Monday, April 7, 2008

A Survior's Story: Jellybean

My name is Jellybean, I am just a kitten, and I am a survivor. On Tuesday, April 1, 2008 I was dropped off at the vet's office with burns on my head, tail, and feet. The person who dropped me off said that their 3 year old child had put me in the microwave and set it for three minutes. I since I can't speak "humanese" I can't confirm that story or deny it. I was in severe pain and there was a discussion as to whether I should be "put to sleep" or given a chance to live. The vet decided to give me that chance.

I had to have one leg amputated along with my tail. I also lost my ears. I have burns on the tops and bottoms of my remaining paws but they are healing. I am doing well and will be going to a new forever home with people who will take care of me as soon as I am well enough to leave the vet's office.

Please teach your children that all animals are living creatures and that we need to be cared for. We are not toys. We feel pain when we are hurt. I am one of the lucky ones.

My name is Jellybean. I'm only 8 weeks old. I am a survivor.


  1. Oh, Jellybean, you are so beautiful! I am so sorry that happened to you. I am glad that you have a new home, and I wish you nothing but happiness and love.

  2. Oh that is so sad and horrible. Even little beans should know better (or be supervised better). We're so glad that you are healing and that you are a survivor. You had to go through a lot, but now you're going to your forever home where you will always be loved and well cared for.

  3. Oh Jellybean, how awful. A three year old may not know any better but der parents should! Mom won't let da little beans near da microwave as it is a 'lectrical appliance and is not fur little beans to play wif. We hope yoo gets a great new home.

  4. mommees is crying. she says this really breaks hers heart to see such an innocent baby hurt so badly by another bean. efen if it is a baby bean. we is glad jellybean is a tough little kitty ans is gonna get a new furefer home that will loves hims furefer and efer. we gots to go snuggle wif mommees ans makes her feels beffer.


  5. Jellybean,
    You are a brave and wonderful poodin! We are sorry you had to go through this, but you'll have all sorts of love at your new forever home!

    In our purrs and prurryers,
    The Cyclone Cats

  6. oh Jellybean! What a brave kitty you are to survive something so awful. I'm so glad there are wonderful humans on the cat blogosphere, and like your new family, who will spread the word that kitties are for loving and nothing more.
    We wish you nothing but happiness, kindness and love for the rest of your lives.

  7. We are appalled at your story! I hope that bean got a just punishment, even if it is a little bean. The big beans need punished to, for not watching over things better!

    I am so glad you have a new home already. I hope you are loved and loved cause you sure deserve it!

    Sending you gentle headbutts and lots of purrayers for a quick recovery.

  8. o my god, that is so awful. Mom is SO ANGRY right now! Beans can be cruel, and stupid.

    I am so sorry that terrible thing happened to you. I hope you get a good forever home where you are loved and cared for the way you deserve to be.

  9. Dear Jellybean, my Mommy would like to apologise for her species. I wish you all of the love in the world!

  10. Dear Baby Jellybean...we would like to thank the vet and your new family for giving you a chance. Hope you have many happier years in your future.

    Mom said that there isn't anything nice she can say about the former "humans" who you were with but she does say she believes in karma and they will get what they deserve.

    Many purrs...


  11. Poor baby Jellybean! How awful of the small bean. You are such a brave girl and we are so glad you are going to a wonderful forever home!
    Your FL furiends,

  12. Good Love poor little JellyBean. it makes me wonder though what 3 year old can get to much less know how to work a microwave. and if it was the familys cat this was done to then they should take responsibility. But these people obviously werent good people to not supervise their child or do this themselves. ans poor Jellybean is the one to suffer.
    At least she has a chance of a decent life now. Poor JellyBean yoo is beyootiful

  13. Jellybean, you are one tough puddin. We don't entirely believe those beans story about the three year old, but at least it got you away from them and into a good furrever home. We're all hoping you have a great rest of your life.

    Remember: "Time wounds all heels"

  14. I don't know what to say other than I love you Jelly Bean. You are a gorgeous & strong kitty. I agree with what Junior said, I hope someone is getting their due punishment..but to be honest, I don't think ANYTHING would be punishment enough...kid or not.

  15. There is something so seriously wrong with those parents!!!! We are too appalled to even think about it right now.
    Thank you VET for giving Jellybean a chance and for his new humans to take care of him!

  16. I am utterly appalled that such a horrible thing could happen to such a little kitten. You are one tough kitty, Jellybean. I hope that you never know anything but love and happiness for the rest of your life.

  17. I say it was a grown-up that did it! Whomever it was, may they eventually get what they deserve!