Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This and That Tuesday

Good morning! It's a beautiful, bright, and sunny morning. The outside temperature is 60F and their is no humidity. Mom said it is the perfect morning to be outside...except she is inside at work. I wanted to give some updates on a few things I've recently written about.

Lily is being a real trooper about getting all of her eye drops. Mom does give her a couple of crunchy treats between each set of drops. Mom wanted to associate the drops with some positive reinforcement. So far that seems to work. Mom doesn't seen a big difference in Lily's eyes, but they don't appear to be getting worse.

Mom's cataract surgery on her right eye has been scheduled for May 31st. She had lasik surgery way back in 2002 and that corrected her nearsightedness and her astigmatism. The eye surgeon is going to replacement mom's cloudy lens with a toric lens. That will take care of the astigmatism like the lasick surgery did. Many people have told mom that the surgery is easy peasy. She hopes so because having her eyeball cut on is a scary thing.

More mom news. You know humans aren't graceful, right? Well mom does pretty well most of the time. But those times when she isn't graceful she does it up big time. "Go big or go home" defines mom! MOL.  Well she fell on Saturday night. She was participating in a small belly dance show at a local tattoo parlor that has a nice gallery space on the first floor. The main floor is where the show was taking place. On that same floor there is one step up that leads to the back where the restrooms are. She forgot about that one step. Yeppers, she missed it and splatted herself flat out on the hardwood floor. She received a little "floor burn" on her elbow and knee, but otherwise seemed to be okay. As the adrenaline from the fall wore off, mom noticed that her pinky finger on her right hand was sore. She didn't think much about it. She danced later, did fine, had a great time, and headed home after the show was over. When she woke up on Sunday morning her pinky finger was swollen and sticking out from her other fingers, like when we spread our toesies. Except one toesie doesn't go back. Well that's how mom's finger looked. It was also very bruised at the base.

She went to the immediate care center. X-rays were taken, and although they couldn't see anything unusual, they splinted her hand and told her to keep it splinted until a radiologist could look at the x-rays. Mom heard back yesterday that nothing was broken. That was great news. She left the splint on over night and took it off this morning. Her the bruising is mostly along the inside of her finger and across the middle joint. She guesses she must have hit it there when she landed. She can bend the finger, although it is stiff and hurts. But it could have been a lot worse.

I hate to end this post with very sad news. Our friend kitty friend Velvet crossed the Bridge on Saturday afternoon. She is the kitty that had a fast growing cancer in her stomach. Aunty Jen said that Velvet had stopped eating and drinking, and she could no longer control her bladder. Aunty Jen gave her the bestest gift she could. She helped her cross the Bridge with dignity. Velvet was only 7 years old. Fly free sweet girl. You earned your wings.



  1. Precious dear Velvet. I am deeply sorry to learn this. Fly free sweet girl and look for Admiral. She has the first cafe on the right as you scamper through. Dude and Sauce are co-managers.

    As for your mommy--- man, that's something MY mommy would do and has done. You two are galumphs!

  2. Godspeed your journey to heaven Velvet; we send our sympathies to your family and friends ~ ♥♥♥