Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Panda the Cow Cat

My real name is Pandora, but my first human mom called me Panda. You've already met my sister, Ginger. I also have one brother, Spunky, and possibly a half-brother, Puff.

I moved to my forever home in Kentucky from northern Ohio in June 2007. My first mom was moving and not taking us with her. My new mom found out about our dilemma from a friend and she agreed to take two of us. Two became three, and three became five. You met Batman awhile back. He was #5.

I love to lay in mom's lap and sometimes I will even share her lap with Fred (although I would prefer to have her all to myself). I refuse to sleep in bed with mom though. I have a feather pillow that sits on top of a storage container that I love to sleep on. It's in mom's room so I am close to her. I hate to be picked up and it's very difficult to get me to the vet because of that. I will let mom trim my front claws if I am in her lap.

I'm a big girl, weighing in around 16.5 lbs. I love to show off my belly and I love belly rubs from mom!

You can see my cow spots in this picture:

And Sammy and Andy sent me this great badge!

I am an official member of their "Cow Kitty Club"!

Thank you, Sammy and Andy, for the cool badge!

Panda the Cow Cat


  1. Panda, you are simply stunning! We have never seen spots like yours before; WOW!
    We are gonna ask our Mommy why we don't get feather pillow beds.

  2. The only reason why I have a feather pillow bed is because mom couldn't sleep on it. She bought it for herself, but then she didn't like it! Her lose was my gain!


  3. My human loves your cow kitty spots, Panda! BTW, I need a feather pillow bed too! I need to take this up with my human.

  4. Panda, you have fabulous "cow" markings! You're such a gorgeous ladycat!

  5. That is a perfect set of pictures of you, sweet girl. Mommy is in love with you.

  6. Panda, you are gorgeous! I love your spots.