Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Mews: Clarissa

I was back in the vet's office last Thursday. Mom found a lump under my skin and she was worried about it. Right now, the vet that saw me said the lump is about the size of a lima bean, and it was probably caused from one of the injections I had couple of weeks ago. She told mom to keep an eye on it for any change in size.

My eyes had been watering and red rimmed, too. The vet wasn't particularly concerned with that, saying it was probably a mild flair up of the feline herpes virus. What did concern her was my belly/abdomen. She said it felt swollen. It didn't hurt when she pressed on me. I didn't cry or growl or his. However, when she took my temperature I certainly let her know that I did not appreciate it one bit! My temperature was normal though, so that was good.

They stole some more of my blood to send to the lab again. This time they were going to check for some infectious diseases. A different vet called back and left the results on the answering machine. Mom got them when she got home.

He said that my white cell count is still high, but not as high as it was two weeks ago. He also said the titers (sp?) showed exposure to FECV/FIP. Mom is scared now because she doesn't know if that means I have FIP. She read online that FIP is generally fatal and that has her all upset. Her eyes keep leaking.

I'm going to back to the vet on Wednesday afternoon to have my belly x-ray done to see if the vet(s) can find out what is going on there.

I'm acting like my normal self again, which makes mom happy. But her stomach is in knots. Please keep me in your purrs and prayers that I don't have FIP.

Clarissa Anne

Saturday, August 28, 2010

RIP our dear furriend, Guy McAllister

? - 8/28/2010

At 10:00am today, our furriend, Guy, was assisted in crossing the Bridge. Guy had been diagnosed with cancer. His purrents and vets did all they could for him, but eventually the cancer won. They gave Guy one of the greatest gifts they could, to die with dignity.

We will miss our handsome furriend.

Clarissa & Co.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Good evening everyfur. My name is Batman and I'm a solid black medium haired mancat with a manly scar on my nose. I've always heard that girls dig scars, but so far it hasn't done me any good with the ladies. I'm on the smaller side at 11 lbs.

I was born in Ohio near the city of Cleveland. I was adopted there by a lady who had a beautiful house. When I was about year old, that lady found four kittens and took them in too. I used to lay on top of the kitchen cabinets at that house. Here is a picture of me at my old house:

You can't really see my face well in that picture, but it is the only one my forever mom has of me from my first mom's house.

You see, in 2007 my first mom decided she was going to move in with her boyfriend. The problem was, he didn't want us in his house. He really didn't like us much at all. My first mom had to find a new place for us to live.

A friend of my forever mom told her about us. She was only going to take two of us, but she ended up bringing all 5 of us home. She drove all the way to Northern Ohio to pick us up. She also transported two dogs to Ohio so they could get forever homes. Besides me, she brought home Spunky, Panda, Ginger, and Puff. You will get to meet all of them eventually.

A couple of years ago I had a nasty bump show up on my nose. It kept getting larger and larger and I finally had to see a dermatologist. It took a good six months to get the place cleared up. It left a scar on my nose and the fur never grew back. Mom still says I'm handsome though, and that's all that matters.

All of the vets and technicians love me and they all sing the Batman t.v. theme song when they see me. Most of my brofurs and sisfurs have nicknames, but mom never came up with a nickname for me.

I like to sleep on mom's bed when she is away. I usually get in bed with her when she first lays down at night. That's when I get my pets and rubs from her. Sometimes I will lay down beside her and put my paw in her hand. I also like to touch her face with my front paws. I like treats and catnip, and sometimes I'll get stinky goodness.

Mom needs to get some new pictures of me. This one was take before I had the bump on my nose. I was sharing some vanilla ice cream with my uncle.

Hope you liked meeting me!


Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Here's Bandit!!!

We decided the best way to introduce ourselves to our new friends is to do in in alphabetical order. So today it is Bandit's day!

Hi gang. Bandit here to tell you all about myself. I was adopted from a shelter located in Frankfort, KY, although I was being housed at a PetSmart in Louisville. That was in 2005 or 2006. Mom gets confused some time about when some of us joined the family.

I'm an orange and white boy and was 8 months old when I was adopted. I was already named Bandit. Mom like my name so she didn't change it. I lost my left eye to an infection as a baby kitten and the tip of my right ear is missing. Mom suspects I may have been rescued from a feral colony.

My nicknames are Bandito and Bandit Bigtoes. I'm not a lap cat, but I love attention when I'm laying on mom's bed or on top of the cat tree. I'll roll all over and show mom my soft white belly fur. I'm a big boy and weigh about 13 lbs.

I like to wrestle with Memphis and I'll groom Jazzpurr (you'll meet them later). I'm shy around strangers and will keep my distance. I like catnip and treats. I eat Nine Lives Plus most of the time, but I also like stinky goodness as a special treat. I've recently started sleeping in mom's bed at night. She was very surprised when I started doing that.

Here is my picture:

That's about all I can say about myself for now!

Purrs to all!

Monday, August 23, 2010

A Big Thank Mew to the Rumblebum gang

My siblings and I want to send a big THANK MEW to Inigo Flufflebum and d'Artagnan Rumblepurr for the mention in their blog today! We've had so many new visitors!!! Thank you all for leaving comments. We are reading through them and we are going to be visiting all of your blogs!!!!

And for those of you who commented on my "crabulated" picture, I was giving mom a great big morning yawn! Everyone thinks I was fussing at her but I had just gotten up from a nap. Mom will have to find the picture of our angel brofur, Colin Feral. She has a picture of him yawning and his eyes are crossed, his ears are up but turned at a funny angle...he looks like he is crazy. Heehee.

Since we have had so many people visiting day, mom will help us post some pictures of each of us and introduce us to everyone. She said whoever thinks cats are aloof and have no personality doesn't know cats at all!!!

Purrs and Goodnight!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Peaceful Sunday

Fiona is sitting on the corner of the desk, giving mom the evil eye. And since she has only one eye she has that look down pat. Clarissa has taken Fiona's spot on the back of mom's chair. It's a "first come first served" chair. Fiona was there first, but she got down to snack or potty or patrol the house. While she was gone Rissa took the spot. I believe Fiona thinks that mom should move Rissa but it's not going to happen.

We've had the house to ourselves most of the day. Mom went to a marathon scrapbook session that started at 1:00pm and was over at 8:00pm, and our uncle went to the state fair. Mom will have to pick him up when he calls. She's hoping it's soon.

We hope everyone has had a great weekend. We got to do our three favorites things: sleep, eat, and snuggle with mom.

Sable the Punk

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Clarissa Report

I'm sorry my blog hasn't been updated for awhile. Mom has been off going to horror movie conventions, steampunk conventions, and Alice Cooper concerts. We are going to try to keep her home with us for awhile.

That's me sleeping in the closet after my first vet visit. You can see that I don't feel good.

All of the furblings are well. I was very sick a couple of weeks ago. I got real puny feeling and started hiding in the back of the closet. I didn't want snuggles or pets or anything. I would come out and eat a little and drink a little, but then I would go back to the closet. When mom took me to the vet, I had a 105 fever! I was given sub-fluids and an antibiotic shot. I felt better that night, but by the next night was starting to act like I still wasn't feeling well.

Mom took me back to the vet that Friday (my first visit was on a Monday). I still had 103 fever. More fluids and three different vitamin shots! OUCH!!! But I'm all well now and feeling like my regular self.

I'll try to get mom to help us post more often!!!

Clarissa Ann