Monday, October 3, 2011

Mancat Monday: Sable Reports In

Good morning! Sable the Punk here to tell you about our weekend. Mom was home with us all weekend and we loved it!!! We had lots of lap time with mom. And I especially had a lot of lap time. I will sleep on mom's left side when she sits in the recliner.

Panda got a good brushing from mom on Saturday morning and she made biscuits on mom's leg so hard that she left tiny pinprick sized marks from her claws! And the she got massive belly rubs! Mom said rubbing that big Panda belly is so much fun. And Panda made air biscuits the whole time!

Mom opened the windows in the family room yesterday and left the back door opened (with the storm door closed!) so we had lots of sun puddles to sleep in and lots of window whiffin' time. We even watched while she and our uncle worked in the backyard for awhile. Mom cut what branches she could off of the mulberry tree so more sunlight could come into the family room and our uncle cut the grass. Unfortunately, mom has allergies so anytime she works in the yard she usually ends up with a sore throat the next morning. This time was no exception.

The windows were shut around 5:30pm and around 8:00pm the heat was turned on. It's that time of year when it's nice during the day but it's cold at night. Soon it will be too cold for window whiffin' duing the day.

We hope everyone had a great weekend and will have a fantastic week!

Sable the Punk


  1. You all had a great weekend! We hope you have a great week too. :-)

  2. it has gotten cool here in Michigan too. Mom prefers to freeze us out all day and all night...she REFUSES to turn the heat on until it goes into the 30s at night. Hence I have icicles on my whiskers and on parts that we won't mention

    Love, Cody

  3. We had a heat wave this weekend, and even had the air conditioner on today! It's supposed to rain later this week though, so it will be chillier pretty soon.