Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Introducing Memphis the Meezer

Good morning. At least it's a good morning for a cloudy Wednesday. My name is Memphis, and I shall be your host for this post.

As the title of the post said, I am a Siamese, or possible as Siamese/Manx mix. You see, I am totally tailless, and I was born that way. I don't even have a stump or bunny butt. Nope - smooth as a baby's bottom I am.

Mom said she was killing time one day and was looking on the Petfinder sight when she ran across my picture. I was currently living at the Metro Animal Services shelter in Louisville. Mom said my baby blue eyes won her over. After mulling it over a couple of days, she decided to drive to the shelter to meet me. The rest was history. I came home with her and her brother that afternoon. She didn't take a carrier with her and the shelter was out of the cardboard carriers. One of the shelter workers wrapped me up like a baby in a large towel. Mom's brother was holding me and it didn't take long for me to get my front legs out of that towel. Before long I was totally free. I rode home with my back end resting on the back of the passenger seat and my front end resting on mom's brother's shoulder. And he became my person that day! Much to mom's chagrin, over course.

That was in February 2007. I was approximately two years old when I was adopted which makes me six this year. I'm pretty low key for a Meezer. I'm not overly talkative unless my human leaves me alone. I'll stay back in the bedroom and yowl for a few minutes, and then I'll come out and join him.

I'll sleep on mom's bed with the other cats and I don't mind snuggling with them. I'm not much of a lap cat, but every now and then I'll get in mom's lap and nap. My favorite thing to do is sit on the edge of the end table and stare at mom. She says it unnerves her. I call it my "I just want you to know that if I were larger I could kill you in your sleep" look. Unfortunately, she has already figured out that I'm not large enough to do that, and that I have hired Puff as my "hit man".

This is "the look":

My nickname is "Sinatra" when I do start singing. My friends, Chita McChew and Nala La started calling me "Tennessee".

I get along with my furblings and generally I like people. I'm pretty laid back and not much trouble. The only thing I can't tolerate is a dirty litter box. If it doesn't meet my high standards I will pee on the floor beside it. I'm good about letting mom trim my claws, but do not touch me where I should have a tail. I'm very sensitive about that and I don't like it. I WILL snap at you if you do!

Two more pictures from the shelter:

I have filled out a little since those pictures were taken. I think I weighed about 8 lbs. then. I weigh around 10 lbs. now. I keep in shape by wrestling with Bandit.

I think that is all the pertinent information you need to know about me.

Good day,
Memphis Meezer


  1. Hi Memphis,

    It's nice to meet you.

    What a great "gotcha" story. "The Boys" and I are thrilled you found such a loving place to hang out.

    Man, that stare of yours is deadly. But what beautiful blue eyes.

    You really ought to try getting on that lap a little more often. Billy (here) does it and he loves it, and I love it, too.

    Your new furriends, The Boys and Karen.

  2. Hello beautiful ones! How wonderful to meet you. My mom wishes she could snuggle you and gives you lots of kissies, She does that to me alla time!

  3. That is such a great story, I can see how you won them over!!!

  4. Memphis, you are an amazingly good looking kitty! We have never met a tailless Meezer before. Our May Ling might have a little crush on you. And Mommy.
    Those baby blues DO have a deadly gaze, Mommy says she'd be a little paranoid if you stared at her, too!
    It was fun learning all your pertinent information--nice to meet you!

  5. Hi ya, Memphis!! It's so nice to meet you!!

  6. You are quite a unique kitty, Memphis! I am glad to meet you!

  7. You've got me under your spell with 'the look'!!

  8. That's a great gotcha story, Memphis. I am pleased to meet you. You have the deadly stare down pat.