Thursday, June 28, 2012

We Are Back!

Have you missed us? We have missed all of our friends. Mom has been busy and we haven't had much computer time. She went to Knoxville, TN to see Alice Cooper. Then the next week she saw Alice Cooper when he played in our hometown, Louisville, KY. Then she took off and went to North Carolina to visit our Aunt Torchy AND they went to another Steampunk convention that was in Chapel Hill, NC. They also saw a movie: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. We heard that it got horrible reviews but mom liked it. Her next short trip is in a couple of weeks or so. She is going to Peoria, IL to see Alice Cooper. You'd think she likes this guy or something!

It looks like we will be getting a new roof put on our house and garage soon. The insurance adjuster and contractor will be at our house early tomorrow morning for a look at the old roof. It's about 20 years old, and we've had a lot of wind and hail over the past couple of years. Mom's pretty sure there is damage. We are a little worried about all of the noise that will be echoing through the house when the work begins. We haven't gone through anything like this before. Mom said we will all find places to hide while the workers are here.

We are going to have a very bad spell of the HOTS over the next three or four days. The temps are suppose to be 100 or higher! According to the weather pundits, it looks like a good portion of the mid-west and east coast will be in the same predicament. We hope everyone will stay safe and cool indoors!

Purrs to all of our friends!

Clarissa & Co

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

It's been overcast here and rain is on the way. Mom is off to Knoxville, TN tomorrow and won't be back until Wednesday. We won't be posting again until she gets home. We've spent the day napping in various places. We will leave you with a picture of Brother Spunky and Sister Ginger sort of cuddling together. Mom woke them up when she came in with the camera.

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Wasp Invasion!!!

It's true!!! We had an invasion of paper wasps at our house. Mom found two nests of wasps and our uncle found two! That's FOUR WASP NESTS kitties!!! Mom freaked out and said that was too much for her to deal with, especially when one nest was between the screen and the window. We liked to sit on the windowsill and watch the wasps move. We would swat at the glass and try to get at them. Mom was very afraid that the bugs would find a way to get into the house, too. She didn't want us to get stung, so she finally called an exterminator.

The bug guy came yesterday and sprayed all around the eaves of the house and the garage. So far it looks like that took care of the problem. Mom felt kind of bad about killing them because they weren't really bothering anyone. However, they were too close to invading our space so they had to go. The bug spray should keep the wasps from returning and rebuilding.

Mom and our uncle are going to see Glen Campbell in concert tonight. Mom is afraid it will make her sad. You see, she grew up listening to him and now he has Alzheimer's Disease. Some of his adult kids are in his band and they watch out for him. This is Glen's farewell tour. We hope she will have a good time and not cry!

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Whiskerhump Wednesday

Princess Daisy Thistlechaser shows off her tortie whiskerhumps

Extreme closeup:

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Our ABC Award

Way back in April, Katie Isabella sent us the ABC Award. We have been very neglectful in posting the reward and our response to it. Since there are 15 of us, it will be a group effort.

A is for AWESOME.  Mom says we are all awesome kitties!

B is for BOISTEROUS. Serendipity is the most boisterous kitty!

C is for CUDDLES.  Sable is a major cuddle-bug!

D is for DOODLE.  Doodle is one of Daisy's nicknames!

E is for ENERGETIC.  We all have these great burst of energy and wear mom out!

F is for FEISTY.  Fiona is the feisty one at our house!

G is for GAZING. Sometimes we gaze out the windows and watch the birds and squirrels!

H is for HALO.  We know Angel Colin has his halo and wings!

I is for ICE CREAM.  We love it when mom shares her vanilla ice cream with us!

J is for JUMPING.  Memphis is the highest jumper of the family!

K is for KICKING.  We love to "bunny kick" our catnip toys (and sometimes mom's hand!)

L is for LOVED.  We are loved and we love our meowmie! 

M is for MEOW.  Bandit and Fred have the softest meows!

N is for NIP.   Most of us like catnip. Clarissa is the only one who tries to bury it!

O is for OVERDRIVE.  That's the speed we go at when we chase each other!

P is for POOP.  There is plenty of that at our house!

Q is for QUICK.  Sable was the quick one when catching real live mice!

R is for RISSA ROO.  That's Clarissa's nickname and she is mom's baby girl!

S is for SNEAKY.  Sable is sneaky when he tries to steal Fred's food!

T is for TERRIFIC.  We are a terrific clowder of cats according to mom!

U is for UNIQUE.  We all have our unique personalities and quirks!

V is for VEXING.  Mom says we are vexing when one of us gets sick and hides on her!

W is for WONDERFUL.  We are cats! How could we not be wonderful!!!

X is for X-TREME.  Bandit and Jazzpurr will have x-treme wrestling matches!

Y is for YOWL. Memphis will yowl from another room if he is left alone!

Z is for ZIP.  We love to zip around the house when we have our crazy ears on!

We read too many great blogs to pass this award on to a favorite. Therefore, if you haven't won this award yet, please consider yourself chosen!  We would love to read more about all of our friends!       

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mancat Monday: Cousin Alfred & Cousin Wick

That's our North Carolina cousins, Wick & Alfred. This probably could have been an easy Sunday picture, but since it has been a rainy Monday in Louisville, KY, we thought this would be an appropriate way to spend it! They sure look comfortable!!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Easy Like Sunday

Good evening! It's been another easy Sunday. Mom knitted and napped and we napped with her.

Memphis naps in a sunpuddle on the old sofa.

And Sable naps on the opposite end of the sofa.

Ginger naps on the coffee table...

And I napped on mom's robe in the laundry basket.

Where did you spend your easy Sunday?

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Caturday!!!

We are enjoying our Caturday by lounging around the house while our mom does laundry and final unpacks from her trip. We always like it when mom stays home with us on the weekends. We all get cuddle time and that makes us happy.

The weather is cool today, at least for the 2nd day of June. Mom turned off the air conditioner and opened up some windows. She is airing out the house AND we get to have window whiffies all day!

We hope everyone is enjoying their Caturday!!!!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Steampunk Mom (Pictures)

Today we are going to share a few pictures from the World Steam Expo. That's the steampunk convention that mom was at last weekend. She was being a Lady for these pics. One day we will post the pics of her as an Airship Pirate!  Mom is the one in the checkered skirt and blue skirt. The other person is our Aunt Torchy. We've posted pics of her kitties here.

Aunt Torchy and mom made up character names. Aunt Torchy's is Gwendolyn Torchester Goodhead and mom's is Millicent Ophelia Goodhead. They are the Goodhead sisters and always say two Goodheads are better than one!

They attended a morning tea on Saturday. Look at that delicious food!!! And flowers to nom on too!!!

This was taken at the end of morning tea. Would you believe that a lot of people thought mom's wig was her real hair?!!!

The band, Abney Park, played two concerts at the convention. This was after the Saturday afternoon show. Mom was very excited to meet them. She has a big crush on Capt. Robert (he is in the white shirt).

Thanks for letting us share the pictures of our mom with you! We promise to have more pictures of us to share soon!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!