Saturday, October 15, 2011

Off to the V-E-T Today...

Clarissa here with our vet updates. I'll start with myself. Other than the lump, I am doing just fine. Weight is good. Heart/lungs sound great! Eyes/ears/mouth are A-OK. I got my rabies vaccine and I was good to go. As for the lump, my surgery has been scheduled for Friday, October 21. It everything goes as it should (and it will!), I should be able to come home Friday night.

Brother Sable also went in for his annual exam this morning. He's another big boy at 14 lbs. And he was so good! I growled and hissed at Dr. Green and Sable didn't make a sound. He had to get his rabies and distemper vaccines. And he got a clear bill of health too. Mom told Dr. Green about Sable's sneezing and she said it sounds like allergies. Since he isn't acting like he feels bad, his appetite is normal, and he is active, we are just going to watch him for now.

Serendipity has conjunctivitis in her right eye. Mom got home from work last night and noticed that Seren's eye was red and a little puffy. So it was off to the vet with her instead of Fiona. Seren will have to get that gooey ointment put in her eye twice daily for a week to ten days. Dr. Green did check Seren's eye for any abrasion or scratch and it was clear.

Mom called early this morning and asked if she could bring Fred in for a weight check. He is holding his own at 7 lbs. 2 oz. Dr. Green looked at Fred's teeth and gums. She pressed around on his teeth and gums and Fred didn't flinch or cry or growl or bite. She said at this time, she didn't think an extraction of teeth would be a good thing for him. She thinks it would be too stressful on his kidneys. She gave me some samples of different kidney diet foods to try with him. He hated the K/D (canned) and wouldn't eat it. Dr. Green also found FLEA DIRT on Fred! *sigh* She put a dose of Revolution on him in the office, and mom had to dose the remaining 14 of us when she got home.

Fiona got a reprieve this morning and her appointment has been rescheduled to October 29, along with Bandit.

We spent the rest of the day sleeping in sun puddles and doing a little window whiffing! It is suppose to reach 80 tomorrow, but then take a turn to much cooler weather.


  1. How does your human keep track of everyone! That is a LOT of kitties to take on vet visits!!!

  2. I am sure all will go well with you surgery, but I'm sending lots of purrs your way anyways!

  3. Sound like vet day at our house! Mommy and Daddy torture us four at a time.
    Paws crossed that your surgery is smooth and the lump is nothing.

  4. I am anxious to know how you aere sweetest one. xoxoxox