Monday, January 31, 2011

We Have a Question About Blogs

We really like visiting our friends blogs. We have noticed that several of the blogs have additional pages. You know, like an awards page, or a page for each member of the household. Mom would like to do that for us, but she doesn't understand how to do it on Blogger. She understands html and adding pages on her website, but not here.

So, the question is, can anyone send us a link with instructions on how to do this or help us out?!

Thank you in advance!

Clarissa & CO.


  1. We use Blogger in Draft.

    Under the Posting tab you have "new post," "edit post," and "edit pages."

    If you click on "edit pages," you should see the "new page" option!

  2. Yep, Kea pretty much said it all! Here's a link I found with some more tips:

  3. ohhhh Kea thank you!!! I didn't know that either! I am so glad Clarissa asked the question!

    While we are on the topic of questions I can't get my gadgets on blogger to move over when I move them!

    also I would like to add more gadgets but once you delete one it doesn't give you a new one...I will have to check out the page thing too...maybe I can do that. I am sooo glad this question came up!

  4. Yup, Kim rocks! That's the way I do it too :-)

  5. Kea hit it right on the nose!