Tuesday, January 17, 2017

In Memorium: Mac, Dusty, Jazpurr, Chuck, and George, and Tuna

Over the past few months several of our furiends have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. We wanted to take a moment to honor them.

Dusty, Jazpurr, and Mac lived in Tennessee. They were brothers from different mothers. Dusty was a handsome gray mancat. He crossed the Bridge last fall. Jazpurr was a good looking white & gray mancat. He predeceased Dusty. Unfortunately we don't know when Jazpurr crossed over. Mac, their ginger tabby brother, crossed the Bridge yesterday. His mom said his health was failing when Dusty crossed. Dusty, Jazpurr and Mac had long, lives. All lived well into their late teens. Mom got to meet their purrents when they visited Louisville.
 Mac, Jazpurr, & Dust LaBresh

Two of our friends who live in North Carolina crossed the Bridge within a couple of weeks of each other. They were also brothers from different mothers. Their mom used to live in Louisville. George was the color of smoke. Not exactly black but not exactly gray. He was found as a kitten in the parking lot of the apartment building where Aunty Krista was living. Mom remembers George as a little kitten. Chuck was an orange and white tabby. He was also a found kitten. Aunty Krista had moved into a house by then (still in Louisville) and Chuck's mom would come through the yard with her kittens in tow. It's been so long ago that mom doesn't remember if the other kittens were caught and re-homed. George was 21 years old. Chuck was 19. They leave behind their brother Fritz.-

Chuck and George Biggs

Lastly, you may have heard of The Amazing Acro-Cats (with The Rock Cats) and maybe your purrents had an opportunity to see them perform. Mom was fortunate enough to have seen them twice. After a battle with an aggressive form of cancer, Tuna crossed the Bridge last week. She was their star performer and leader of The Rock Cats. She would ring a desk bell and perform other tricks (along with other cats, rats, a chicken and a groundhog). Tuna was also leader of The Rock Cats band and played cowbell.
Tuna Martin

Fly free sweethearts. We know you all were loved and will be remember by those who knew you.



  1. we are sorry to learn about all your friends ~~~~~~ Godspeed ~~~~~~



  2. I'm so sorry about your pals - I'm sending purrs to their families. We heard about Tuna, and I blogged a tribute to her.

  3. That was such a loving tribute to a mighty loved bunch of sweetie.

  4. We send lots of purrs to all those missing these wonderful kitties.