Friday, January 28, 2011

Capt. Puff "Puffypants" McPufferson

Good morning my fine fellows and ladies. My name is Capt. Puff "Puffpants" McPufferson, but you may call me Puff. If I may, let me have a few minutes of you time to tell you about myself.

I was born in Ohio, in the Cleveland area, and my first human mom found me in her front yard when I was a wee fluffball of a kitten. She already had the kitten siblings Ginger, Panda, and Spunky in her home (they were born under her deck). If you'll notice the markings of my face, my nose in particular, I have what mom calls a "koala nose" just like Ginger, Panda, and Spunky. I am also the same age as them. Although I'm not from their litter, my current mom thinks we all have the same daddy. They are all short furred "cow cats", I am a long furred grayish-brown and white tabby. The other things the four of us have in common is our size and purrs. We are all big kitties with very loud, rumbling purrs.

The picture above was taken in July 2007. That was one month after I moved from Ohio to Kentucky to live with my new mom. Our first mom was moving in with her boyfriend and he didn't want us. She chose him over us. We don't understand it either and we don't know if they are still together. The boyfriend even had the nerve to ask if they could take me back six months after giving me away. They answer, obviously, was a resounding NO!

I love my forever home. I get lots of love and snuggles and brushies. I also get food and treats. It's a good deal for me. I'm long, and I weigh in at close to 17 lbs. Mom thought I might have some Maine Coon in my genes, but I think I'm just a big ol' cat!

I was actually named Puff Daddy by my first mom. My new mom thought about giving me a new name, but I told her that I was Capt. Puff McPufferson. Mom's dear friend, our Aunt Torchy, started calling me Puffypants and the nickname stuck, much to my chagrin.

I am Captain of the steam powered airship Feline Fantasy. I fly around the world taking in all of the magnificent sights!

Now, if you'll please excuse me, I'm off on another grand adventure!

Capt. Puff "Puffpants" McPufferson


  1. I am glad you found your real home, Puff! Humans who give away their feline companions because of their relationship do no deserve to have kitties at all!

  2. Hi there Puff, its nice to meet you! We are so happy that you are with your proper mum now and not someone so irresponsible!!! We know you will always be safe and happy in your forever home :-)

  3. Mommy loves your full name, Puff! It's only right that a big kitty gets a big impressive name.

    Happy trails!

  4. are originally from Cleveland? No wonder you are such a great cat! I lived in Cleveland for 35 yrs and my first kitty (Bobo) was born there


  5. Capt. Puff, you are adorable and we are so happy you found a great furever home!!

  6. O, what a magnificent airship, Mr. Captain Puffypants.
    Can I ride sometimes?
    And is that a pirate flag?
    I did not know what they were called but love the "koala nose", it is a striking feeture.
    You haf a wonderful impressive name, a grand airship, a true forever home... what more could you want?
    Love & Purrs to all of you,

    pee ess: We finked there was a lot of cats, wif six of us... we was wrong!

  7. I am so glad that you found your true forever home, Puff. It took me three tries, but it was worth the wait. I love your airship. May I come for a ride?


  8. We are so glad you found your wonderful new home Puff. Those other people certainly cannot have you back. You sure are so pretty. Our Mom was born in Cleveland, Ohio too and she doesn't go back there either. Nice to meet all of you. Take care.

  9. Hello! I heard about you from Sammy and Andy's mom and I just wanted to stop by and say hello! Purrss

  10. What a story. Wanted you back 6 months later? And how long before he wouldn't have wanted you again? We hope that couple didn't take in any pets. It's great you're with your mom!

  11. Hi Puff
    It is furry nice to meet you. We saw your sister Panda joined the cow kitty club over at Sam and Andy's. We didn't know that there was more than one kitty in the household, although I don't know why that should surprise Mom, there are 5 of us here.
    We love your full name and just Puff is adorable.


  12. Oh Capt. Puffpants..PLEASE come sail over here so that we can go on an adventure togevver???

  13. Wow, you sure are a wonderful looking Puff!

  14. Puff, like that name and so glad you got a good furrever home.