Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tabby Cuteness

You may recall that our Aunty Jennifer (Velvet's meowmie) was taking care of a mom cat and her kittens. They kept visiting her yard and she eventually trapped all of them on the same day. Babymomma, now named Khaleesi, moved in with Aunty Jennifer. She also kept one of the black kittens, now named Maggie.  Mom took the other black boy kitten to her friend in South Carolina. That kitten is now named Smudge. Maggie and Smudge look just like their mom.

There were also three tabby kittens in that litter. One went into foster care by itself. That kitten wasn't as friendly as the others and needed to be socialized. We don't know if that tabby was a boy or girl. The other two tabby kittens, which are girls, went to a home together. Aunty Jennifer sent our mom a recent picture of them. They are growing up to be lovely ladies and they look like their papacat. He is a handsome silver tabby with blue eyes.

We don't know the names of the sisters, but they sure are beautiful.



  1. how total lee kewl everee one finded ther for everz !! YAY !! ☺☺♥♥

  2. Oh they ARE Lovely ladies. And I am so glad to read this wonderful news. Those are fortunate kitties and that makes mom and me furry happy. Clarissa? Smoochies to you.

  3. What lovely girls - I'm so glad to hear all the kitties are doing well.

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  5. Hello, I'm new here! Beautiful tabby sisfurs. I enjoyed your interview on Mousebreath!