Monday, January 31, 2011

We Have a Question About Blogs

We really like visiting our friends blogs. We have noticed that several of the blogs have additional pages. You know, like an awards page, or a page for each member of the household. Mom would like to do that for us, but she doesn't understand how to do it on Blogger. She understands html and adding pages on her website, but not here.

So, the question is, can anyone send us a link with instructions on how to do this or help us out?!

Thank you in advance!

Clarissa & CO.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Capt. Puff "Puffypants" McPufferson

Good morning my fine fellows and ladies. My name is Capt. Puff "Puffpants" McPufferson, but you may call me Puff. If I may, let me have a few minutes of you time to tell you about myself.

I was born in Ohio, in the Cleveland area, and my first human mom found me in her front yard when I was a wee fluffball of a kitten. She already had the kitten siblings Ginger, Panda, and Spunky in her home (they were born under her deck). If you'll notice the markings of my face, my nose in particular, I have what mom calls a "koala nose" just like Ginger, Panda, and Spunky. I am also the same age as them. Although I'm not from their litter, my current mom thinks we all have the same daddy. They are all short furred "cow cats", I am a long furred grayish-brown and white tabby. The other things the four of us have in common is our size and purrs. We are all big kitties with very loud, rumbling purrs.

The picture above was taken in July 2007. That was one month after I moved from Ohio to Kentucky to live with my new mom. Our first mom was moving in with her boyfriend and he didn't want us. She chose him over us. We don't understand it either and we don't know if they are still together. The boyfriend even had the nerve to ask if they could take me back six months after giving me away. They answer, obviously, was a resounding NO!

I love my forever home. I get lots of love and snuggles and brushies. I also get food and treats. It's a good deal for me. I'm long, and I weigh in at close to 17 lbs. Mom thought I might have some Maine Coon in my genes, but I think I'm just a big ol' cat!

I was actually named Puff Daddy by my first mom. My new mom thought about giving me a new name, but I told her that I was Capt. Puff McPufferson. Mom's dear friend, our Aunt Torchy, started calling me Puffypants and the nickname stuck, much to my chagrin.

I am Captain of the steam powered airship Feline Fantasy. I fly around the world taking in all of the magnificent sights!

Now, if you'll please excuse me, I'm off on another grand adventure!

Capt. Puff "Puffpants" McPufferson

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Panda the Cow Cat

My real name is Pandora, but my first human mom called me Panda. You've already met my sister, Ginger. I also have one brother, Spunky, and possibly a half-brother, Puff.

I moved to my forever home in Kentucky from northern Ohio in June 2007. My first mom was moving and not taking us with her. My new mom found out about our dilemma from a friend and she agreed to take two of us. Two became three, and three became five. You met Batman awhile back. He was #5.

I love to lay in mom's lap and sometimes I will even share her lap with Fred (although I would prefer to have her all to myself). I refuse to sleep in bed with mom though. I have a feather pillow that sits on top of a storage container that I love to sleep on. It's in mom's room so I am close to her. I hate to be picked up and it's very difficult to get me to the vet because of that. I will let mom trim my front claws if I am in her lap.

I'm a big girl, weighing in around 16.5 lbs. I love to show off my belly and I love belly rubs from mom!

You can see my cow spots in this picture:

And Sammy and Andy sent me this great badge!

I am an official member of their "Cow Kitty Club"!

Thank you, Sammy and Andy, for the cool badge!

Panda the Cow Cat

Monday, January 24, 2011

Shelter Support Awarness

We wish there were no homeless animals but we know that isn't possible. So we are grateful for the shelters that are available to house and care for those animals who are in need of loving homes.

Clarissa, Fred, and Lily were adopted from the Kentucky Human Society.

Bandit was adopted from a shelter in Frankfort, Kentucky.

Batman was adopted from a shelter in Ohio (although he came to us from the lady who adopted him).

Fiona was adopted from a shelter in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

Memphis was adopted from Louisville Metro Animal Services.

We are know how important these shelters are.

Please support shelters the best way you can. Click on the links that donate food to shelters. If you have the time, volunteer. If you can afford to donate food, blankets, cleaning supplies, or money.

And always encourage your friends and family to adopt their family pet from a shelter!

Clarissa & Co.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

To May Ling from Memphis

I read that May Ling over at the Katnip Lounge may have a crush on me. I would like to tell her that I think she is beautiful and I have written a poem for her.

Rose are red,
Your eyes are blue,
I've not seen a kitty
As pretty as you.

Mom was going to help me make a graphic for you, but she's terrible at that sort of thing.


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Introducing Memphis the Meezer

Good morning. At least it's a good morning for a cloudy Wednesday. My name is Memphis, and I shall be your host for this post.

