Thursday, September 18, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Tika

This little girl showed up on a board friend's front porch last week:

Isn't she a beauty? The lady fed her and to make a long story short, she ended up bringing her inside. A visit to the vet determined that she was healthy, but very, very thin. You can see that it the following pictures:

Her estimated age is 8 to 12 months. The vet said she has all of her adult teeth. She is also quite friendly, so she has had contact with humans. She may have been dumped or left behind. But she has now found her forever home.

Her new mom has named her Tika. We know she has a new brother and sister, but we don't know if they have been introduced yet.

We are thankful that Tika has found her home and will no longer be living on the streets. And we know she is thankful too.

Monday, September 8, 2014

Fiona the Ferocious

Clarissa turned the blog over to me today.

I had a check-up appointment with my eye specialist this morning. I let mom put me in the carrier. I rode quietly all the way to the specialist's office. I let mom get me out of the carrier and I laid in her lap all wrapped up in my blanket. And when the tech and the doctor came to look at my eye I turned into THE CAT FROM HELL!!!! I hissed and growled and snapped my alligator-like jaws at the vet. And when she tried a second time I did it again! Mom got up and tried to wrap me in the blanket and I clawed up the back of her hand and one finger. I am FEROCIOUS! Dr. T said that I would have to be sedated for the exam. Since I haven't been having any problems mom and the doctor decided not to do the exam. If I start having any problems I can always go back. Mom kept apologizing for my bad behavior. Once I calmed down I let mom put me back in the carrier and behaved all the way back home.

I showed them that I am the boss!!! *Beaming proudly*

Ferocious Fiona

Friday, September 5, 2014

Cats & Kittens in need of help...

A good friend of mom's posted this on Facebook. We told her we would share it here. If you are in North Carolina or know someone who is and can help, please call the number listed below.

I have omitted the very disturbing pict that was with this post...


Suzzane Melton of Suzies zoo went to NC shelter today to pull kittens and cats scheduled for death.
She found several disturbing situations and now we are asking for anyone who can help, to please come forward. Suzzane found dead cats in their cages and some were suffering from bites from cockroaches.

Ten cats were pulled and she suspects they all may die.
The shelter director was seen spraying pesticides inside and outside of the shelter according to the email we received.

This is only one picture of the horrific state these cats were in.

If you can help get some of these babies out of this place, please call 704-877-0916

We will forward info
This is completely unacceptable and pathetic.
Emails and calls are going out as we write.
( this info was sent to our org; anyone interested in verifying should contact us and we will connect you with proper persons handling this.We are
Sending out what was emailed to us and we are absolutely appalled if this all true!!!)

Thursday, September 4, 2014

In Memorium: Boo (aka Smokey)

Our hearts are heavy today.  We found out the our dear friend, Boo, crossed the Bridge earlier this week. Boo, who's real name was Smokey, was loved very much by his purrents. He spent 18 years with them. Boo's health had been failing and he finally told his purrents that he was tired, and he was ready to join his brother, Riley, at the Bridge.

Boo leaves behind his brothers, Oakley and Jake.