Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introducing Lillian Rose DeWinter (aka Lily)

Lily probably needs no introduction for those who followed her tale of surgery back in October 2010. She has recovered with the exception of her left eye. She still can't blink normally, but the nictitating membrane "blinks" so she is doing just fine. Now I'll turn this post over to Lily...

*HISSSSS* *SWAT*....Oh sorry about that. I always hiss and swat at other cats. Mom doesn't know why. She has speculated that it's because I was either an only cat before I came to my forever home, or because my former people had all four of my paws declawed. Yeah, no one understands why they did that. Or why the vet agreed to do the surgery. Anymew, I love people but not other cats.

I was adopted from the Kentucky Humane Society in April 2009 at the ripe young age of 7 years old. Mom said she fell for me (and for Fred) the moment she saw us. Like Fred, I'm a solid white kitty, but I have medium length fur. Fred is a DSH and we are in no way related.

I have one blue eye and one gold eye and I am deaf on my blue eye side. That is the side I had surgery on. I kept getting ear infections and abscesses because my inner ear was deformed. The surgeon removed all the deformed little bones and stitched my ear closed. Now my left ear is lower than my right ear but mom says I'm still beautiful.

I like to sleep on the breakfast bar, the top level of the cat tree, or in mom's bed. Usually there are other cats on mom's bed so I have to find a spot as far away from them as I can get! I love attention and most people can rub my head, rub my back, and even rub my belly. Just don't touch my paws! I hate having my feet touched.

Mom teases me (and Bandit) about our "mouse pouches". They tend to swing from side to side when we run or trot. I'm so glad I can amuse takes so little to make her happy sometimes.

My name was always Lillian, but mom said I needed a full name. She had an RPG character named Lillian Rose DeWinter and she said that was a perfect name for me. Especially since I'm solid white. And since Fred is solid white his name was changed from Crazy Cat to Frederick Jerome DeWinter. Mom usually calls me Lily or Lily Loo or Lily May. Sometimes she even calls me "Lily Stop That!"

I love to drink ice cold milk from mom's glass and then promptly yak up my kibble! *beaming proudly*

This is my picture before I had surgery. This was not long after mom brought me home:

This is my picture a few weeks after surgery. I'm still not feeling great and I was very sleepy. You can tell how my left ear is now lower than my right ear:

Lillian Rose DeWinter


  1. Lily, you are gorgeous just as you are!

    You're a kitty after Annie's heart -- she's not fond of other felines, either!

  2. Hi Lily, you are a beautiful ladycat! I'm sorry you still have trouble blinking, maybe in time everything will return to normal.

    I think having one gold eye saved you from being completely deaf. My Casper is white with both blue eyes and he cannot hear anything. But other than a strange meow he is just like the other cats :-)

  3. Miss Lily you are gorgeous! The ear adds to your appeal.

    Mommy says all white Cats are, special...she says you'll know what she means.

    We love the tem "Mouse Pouch"!! And that you can yak on cue. You're wonderful!

  4. Hi Lily! I hope you don't mind if I am saying that from a distance. In fact, I imagine you prefer it that way. ;-)