Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Lump News....

Rissa here again. Mom heard from the v-e-t again yesterday. She took a closer look at the slide with the lump sample on it. Upon further inspection she said she noticed some "round cells". She said it could be something or it could be nothing. And she apologized for not being able to give mom a definitive answer. But she also gave mom some good advice to save a few toonas.

The v-e-t said she could send the sample to an outside lab for another look. She said if she did that, more than likely the outside lab would send back a report telling us the same thing that she told me. And they would then request a biopsy. Instead of spending another $80-$100 on this, she said mom should save the toonas and use it toward the biopsy, assuming that is what my regular v-e-t wants to do. This v-e-t said she would make sure that Drs. Riney and Green see my chart and her notes.

Although mom hates to put me through a minor surgery, she thinks the lump should be removed and biopsied.

Mom and I will know more next week after my regular v-e-t-s are back in their office.

(aka Rissa Roo)


  1. We have to agree - better safe than sorry and once it is removed then you will be feeling better and have an answer..... purrs!!!

  2. I agree it would be very important to remove the lump and have it biopsied. I hope things are better soon.

    Truffle and Mom Paula

  3. I am sending you lots of purrs, Clairissa - I hope this lump proves to be nothing!

  4. Darling..I will be purring super duper hard for you. And mommy will pray.