Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Moderating the Comments Page

If you comment on one of our posts, mom will help us approve it before it will be visible. We have tried to go un-moderated, but we keep getting comments in what is probably Japanese. When translated, they either make no sense, or they are for websites with scantily clad ladies.

We hope this delay won't keep our friends from posting comments!

Thank you all, and good night!

I'm Home

Hi all! I got to come home from the vet last night. Mom picked me up on the way home from work. I finally gave them some pee so they could test it. The good news is I DON'T have a UTI. So it's a mystery as to why I peed on mom (if it was me! I'm not telling!).

However, just to keep things interesting, one of us furs peed on mom's new summer flip flops. And these are the $1.50 jobs that you can pick up at Old Navy.  Nope, these were the pricey Earth Shoe design that mom bought from HSN. She said she can throw them in the washer with some towels and they should be fine.

Here's what we think the problem is. Mom changed our litter boxes on Friday. She's been buying this fine grain crystal litter from Wal-Mart. Well, she changed the litter and put in a coarser grain crystal litter. I think it's hurtin' some of our paws to walk on it. Mom said she is going to Wal-Mart tonight and get the original litter and see if that takes care of the problem.

Mom has had cats for 10 years now. You'd think she'd know by now that we don't like change! Hmmmpppphhh!

Sable the Punk, Pee h D.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Sable Is At The Vet's....

Mom thinks that my brofur, Sable the Punk, may have a UTI. You see, some fur peed on mom while she was sleeping on Sunday night.  Mom woke up and felt something warm and wet against her back and realized that she was being peed on. Since the room was dark, she wasn't sure which fur it was. However, Sable has had two UTIs in the past, and both times he had them he peed on mom while she was in her bed.

Mom left Sable with the vet yesterday morning and explained the situation. They said they would get a urine sample from him and test it. Well Sable won't pee for them. He had to spend the night there and they will try again today. The last time he did this he held out for almost 48 hours before the vet got a urine sample.

Would our friends please encourage Sable to pee so he can come home? Please? We miss him!!!

Sable is the big black kitty. That's Bandit curled up behind him.