As the title of the post said, I am a Siamese, or possible as Siamese/Manx mix. You see, I am totally tailless, and I was born that way. I don't even have a stump or bunny butt. Nope - smooth as a baby's bottom I am.

Mom said she was killing time one day and was looking on the Petfinder sight when she ran across my picture. I was currently living at the Metro Animal Services shelter in Louisville. Mom said my baby blue eyes won her over. After mulling it over a couple of days, she decided to drive to the shelter to meet me. The rest was history. I came home with her and her brother that afternoon. She didn't take a carrier with her and the shelter was out of the cardboard carriers. One of the shelter workers wrapped me up like a baby in a large towel. Mom's brother was holding me and it didn't take long for me to get my front legs out of that towel. Before long I was totally free. I rode home with my back end resting on the back of the passenger seat and my front end resting on mom's brother's shoulder. And he became my person that day! Much to mom's chagrin, over course.

That was in February 2007. I was approximately two years old when I was adopted which makes me six this year. I'm pretty low key for a Meezer. I'm not overly talkative unless my human leaves me alone. I'll stay back in the bedroom and yowl for a few minutes, and then I'll come out and join him.

I'll sleep on mom's bed with the other cats and I don't mind snuggling with them. I'm not much of a lap cat, but every now and then I'll get in mom's lap and nap. My favorite thing to do is sit on the edge of the end table and stare at mom. She says it unnerves her. I call it my "I just want you to know that if I were larger I could kill you in your sleep" look. Unfortunately, she has already figured out that I'm not large enough to do that, and that I have hired Puff as my "hit man".

This is "the look":

My nickname is "Sinatra" when I do start singing. My friends, Chita McChew and Nala La started calling me "Tennessee".

I get along with my furblings and generally I like people. I'm pretty laid back and not much trouble. The only thing I can't tolerate is a dirty litter box. If it doesn't meet my high standards I will pee on the floor beside it. I'm good about letting mom trim my claws, but do not touch me where I should have a tail. I'm very sensitive about that and I don't like it. I WILL snap at you if you do!

Two more pictures from the shelter:

I have filled out a little since those pictures were taken. I think I weighed about 8 lbs. then. I weigh around 10 lbs. now. I keep in shape by wrestling with Bandit.

I think that is all the pertinent information you need to know about me.

Good day,
Memphis Meezer

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introducing Lillian Rose DeWinter (aka Lily)

Lily probably needs no introduction for those who followed her tale of surgery back in October 2010. She has recovered with the exception of her left eye. She still can't blink normally, but the nictitating membrane "blinks" so she is doing just fine. Now I'll turn this post over to Lily...

*HISSSSS* *SWAT*....Oh sorry about that. I always hiss and swat at other cats. Mom doesn't know why. She has speculated that it's because I was either an only cat before I came to my forever home, or because my former people had all four of my paws declawed. Yeah, no one understands why they did that. Or why the vet agreed to do the surgery. Anymew, I love people but not other cats.

I was adopted from the Kentucky Humane Society in April 2009 at the ripe young age of 7 years old. Mom said she fell for me (and for Fred) the moment she saw us. Like Fred, I'm a solid white kitty, but I have medium length fur. Fred is a DSH and we are in no way related.

I have one blue eye and one gold eye and I am deaf on my blue eye side. That is the side I had surgery on. I kept getting ear infections and abscesses because my inner ear was deformed. The surgeon removed all the deformed little bones and stitched my ear closed. Now my left ear is lower than my right ear but mom says I'm still beautiful.

I like to sleep on the breakfast bar, the top level of the cat tree, or in mom's bed. Usually there are other cats on mom's bed so I have to find a spot as far away from them as I can get! I love attention and most people can rub my head, rub my back, and even rub my belly. Just don't touch my paws! I hate having my feet touched.

Mom teases me (and Bandit) about our "mouse pouches". They tend to swing from side to side when we run or trot. I'm so glad I can amuse takes so little to make her happy sometimes.

My name was always Lillian, but mom said I needed a full name. She had an RPG character named Lillian Rose DeWinter and she said that was a perfect name for me. Especially since I'm solid white. And since Fred is solid white his name was changed from Crazy Cat to Frederick Jerome DeWinter. Mom usually calls me Lily or Lily Loo or Lily May. Sometimes she even calls me "Lily Stop That!"

