Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Rissa Report: My Vet Visit

Hi kitties and woofies! I told you last week that mom found a small, pea-sized lump on my side last Thursday. Mom took me to see the v-e-t yesterday afternoon to have it checked out.

First of all, I saw a different doctor. Both of my regular doctors were out of the office. Mom and I both liked this doctor and she took good care of me. She shaved my fur off the small area so she could get a better look at the lump and a better feel. Then she decided to take a sample from it and look at what she got under the microscope. The good news: nothing out of the ordinary showed up in the sample. It appears to be nothing more than a fatty cyst. The vet said she was going to take the slide to the emergency office where she works to look at it under a better microscope just to be sure. She said she would let mom know today.

We got a little more window whiffin' time in once I was home from the v-e-t. My side was a little sore and I have a bruise from the needle stick, so I found a comfy spot and slept. Sable took a nap in the recliner with mom.

It's another beautiful day here and the temp is going into the mid-70s. We just know mom will open the windows again when she gets home from work!



  1. Clarissa, we're glad the cyst appears to be nothing more than a benign cyst. Purrs and paws crossed further investigation gives the same conclusion!

  2. Paws crossed it isn't serious - but it sounds like good news. We should be up in the 70s today, so if your mom doesn't open the windows, you can come visit. :)

  3. It sounds like you are getting a good report from the vet, Clarissa, but I am purring extra for you, just in case!

  4. yay!! We are certain it is a fatty cyst. Your Mom is so good to take you to the vet just to be sure