Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tuesday Toesday with One Eyed Fiona

Today's Tuesday Toesday post features little One Eyed Fiona. She is also a calico cat, but her calico patches are tabby striped. And as you can see, her paw pads are a mix of dark and pink. Unfortunately mom can't touch Fiona's footies. Fiona does not like her feet touched one bit. Mom can't clip her claws, and our regular vet won't attempt it anymore either!

Thursday, June 25, 2015

2 Adult Kitties Need a Good Home - Please Share

Our mom asked us to share this information:

 This is breaking my heart. I'm sharing for a friend. I don't know the people who actually have the cats. Pictures are included.  If you know anyone who can help please pass this information on. Thanks.

Good Morning Everyone,
I am writing this email with a sad heart.  Gary and I are going to have to “re-home” our beloved cats: Izzy and Anna.  My mother is highly allergic to cats and since she is coming to live with us in August, we find that we will have to part ways with our precious kitties.  Izzy is grey and white and about 10 years old.  Anna is orange and white and about 8 years old.  Both are very affectionate and love to sleep in your lap or be scratched behind the ears.  Both were rescue animals and since living with us have never been allowed to roam outside.  They eat well, are healthy, have all their shots and use their litter box religiously.  I would really appreciate any help you can give us in finding them a new home before the end of July.  I am attaching some pictures of them.  Thank you so much!
Be blessed,
Gary and Barb Bishop

Monday, June 22, 2015

Mancat Monday - Angel Ringo

Our friend, Ringo, crossed the Bridge last week. We are sad that he is gone, but we are happy that he enjoyed the last few years with a lovely lady named Sue. Mom and we met Sue through a kitty message board. That was almost 15 years ago when I was just a baby cat. Sue had an orange kitty named Gizmo at that time. When Gizmo crossed the Bridge, she adopted a senior kitty, another orange & white boy, named Casey. A few weeks after Casey crossed the Bridge, Sue decided she wanted to adopt another senior kitty. That's when Ringo joined her.

We don't know a lot about Ringo's life prior to joining Sue. We do know that he was about 8 years old and that he was FeLV positive. He had a "cauliflower ear", when means one ear was curled up and was more than likely caused by a bad infection early in his life.

Sue always said Ringo didn't know a stranger. He loved the workman who would come into his house. He loved the home health people who came in to help Sue. Ringo was a good boy for sure.

Sue has had some major health issues over the past few years. She has been in and out of the hospital and rehab. But she was always able to come home and stay with Ringo. Until this last time. Sue went into the hospital for a procedure that required her to be under. She started having a reaction to the anesthesia. She survived, but it caused some problems with her. She is also on kidney dialysis 3 days a week. Someone was able to check on Ringo and take care of him while she was in the hospital and then rehab. She was released and went home for one night. We don't know exactly what happened, but she ended up back in the rehab center the next day. She has been there since.

While she has been in rehab friends and family had been taking care of Ringo. But as weeks passed he started failing. Last week, Sue and Ringo's vet decided the best thing for Ringo would be to help him cross the Bridge. Sadly, Sue was not able to be with him to say goodbye. Sue's sister did go and be with him in her place so he was with family.

Our hearts are heavy for Sue. She has lost her dear friend and companion, and the chances of her returning to her home are very slim. She and her family had been looking for an assisted living center that would have allowed her take Ringo with her. That's how much she loved him. We are also sad because we know that Ringo will be the last kitty that Sue will have.

Godspeed, Ringo. And God bless Sue.