Thursday, May 31, 2012

So Happy It's Thursday

Good morning! It seems that we have been away for a long, long time. Maybe if we could keep mom off of Farmville we would have more computer time!

We hope everyone had a lovely Memorial Day weekend. Mom went to a steampunk convention in Dearborn, MI over the weekend. She left on Thursday and didn't get home until Monday evening. Our uncle was here to take care of us, and Sable woke him up every morning just like he does with mom! And in case anyone is wonder what "steampunk" is, it's the Victorian era as it never was. Basically it is a sub-genre in science fiction & fantasy. We well share a few pics later after mom downloads them from her camera.

We were saddened to learn about Parker Pie crossing the Bridge. Although we knew the time was coming, we still weren't ready for it. We know she had a wonderful life with her family and that she was dearly loved. We will miss her. We also hope her purrents will keep her blog up and perhaps let the other furs post.

We also wanted to say goodbye to another friend who crossed the Bridge last week. Her name is Chita McChew and she was a regular poster on the Meowmail message board. Chita was beautiful white and tabby girl who had lots of lovely spots. She was also known to steal the noses, spots, and tails of other cats who visited the board. She was preceded across the Bridge by her sister, Nala La, a year or two ago. Although we will miss her, it seems right to the the McChew-La girls together again. They are survived by their mom (Stacy), and furblings Precious Peter McChew-La and Callie Marie McChew-La.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Almost Tabby Tuesday

Hi, Clarissa let me take over the blog today. I'm Ginger, true sibling of Spunky, Puff, and Panda. If I'm not mistaken, the four of us will be 10 years old this year. I've always been the shiest of the litter. My sister and brothers love to get in mom's lap for some snuggle time. Spunky and Puff will share mom's lap. Panda will share mom's lap with other kitties, but not Spunky or Puff. I've never been a lap cat with my mom. Well, on Sunday afternoon I decided I was going to get some snuggle time with mom.

Mom was watching a movie and knitting and I decided to jump up on the foot of the recliner. I rubbed my face and cheeks all over her legs and feet, and I finally moved a little closer so mom could skritch my ears. Before long I had laid down on her thigh, or at least the back half of me had. My front half was draped over the arm of the recliner. I purred and purred while mom patted me and stroked my back. I finally laid my head down on my front legs and took a short nap. It made mom very happy. Me and my sibs moved into our forever home in 2007, and this is probably the third or fourth time I've come close to being a lap cat.

Maybe one day I'll be a true lap cat!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Catching Up

Hi Kitties (and Doggers, too)! We have fallen behind again - nothing new there - so we thought we'd catch everyone up on the happenings around here.

Saturday was a lazy day for us! Mom stayed home all day and watched horse racing on t.v. It was Kentucky Derby Day, which seems to be a big deal around here. We don't understand all of the excitement. It's just a bunch of horses running in a circle, or oval as it were. Anyway, mom got into two Derby pots at work for $1 each. One was for the winning horse only, and the other would be divided between the win, place, and show horses. That's first, second, and third place for those who don't know anything about horse racing. Mom had the winning horse in the first place only pot, and the second place horse in the other pot. She spent $2 and got back $26. Not a bad return.

And now for mom visit with the Acro-Cats! She said it was a very fun show. She loved see all of the kitties, but she said Tuna was probably her favorite. Tuna is the star of the show. Buggles, a black kitty, looks a lot like our cousin, Gracie Ninja-Vader. The kitties rang bells, jumped through hoops, pushed a shopping cart, and raised a flag. Oh, and one of them balanced on top of a ball and rolled it along by walking on it. They are all very smart kitties. And they get rewarded with fresh tuna or salmon!!!

Sometimes a specific trick doesn't work out like it should, either. Maybe the kitty gets distracted or just decides he/she isn't in the mood. That's okay too. A few of the kitties decided they were not going to cooperate and they started wandering around. One of the gray tabby kitties checked out mom's shoes. He kept smelling them, then would look at mom, then smelled the shoes some more!!! Mom thought that was very funny. And we know he smelled our scent on mom's shoes.

Samantha, who is the trainer, said all of the cats are rescues. Some are even from Puerto Rico! There are 13 performing kitties and she has another 8 at home. Besides the kitties, there are four rats, a chicken, and a ground hog in the show. The ground hog rides in a cart that is pulled by a remote control car.

We've also been having the hots around here. It's been in the high 80s most days and in the 60s at night. It's suppose to storm later today and then drop into the 70s by the middle of the week.

Stay cool, kitties!