Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Purrs for our friend, Ash

Me and the crew have been MIA for a while because mom is either too busy to help us post or too lazy. We aren't sure which is the case. But we are here now and we are asking any fur who reads this to keep our friend, Ash, in their thoughts and purrs.

Ash and his brother, Freckles, post over on the Meowmail chat board. Ash is and indoor/outdoor kitty and he got himself in a bit of trouble last week. He came home limping. X-rays showed two broken bones in one paw. The orthopedic surgeon gave the injury only a 10% chance of healing properly so it was decided the best thing to do would be to amputate his limb. His surgery was on Friday and he is home now.

We would like everyone to purr for Ash's speedy recovery. He will be an indoor only kitty from now on.

Get well soon, Ash!!! We love you very much!!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Need a Massage? (video)

Mom found this on MySpace and we thought it was cute:

Butt Scratcher!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

A Wednesday Poem

We found this poem on line and thought it was wonderful. It is called The Clowder.

The Clowder

Monday, June 9, 2008

Bad Cat Monday!

Normally this would be "Mancat Monday" but today we need to report on a bad cat. You see, Batman bit mom this morning! She was trying to fix her breakfast and he was on the kitchen counter. Mom reached for him to move him and he swung his head around and snapped at her. He managed to catch her ring finger with a fang and he put a small gash in it near the fingernail. Of course mom yelled and said, "You bit me you little sh*t!!!" and Batman ran and hid.

The gash bled freely and mom let it do so while she ran warm tap water over it. Then she washed it with antibiotic soap and rinsed it well and it still bled. She finally put some pressure on it to stop the bleeding, then put some neosporin ointment on it and a band-aid. There's not much else to do except keep it clean and make sure it doesn't get infected.