Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Feng Shui

When there was only me (Clarissa) I wasn't allowed to get onto the kitchen counter or breakfast bar. I would get fussed at by my grandpurr if he caught me up there. It got a little harder to control two of us when Sable joined the family, but we still weren't allowed on those things. But after grandpurr crossed the bridge mom stopped fighting our urge to get on the counter and bar. She was at work all day and knew we were doing it anyway. And with 15 of us at home now it's impossible to keep everyone down. However, we aren't allowed to climb onto the stove! Mom caught one of the boys on top of the refrigerator one day because that's were the containers of kibble are kept. He got up there by jumping onto the stove first!

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  1. I love walking all around on the kitchen counters!