Friday, July 22, 2016

Happy Friday

We don't know who is happier about it being Friday: we cats or our mom.  Mom is happy because she doesn't have to get up at 6:30am (although Sable will attempt to get her up that earlier). We are happy because she will be home for a couple of days.

Fred is doing well. He isn't the most cooperative when it comes to getting his fluids. He may only weigh 5 lbs., but it takes mom and her brother to hold him. He has gotten free a couple of times and pulled the sub-q needle out. He was fine, but the solution was spraying all over until mom could clamp it off.

Lily gets eyedrops every morning, Fred gets fluids every other day, and I get a prednisone pill every other day. It's like an infirmary around here sometimes. But mom said she doesn't mind doing it. If she ever takes a trip she will have to board Fred. She can get one of her friends to take care of me and Lily, but she wouldn't ask anyone to "stick" Fred. Her best friend couldn't give fluids to her own kitty, so mom knows she won't be able to give them to Fred. But as mom says, she'll cross that bridge when she gets to it.

It's been so hot in Louisville. The daily high temperature has been in the 90s, and the humidity has been high. It makes the air feel heavy and sticky. And the "heat index" has been over 100. The weather pundits said that tomorrow, although the temperature should be about 96, the heat index will make it feel like it is 106! That is too hot for anyone!!! We are glad we are indoor cats. Mom said she may put out some water for the squirrels and bunnies that come in our yard.

Stay cool my friends and enjoy your weekend!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Nicknames: Do you have any?

One of our friends on a cat message board was asking if other cats there had nicknames. That got us thinking about the nicknames our mom has given us.  We've decided to share them with you.

Batman = Batman actually doesn't have any nicknames. I mean, come on, he is freaking BATMAN!

Cash = Mom said his nicknames are "Stop that"  and "Don't bite my nose."

Clarissa = Rissa Roo the Kitty Poo, Rissa, Baby Girl

Daisy = Daisy Doodle, Daisy Mae

Fiona = Fi-Fi or Fee

Fred = Freddy Fred, Freddy J, "Stinky"

Ginger = Ginger Pie

Jazzpurr = Jazzy Girl, Jazz, Pot Roast

Johnny = see Cash's nicknames. They are like two peas in a pod.

Lily = Lily Lou, Lily Rose, Lily Mae, Pretty Girl

Memphis = Memph Man

Puff = Puffypants, Handsome

Sable = Booman, Boo

Serendipity = Dippity Doo, Seren

Spunky = Spunkmeister

What are your nicknames?

Monday, July 18, 2016

A note from my brother, "Stinky" Fred

My sweet brother Fred has asked me if he could share his letter to our friends. Of course I said yes.

Dear Friends,

I have always been a thin guy, but I have been losing weight. Mom guessed my weight to be about 5 lbs. and she was right. I went to the vet on Friday morning and I weighed 5.2 lbs. The last time I was weighed was 3 years ago and I was around 8 lbs.

"Stinky Fred" is mom's nickname for me. I've always had really bad breath, but I've always had chronic gingivitis. Due to my kidney disease the vet said he doesn't think having my teeth cleaned is a good idea. The anesthesia isn't good for my system and he is afraid that I wouldn't come out of it. 

The vet didn't feel anything unusual in my belly area. He and mom agreed that I should have a full blood panel ran. Dr. R. also suggested sub-q fluids and a B-12 shot. He took me in the back and they shaved my neck, stole my blood, etc. The whole time I was back there I was singing the song of my people: "Help! Help! The vet is a stabby person!" Mom could hear me and she said it was a totally different type of meow than what I make a home. Dr. R. told mom that I should have fluids administer two more days and then every other day for the foreseeable future.
Mom got the lab results from my blood workup and it is as mom feared. My weight loss is due to the progression of my kidney disease. It makes mom furry sad. I wasn't surprised to get the official diagnoses, nor was mom. I've had problems with my kidneys since I was about 4 years old (I'm about 10 years old now). Mom said she will do everything she can to slow the progression, but she is aware that it will eventually take me away from her. With the proper diet, and sub-q fluids every other day, I'm hoping I will have a few good years left with her. But I have promised her that when I am ready to go to my mansion, I will let her know. And she has promised me that, although it will hurt her heart, she will help me cross the Bridge with dignity and comfort. I couldn't ask for anything more.

Purrs and head bonks!
"Stinky" Fred


Since getting the fluids and the B-12 shot, my appetite has improved and I'm eating my prescription kibble (I don't like the canned prescription food). I don't look as thin, but that is from the fluids.