Saturday, January 8, 2011

More News On Fiona....Good New but still cautious....

Miss Fiona had another trip to the vet for sub-q fluid this morning. We found out that little stinker spit out one of appetite stimulants in her carrier yesterday! The tech found it in the carrier this morning. It probably happened at the vet's office yesterday. Anymew, Fiona certainly isn't well, but she seems to be improving. She is showing an interest in things around her, and she is currently laying on the back of mom's computer chair. She was up and walking around earlier today and mom noticed the funny lump along her front should from the fluids. We know that will be absorbed, but it just looked so odd. Fee will get her antibiotic, eye ointment, and the other half of her appetite stimulate around 10:30 tonight. Oh, the technician checked Fiona's weight this morning. The good news is she hasn't lost weight! And she seems to have gained an ounce back. She also took a bath a little while ago, so that is a very good sign!

Keeps those purrs coming and we think she will be good as new!

Clarissa & Co.


We have many new visitors leave comments wishing me (Fiona well). We want to thank everyone who has visited. Mom said when I'm feeling better we will come visit you too!



  1. Glad to hear that Fiona is a little better. Still purring.

  2. I'm still purring too - I am glad to know that she is improving!

  3. good news! We are keeping the purring coming!

  4. We're purring in shifts, 'round the clock. Fiona, get well soon!
    Miss Clarissa, Mommy blows in our noses after she pills us, it makes us swallow.

  5. Still purrrrring for Fiona. If she is still contrary enough to spit out a pill, she probably is getting better.


  6. Good job on spitting out your pill, Fiona. I do that, too. I hope you feel much better very soon. Sending you healing purrs.


  7. Heavy-duty purrs and mega-watt universal Light from us! We hope Fiona continues to show improvement! Spitting out the pill is something our Annie would do -- lol. But Fiona, it's better if you just swallow it. Really!

  8. Fiona,
    Anytime I get a pill, I spit it out where nobody can ever find it! Hey, spunky gal, I'm purring and praying for you!


  9. Yay! So good to hear hers improving.
    We's sending Texas-sized purrs and purrayers.
    Keep us posted.
    Love & Purrs,

  10. Keep feeling better, Fiona. Sending purrs and tail wags for you.

  11. Fiona darling, you sound exactly like ME! My vet ground up the pill, added water and squirted it down me.

    Pleas e feel better soon and I hope the same for us both.


  12. We are happy to hear that Fiona is felling better. We are sending you our special hugs, purrs and prayrs.

  13. My sisters and I are still sending purrs to sweet Fiona too!

  14. Fiona, it seems you are going thru what *I* am going thru. I am also taking an appetite stimulant and they crush it up with a mortar and pestle, out it in the syringe, add water and make a kitty burrito out of me and in it goes! I hope to be able to eat and drink normally soon. I wasn't drinking much at all but I am now with the appetite stimulant.

  15. Ooops that was mommy's blog. Mine is:

    Mom was working on her own blog and forgot to log out.