I love to drink ice cold milk from mom's glass and then promptly yak up my kibble! *beaming proudly*

This is my picture before I had surgery. This was not long after mom brought me home:

This is my picture a few weeks after surgery. I'm still not feeling great and I was very sleepy. You can tell how my left ear is now lower than my right ear:

Lillian Rose DeWinter

Thursday, January 13, 2011

What A Difference One Week Makes

It was one week ago today when Mom took Miss Fiona to the special vet. One would not know just how sick she had been seeing her now. Fiona still has one more week of antibiotic liquid to take. We want to make sure that nasty infection is all gone.

We wanted to share a website that we visit daily. It is a forum for cats called Meowmail Forum. We have a lot of friends there, too. One of our friends is a one-eyed black kitty named Romeo. Fiona shared this LOLCat with him yesterday:

Romeo sent this back to Fiona: That cat threw a rock right back at me after she regained consciousness:

We hope everyone is having a great day!

Clarissa & Co.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It's snowing in Louisville, KY today! Two to four inches are expected. It's really coming down right now. Mom is at work, but she thinks they will shut down in the early afternoon. She works at the university and they didn't go on a delayed scheduled. The public and private schools did close for the day.

Fiona is on the mend and is acting more like her old self. She is eating and drinking and being all snuggly with mom. It makes us all every happy. Thank you all again for your purrs and prayers. She will continue to take her antibiotic for the entire two week period, and she will still get her eye ointment.

Clarissa & CO.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

More News On Fiona....Good New but still cautious....

Miss Fiona had another trip to the vet for sub-q fluid this morning. We found out that little stinker spit out one of appetite stimulants in her carrier yesterday! The tech found it in the carrier this morning. It probably happened at the vet's office yesterday. Anymew, Fiona certainly isn't well, but she seems to be improving. She is showing an interest in things around her, and she is currently laying on the back of mom's computer chair. She was up and walking around earlier today and mom noticed the funny lump along her front should from the fluids. We know that will be absorbed, but it just looked so odd. Fee will get her antibiotic, eye ointment, and the other half of her appetite stimulate around 10:30 tonight. Oh, the technician checked Fiona's weight this morning. The good news is she hasn't lost weight! And she seems to have gained an ounce back. She also took a bath a little while ago, so that is a very good sign!

Keeps those purrs coming and we think she will be good as new!

Clarissa & Co.


We have many new visitors leave comments wishing me (Fiona well). We want to thank everyone who has visited. Mom said when I'm feeling better we will come visit you too!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fiona Update

First off, my brother and I want to thank everyone for the kind words and prayers for Fiona. I firmly believe in the power of prays, and it touches me deeply at how many on the CB care.

Now, for the report on Fiona's blood work. Our regular vet said that Fiona's liver enzyme was slightly elevated and her calcium level was slightly low. That's all she could tell me. Fiona is a difficult patient and she was unable to draw enough blood to run a full test. She suggested that I take Fiona to Jefferson Animal Hospital where they have better facilities to treat animals. It's a 24/7 facility used for emergencies and regular vet care. I was able to get a noon appointment.

Fiona had more blood drawn and tests run on it. Her white blood count is elevated and she does have a respiratory infection. She also had an x-ray taken. The x-ray did not show anything out of the ordinary.

She was given some sub-q fluids again, and she will require that for the next four or five days. I've already contacted my regular vet and they will do that in the office. I am not up to doing it myself. I know it is not difficult to do, but Fiona gets so upset I know I can't handle her. She was also given an injection to help with the nausea and an antibiotic injection.

Dr. Dickey has some concerns about Fiona's eye, and she wants me to continue the treatment of Terramycin ophthalmic ointment several times daily. Fiona is also to have 0.65cc Baytril oral solution daily for two weeks. Lastly, she is to get 1/2 tablet of Cyproheptadine HCL twice daily for the next 10 days.

If Fiona shows little or no improvement after three or four days, she is to go back for hospitalization and more tests. I'm praying that we won't have to go that route.

I will keep everyone posted on her progress. She is currently sleeping on her blanket on top of the floor vent.

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers concerning her well-being. *Hugs*


Fiona is very sick.....

Ever since Fiona had that bout with conjunctivitis at the end of November she hasn't been herself. I had her back in to see the vet yet again on Tuesday. She has lost another 1/2 pound, putting her at 6.5 lbs. She is having blood work done and I should have the results back today. The vet did administer sub-q fluids and a vitamin B injection. Fiona snuggled with me that night, but yesterday she didn't want anything to do with me.

Fiona is sleeping on a blanket on top of the floor vent. She doesn't seem to be in pain, but she is lethargic and is showing no interest in food. I don't think she is drinking much either. She has been attempting to throw up, but all she gets up is clear liquid.

I am very scared and very worried. To be brutally honest, I am afraid we are losing her. She is only 7 years old. I am praying for the best but trying to prepare for the worse.

I will post more when I have some answers concerning Fiona's condition.