Thursday, January 13, 2011

What A Difference One Week Makes

It was one week ago today when Mom took Miss Fiona to the special vet. One would not know just how sick she had been seeing her now. Fiona still has one more week of antibiotic liquid to take. We want to make sure that nasty infection is all gone.

We wanted to share a website that we visit daily. It is a forum for cats called Meowmail Forum. We have a lot of friends there, too. One of our friends is a one-eyed black kitty named Romeo. Fiona shared this LOLCat with him yesterday:

Romeo sent this back to Fiona: That cat threw a rock right back at me after she regained consciousness:

We hope everyone is having a great day!

Clarissa & Co.


  1. We're really thrilled that Fiona is doing so much better now! Continued purrs and paws crossed too!

    P.S. Annie has just started liquid antibiotic for her UTI -- the 2-week Convenia injection wasn't strong enough to take care of it, unfortunately. So Annie can commiserate with Fiona about having that gross stuff squirted into her mouth!

  2. hi Clarissa's House of Cats - we are Amy & The House of Cats! We just saw your blog at Dash Kitten's blogroll and had to come by because, well, you are a house of cats and so are we! But wow, you totally win in the quantity game - there are only six of us at our house!

    WE are sorry that Fiona was sick but it is good she is getting better. We went back and read about it - it stinks that what started as conjunctivitis kind of showed up with more problems later on - we have a lot of eye problems here with Barney and I always worry something else could be going on (though I am usually lucky and it isn't). She is a gorgeous girl - and boy those LOL's were funny!

    We hope you can come by to say hi some time when you have a chance - though right now our posts are kind of sparse and mostly our mom complaining about stuff at work. but there are some pictures of us too. It was very fun for us to meet another house of cats!

  3. so glad that Fiona is doing better and we will cross our paws that the infection is all gone!

  4. Yay! I am so happy to hear that Fiona is almost all better!

  5. Hello, Sweetie. I guess you don't know what happened to Piru. He died last Tuesday; we think it was because of a heart attack. It was so sudden and unexpected! We're still heartbroken and we will be for a long time. Please, visit his blog and leave a comment. I know that he loved your blog, so we'll appreciate a just few words from you. Thank you.
    - Piru's Mom

  6. We are so happy that Fiona is getting beter!!!

  7. We love those photos with captions. :)

    Very good to hear Fiona is doing so much better.

  8. I loved your LOLcats. I am so glad that Fiona is so much better. Herman sends healing purrs.

  9. We hope ya'll have had a great weekend!