Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Rissa Report: Mom's talk with my v-e-t

Mom spoke with my regular v-e-t yesterday. He read the report that the substitute v-e-t left regarding the lump on my side. There really isn't any more news about it. He told mom she had three choices.

1. She can monitor the lump and watch for any changes in size.
2. V-e-t can remove the lump and not have it biopsied.
3. V-e-t can remove the lump and have it biopsied.

The lump hasn't changed in size since mom found it on September 29. I have an appointment scheduled for this coming Saturday for my annuals. Mom said the v-e-t will take a look at my lump then and mom will make the decision on what to do. She is still leaning toward choice #3.

Mom is also still concerned over brother Fred. Fred isn't gaining weight like she hoped he would. He doesn't appear to have lost any weight either. He should weigh around 10 or 11 lbs. When she picks him up he feels like he weighs next to nothing.

Mom asked our v-e-t yesterday if Fred's chronic gingivitis issue could be effecting his kidneys. He said yes, it is possible. However, removing Fred's teeth, which would take care of the chronic gingivitis, might not correct the kidney issue. So now mom doesn't know what she should do. It is agreed that the dental extraction is extreme and it is also expensive. And if Fred would go through that process, our vet would not do it. He said he would have Fred go to a specialist.

Mom adopted Fred when he was 2 years old and he is 5 now. He has had this chronic gingivitis problem since he has been with us. He has always had terrible stinky breath. Mom has also noticed that he tends to turn his head to the right and chews on that side, leading her to believe that the left side of his mouth is tender.

Any words of advice you can give us would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Purrs to all of you.....

    As to Fred - extrations might make him more comfortable and that might help control his kidney issues as well. There never seems to be an easy answer.....

  2. I can't write about the kidney issues, but I can say that both boys (Nicki and Derry) had multiple extractions at 3 years of age. (Derry is just over 4 now and Nicki turned 5 yesterday). Nicki had 8 teeth removed in November 2009 and two were badly infected, with the infection below the gum line, very painful.

    Derry had 9 teeth removed in June 2010, and he still has chronic gingivitis.

    Both boys will need another cleaning soon, actually.

    I wouldn't let tooth problems go untreated. But maybe a second opinion for Fred?

    BTW, I just read a day or so ago that kittens that get the calici virus often have chronic gingivitis. That makes me wonder about Derry...both he and Nicki are shelter adoptees, both found young and it's quite possible that they, or at least Derry, went through a bout of that virus.

  3. My sisters and I are sending lots of purrs to you and Fred.

  4. I will check back to see if anyone can help with this decision. he may have lost a little weight if he is not able to chew properly and has pain on that side. It's very hard to know what to do. Kidney problems can hopefully be treated on their own w/o the gum issue being a factor..and the gum/teeth issues can be treated a little at a time..maybe 2 extractions as able, to lessen the financial impact on you and the physical issue for Fred. xoxox

  5. If he is only chewing on one side, he could be in distress. Imagine how you would feel if you had a toothache. So at the very least, you might have that looked into. Some cats have worse teeth and gum problems than others.

  6. I would do #3, I did w/Bobo and it was nothing. It was a tumor on this tail and they removed the tumor, it was benign.

    I also agree w/Random Felines...


  7. Hi ya, Rissa. Sorry we haven't visited in awhile. We just read about your lump. We don't know what your mom should do, but our mom says she would be a big worry wart until she knew what it was.

    Poor Fred. We're sorry he's having teef problems. We're purring for him and you, too.