was 12-13 lbs. Ten is a perfect weight for me.

My temperature was normal. That was good news too! I didn't even growl or hiss at Dr. Green when she took my temperature. Mom said I usually grumble like "Cartman" on South Park. My heart sounded good, and there was nothing unusual going on in my belly either.

Since everything seems to be normal, including my behavior at home, the vet said she didn't think it was necessary to do another workup on my blood. It looks like the antibiotic took care of the problem and it was probably that UTI making me feel bad all along.

I am over-grooming my belly again. I usually get a steroid injection about every 12 weeks for that, but the vet didn't think it was prudent to give me one this time. She was afraid it might undo the good that the antibiotic did. However, she suggested that mom try giving me 1/2 tablet of an over-the-counter antihistamine to see if that helps. She told mom it might make me sleepy. Mom looked at Dr. G and said, "She's cat. She already sleeps 16 hours a day. How will I know if she is sleeping longer?" MOL! Mom does have a point.

I think that is all for now. Mom has been home with us all weekend. She even napped in her bed with us yesterday afternoon. We love to snuggle with her.

Hope everyfur had a good weekend.


Friday, September 10, 2010

Princess Daisy Thistlechaser of Yew Dell

Yes, that is quite a title but I deserve it. I keep trying to usurp Queen Clarissa, but I haven't been able to accomplish that fete yet! But, as Ceiling Cat as my witness, one day I will be QUEEN!!!

My mom just calls me Daisy, or Daisy Mae. I'm not sure where I was born but I was living outside at this beautiful place called Yew Dell Gardens. Mom's best friend, our Aunt Jen, saw me out there and fell in love with me. The volunteers were making sure I had food and water, but they didn't know how I showed up there either. Aunt Jen wanted to take me home with her, but she had a houseful of kitties and couldn't bring another one home. So she talked mom into taking me.

One day, in June 2005, one of the volunteers caught me, put me in a cardboard carrier, and took my to the vet's office where mom was taking my brofurs and sisfurs. I was dropped off there and check over and mom picked me up later that afternoon. The vet said I was about a year old at that time and I had already be spayed. I was checked for any contagious diseases, given my vaccines, and then taken to my forever home. That was about 2 weeks after my angel brother, Colin, had moved in.

About five days after I was home, I had a huge abscess rupture on my left hip. I didn't like to be touched back there and would try to bite the hand that touched me. Of course, when the wound I had ruptured mom found out why. She nor the vet had found any signs of the wound prior to that. It was off to the emergency vet's office to have the place cleaned and to get an antibiotic. The vet shaved my fur off around the wound and it looked like I might have been bitten by a larger animal. But with the good care I got the place healed up and no one would ever know I was ever hurt.

For a long time, Jazzpurr, the other tortie, hated me. She would lay under mom's bed and growl and growl at me. I'm still not fond of the other cats in the house, but I tolerate most of them. I really don't like to share my mom with anyone.

Mom has told my Aunt Jen that I can go home with her anytime she is ready to take me. You see, whenever Mom picks me up I fuss and flail around and generally hate it! But Aunt Jen can pick me up and I just purr and purr. And mom knows how much Aunt Jen loves me and I love her. And Aunt Jen would give me a great home too! Now don't get me wrong, mom loves me too and she is good to me. And to be perfectly honest, mom doesn't know if she could really send me away even though she knows I would be happy and she could visit me any time she wanted.

Mom found a could of pictures of me. One is in the cat bed and the other is me standing on the table.

Daisy Thistlechaser

I'm sure you can see why I am a princess by just looking at me!

Princess Daisy

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Gotcha Story: Clarissa

So far you've met Bandit and Batman. Now it's my turn to tell you about myself.

My name is Clarissa Anne, and I am a 10 year old calico who lives in Kentucky. I came to my forever home on August 27, 2000, when I was only eight weeks old. Mom went to a Human Society event hoping to come home with a dog. She came home with me instead. I was sneezing, had watery eyes, and was one sick kitten. I spent the first three weeks at my new home on an antibiotic to get me all well.

