Monday, July 28, 2008

A Big Breakthrough for Ginger!!!!

As most of the readers know, mom brought home five adult cats from Northern Ohio in June 2007. All of the cats are friendly, but Ginger was the only one who would not get in mom's lap. That changed this morning! Ginger jumped up on the arm of the chair to steal a few laps of milk from mom's glass. Mom gently stroked Ginger's back, being careful not to startle her. When Ginger finished drinking she stood there for a bit, wondering what do to. Finally, she laid down in mom's lap! Mom continued to stroke her back and scratch behind her ears. Ginger purred softly and flexed her front toes on mom's leg. Mom was so excited. Mom let Ginger lay there until she decided she'd had enough attention. It probably wasn't more that 10 minutes but what a breakthrough!!!!

Yay Ginger!!!!!


  1. Hooray! That really is exciting news! Good for Ginger.

  2. Isn't it an amazing feeling? Our formerly feral, Bonnie, would not let us touch her for a full year! She would circle us just outside of our reach! Slowly she came closer and now today she is the first to get in your lap when you sit down. She still will run just out of reach if you approach her while standing. It's so rewarding to earn their trust! :o) ~ Purrs ~ Whimpurr