Friday, September 30, 2011

The Rissa Report

TGIF!!! It means it's Friday and we will have mom home for the weekend. We hope that means lots of lap time!

I heard mom on the phone this morning. She was making an appointment for me to see my vet on Monday afternoon. Mom was petting me last night and she felt a little lump on my left side. She said it is probably nothing more than a fatty cyst, but she wants to have it check out. I had a tiny one develop once before and it went away on its own.

Sable seems to have a bit of a cold. He has been sneezing and mom thought it might be allergies with the weather change and such. He had a sneezing fit this morning and blew cat snot. Before mom had a chance to grab a paper towel to wipe his nose off, Sable had already cleaned it off himself. Mom thought that was gross and told him so. She just doesn't understand that's how we cats do things. Anymew, Sable's appetite is good, he isn't feverish, and he is still his sweet self so mom isn't too worried about him at this time.

The daytime temps are suppose to be in the 60s over the weekend, so we are hoping we will get some window whiffin' time during the day.

We hope everyone has a great weekend!



  1. Good luck with the window whiffin and the v-e-t....we hope the snot isn't serious either. :)

  2. That wondow whiffin time is getting to be short lived..soon it will be cold and our mom's will tell us they can't open the windows. Now let us know about the v-e-t visit..

  3. Good luck at the vet, we hope everything goes well!!!

  4. We hope the V-E-T visit turns out good and the snot is not anymore. Mom laughed out loud. Window whiffing is back but too cool fur the furless one.
    xoxo Kassey

  5. Hoping all goes well at the "V-E-T" I am certain that your mom is right and that it is nothing.

    Ewwwwww Sable is grosssssssssss!! lol

  6. Purrs to you, Clairissa - even if that cyst is nothing, going to the vet to have it taken care of is still not fun!