When I was still small, I would sit on top of my scratching post. Here is a picture of me at 12 weeks doing just that:

When I got a little bigger, I would get on mom's desk and hide in her monitor stand. The keyboard tray pulled out so I would crawl in there and try to play "whack-a-mole" with mom's hands when she was typing:

I've never cared for treats or catnip and I will try to bury those things if mom puts them out for the other cats. Mom said I was probably a prohibitionist kitty in another life. MOL!

I enjoy sleeping in one of the cat beds or on mom's bed. I will also sleep on the floor or on the cat tree. Here is a pic of my me sleeping on the bed with some of my siblings:

The tortie closest to me is Jazzpurr. The other tortie is Daisy. The other calico is One Eyed Fiona and of course the orange kitty is Bandit.

And here are a couple of other pictures me posing prettily on the bed and on the cat tree:

I get along with most of my brofurs and sisfurs most of the time. My favorite is my brofur, Sable. He is one year younger than me and I taught him everything he knows...except maybe how to stalk and hunt mice!

I love my meowmie and I like to snuggle and sleep in her lap sometimes. When there was just me and Sable, we both would sleep with her at night. Now her bed is too crowded with other cats. But if she lays down for a nap on the weekends I'll be right there with her.

In 2004, about a month before my grandpurr passed away, I started overgrooming my belly and legs. I would lick and chew until all of the fur was gone and sometimes I would get my skin raw. Mom took me to a dermatologist, but even now I will still lick and chew. I get a steriod shot every 8-12 weeks and that seems to help

I seem to be feeling better now and I'm and still on my antibiotic for that UTI. I'll probably have another blood work up down to check my white count and see if it's down once I'm finished with the antibiotic. Keep your paws crossed that it is.


Friday, September 3, 2010

I'm home from the vet's

First of all, I want to thank all of my friends for their purrs! Both mom and I really appreciate it. The vet stole my pee yesterday and guess what?! I do have a mild UTI. She sent me home with an antiblechotic (that's an antibiotic in case your 'rents don't understand). I have to take one pill each day for 10 days. Hopefully that will take care of what has been ailing me.

Mom is heading off to North Carolina today to visit one of our aunties. She's not really mom's sister, but she is close enough to mom that she might as well be. Mom will be in Durham, so that whirlycane shouldn't be a problem.

We will try to post while mom is away, but it is iffy. It may be next Wednesday before we are back.

Have a safe Labor Day weekend if you live in the USA!

Clarissa (& Co.)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Clarissa Report

Clarissa's x-rays were normal. No fluid or anything unusual in her abdomen or lungs. Dr. B. aspirated that lima bean sized lump that was on Clarissa's back. It is nothing to be concern about and is just a benign cyst.

She spent the night at the clinic so they could get a urine sample. Clarissa does have a UTI and will be going on an antibiotic for that. While collect the urine sample Rissa sneezed a blob of yellow gunk onto the exam table. Although her nose looked clear and her eyes are bright, now we are wondering if she has a sinus infection. Do cats get those? I'll have to ask when I pick her up this afternoon.

Dr. G., one of our regular vets, was back in the office today. She concurred with Dr. B. that with a UTI the white cell count usually isn't as high as Rissa's is. It's so puzzling because Rissa is eating and drinking. She is alert and attentive. She is grooming. Yet she has lost 3 oz. in a week and has this elevated white count.

I'm am going to be out-of-town for the next five days, so my brother and my best friend will be taking care of Rissa and making sure she gets her antibiotic once daily. If her white cell count is still elevated next week and/or she has lost more weight, we will go from there. Dr. G. is still thinking there is something going on with Rissa's pancreas. However, she said cats usually don't have an appetite if that's the issue.

I appreciate everyone's concern and good wishes for Clarissa. She is my baby girl and always will be, even though she is 10 years old.

Clarissa's "meowmie",