Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday Laughs

New Kittens....Not Ours!!!!

Mom's boss adopted two kittens over the weekend. They are littermates. Maizy is the girl and the boss said she is the poster kitty for ritilan - zooming all of the time. Moose is the boy and he is the cuddler. They are 7 weeks old.



Snuggles (Moose is in the front)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

New family members?

We are just totally hissed off at this woman who we don't even know! Aunt Sniffy is trying to find a home (or homes) for five adult kitties. Someone she knows is moving and is not taking her five cats with her. Now if she was moving into a retirement home where she couldn't have them, or some circumstance like that, we would be much more understanding. However, she is moving in with her boyfriend and he said she could not bring her cats with her. Mom is furious (so is Aunt Sniffy). This woman says she loves her cats. How can you love your cats and then give them up just to move in with your boyfriend? People like that frighten me. They seem like the same type who would choose a man (or woman) over their kids.

Four of the kitties are littermates. They are three years old. There are 2 males (Batman - he's black, and Spunky - he's black/white) and 2 females (Ginger - she's brown/white, and Panda - she's black/white). The fifth cat is a gray floofy boy named Puff.

Anymew, mom told Aunt Sniffy that she would take in two of them. That would mean 10 cats in our house! But she added that if she couldn't find a home for the others she would take them in too. No, mom, no!!! That's 13 cats! *shaking our furry heads!*

The two we are for sure getting are Ginger and Spunky. Aunt Sniffy said this woman said those two are bonded and need to be together. Aunt Sniffy said she would try to get pictures of all of them.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Morning Mews

Mom got to visit with Aunt Sniffy again on Friday night. And Dusty's purrents made it in from Tennessee! Mom said it was really great getting to see them again too.

My sisfurs, Jazzpurr and Serendipity, and me had appointments to see the vettie on Saturday morning. Seren and Jazz have both gained a pound over the past year. And Jazz weighs over 12 lbs. The vettie said she needs to lose a little weight. She looks like a ground hog when she sits up on her haunches. Otherwise she is fine. And Seren got a good report too.

We all got claw trims and I had to get my ears cleaned. The vettie said my yeasty stuff wasn't as bad as mom thought it was. Not much of it was down deep inside. But mom said it was the nastiest stuff she's seen. And the vettie said, "You could grow potatos in your ears!" Anymew, mom has some drops or ointment to put in my ears now. It's a chronic problem with me. *sigh* Oh - and I had to hiss and growl (mostly hiss!) at the vettie!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Aunt Sniffy is here!

So Aunt Sniffy isn't her real name and she's not really related to us at all. She is from northern Ohio and mom knows her from the Meowmail board. Aunt Sniffy was meowmie to Rudy and PD. Both have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. However, she still posts on the board and everyone loves her. She is in town for the National Alpaca Show doing some type of promotions. Mom had dinner with her last night, and some of Aunt Sniffy's co-workers. It was a nice evening and mom thought everyone enjoyed their dinner at Ramsi's. She took Aunt Sniffy and kitty Dusty's purrents there last year. Aunt Sniffy liked it so much she wanted to go back. They didn't do anything else after dinner. Aunt Sniffy and Julie were really tired from a busy day so mom dropped them off at their hotel after dinner.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Monday Laughs

Mom said that we are definitely bigger on the inside - and that some of us are stinkier than others! Somefur left a pile of poops on the bedroom floor in our Dad's room yesterday morning. Mom thinks it is Seren, but we aren't telling. *Ssssshhhh*

Thursday, May 10, 2007

We want to file a complaint!

Our mom likes the band called the Stray Cats. She also really likes their song "Stray Cat Strut." We actually have two complaints:

Complaint #1:
The Stray Cats aren't cats at all! They are 3 humanbeans. The aren't even trying to look like cats! We think they should change their name to The Stray Humans.
Complaint #2:
The song "Stray Cat Strut" is about a tomcat (not to be confused with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who were also known as "TomKat"). But the first line of the song is "Black and orange stray cat sitting on the fence," which leads us to believe that it's a girl kitty, a tortie to be exact. We think the words should be changed to "black and white stray cat" or "black and grey tabby cat". You get the idea.
Mom said we have too much time on our paws to be thinking about this.
Clarissa & Co.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007


Me (Clarissa), Bandit, and Serendipity love to get brushies from mom. We have our own brush that has long wire bristles with little plastic tips on the end that mom uses to brush us. For one thing it feels soooo good. We all just purr and purr when we get brushed. And the other thing we like is it gets rid of a lot of loose fur so we don't get hairballs after grooming.

Jazzpurr seems to enjoy being brushed only if mom sneaks up on her and starts to brush her. She doesn't actively seek it out like we do. Memphis doesn't seem to care for it much, but his fur is extremely short. Sable can take it or leave it. And mom had never brushed Fiona or Daisy...until last night.

She has a small rubber brush on the end table next to her chair. Daisy jumped in her lap last night for some mom love and mom decided to try to brush her. Much to mom's surprise, Daisy really seemed to like it. Mom also got gobs and gobs of loose fur from her too. After she left Sable jumped up into the chair. He let mom give him a good brushing too. And then Fiona came up for a visit. She just purred and purred when mom started brushing her back. Her fur is short and kind of coarse in texture. She closed her good eye and looked so very contented and then she turned her head a playful chomped on mom's hand. Mom stopped brushing her then. She was afraid that Fiona might get over-stimulated and really let her have it.

That last one to get brushies was Serendipity. She layed down in mom's lap and probably would let mom brush her all night long.

I didn't get brushies last night. But I did get them this morning while mom was putting her face on. Life is good....

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Purrs for Pib's Crossing the Bridge

We never physically met Pib (Puss in Boots) but she was a frequent visitor on the Meowmail Forum. Her mom posted to the forum and said Pib crossed the bridge yesterday morning. Instead of mourning her passing we shall celebrate her long life. PIB was 24 or 25 years old, very old for a kitty. She was a beautiful snowshoe kitty and she had a very sweet face. When one of our furs on the forum crosses the Bridge I hope they know that that take a little piece of our hearts with them and leave a little piece of their's behind. Safe passage, Pib.

Clarissa, Sable, Jazzpurr, Serendipity, Fiona, Daisy, Bandit,and Memphis