Sunday, October 9, 2011

We almost got a new brofur yesterday...

Mom came so close to bringing home a new brofur for us. He was a beautiful black medium furred kitty named Boo Boo. The Ky Humane Society had him at Feeder Supply, along with a little kitten who had her crazy-pants on. She was zoom all over her cage/crate. Anymew, Boo Boo is 9 years old and his adoption fee had been waived. But in the end, mom knew it would be in Boo Boo's best interest, and ours, for him to go to another loving family. We are crowded with kitties here, but it made mom cry to leave him behind.

Clarissa & Co.

Mom here. It really did break my hear to leave Boo Boo. With him being a "free cat", being solid black, and Halloween approaching, I am concerned about his well-being. Also, at 9 years old a lot of people won't consider him. I know I can't save them all. My heart would, but my finances and space won't allow it. *sigh*


  1. Heartbreaking, indeed! We will purr for Boo Boo to find his Forever Home, and soon.

  2. Sometimes my human gets upset that she can't bring home a needy kitty too. But she already knows that we won't have another cat here. We don't want a fourth and we have made that clear.

  3. Our mom understands! We'll also purr that Boo Boo finds a wonderful forever home very soon.

  4. Don't worry too much about the Halloween thing - shelters use the same practices to screen adopters as they do any other time. We hope Boo Boo finds his forever home soon!